At the farm, Emma gives Meg a box of baby items from the attic. Meg appreciates the gesture, but was hoping for new items, as she wanted the baby to be a fresh start for everyone. She goes on to talk about how much she believes Paul has really changed. Emma is skeptical and does not think it will not last. Meg is adamant that Paul knows he has to change and Emma sadly hopes she is right. Meg decides to go baby shopping and leaves.

Emily visits Jenny's grave and is tearfully talking to her, as Paul arrives. He says he never will forget the child they made together. Emily cries about how Jenny never took a breath and Paul said it is still painful. Paul reminds her she has Daniel and she reminds him he has his baby with Meg. Paul tells her that maybe if she could talk to Meg for her it would help him. Emily refuses because she is done with games. She says competing with the ghost of Jennifer is a battle she cannot win. Emily leaves, as Paul decides to sit at the grave awhile longer.

Brad tells Katie there is no food at home in the fridge and asks if she will go to the grocery store since she has nothing else to do. Katie angrily tells him it is his fault that she is off the air and Brad angrily leaves.

Over at the nursing home, a nurse follows Dusty. He explains he is there to see his wife, Josie. He finds Josie and apologizes to her, and she apologizes for freaking out on him earlier. She accepts his flowers. She tells him he seems familiar to her, but she doesn't remember anything because she was in an accident. She asks who she is to him. He tells her that a psychic sent him to find her. Dusty knows talking won't bring his wife back, but believes he can still get his son back. She apologizes for not being his wife reincarnated. Dusty asks if she needs his help finding someone and she sadly tells him no.

A doctor arrives and wants to talk to Dusty about Josie's condition. The doctor tells Dusty that Josie had some sort of trauma and there is nothing more they can do for her. The doctor then hands Dusty a bill, as Josie had no insurance. Dusty tells Josie the news and offers to take her home. Josie tells him he can drop her off at the shelter a social worker told her about, but Dusty instructs her that she is coming home with him. Josie wonders if it is a good idea because he obviously has issues, but Dusty insists she can trust him. She leaves with him.

Katie is shopping at the Lakeview and spies Spencer shopping for lacy and sexy red underwear. Spencer tells the clerk it is her big chance to make her move on a guy. Katie seethes behind the door and leaves after Spencer pays for the lingerie.

Back at home, Katie finds Brad packing and asks if he is leaving her. He asks if she is crazy but she says she doesn't know what to believe. She goes on to tell him she saw Spencer and knows she is up to something. Brad doesn't want to hear about it, and tells her they are fine and wants to pack for Chicago. Katie says there is no way he is going to Chicago with Spencer. Katie then tells Brad about Spencer buying lingerie but Brad thinks she is reading too much into things. Katie is scared but Brad tells her she has no reason to be and kisses her.

At Old Town, Emily sees Meg shopping. Meg tells her it must be a rough day for her and that she is sorry. Emily says most people wouldn't understand, but Meg tells her she understands because of her miscarriages and that Emily showed a lot of courage getting through it. Meg wonders if she made a mistake having Paul's baby and Emily tells her she didn't. Emily explains about Paul bringing flowers to Jenny's grave and how badly he wants to be a good father. Emily tells Meg that Paul might still be there.

In Chicago, Spencer and Brad check in to one room because both rooms were not ready. Brad wants to go over notes but Spencer wants champagne. She goes to the bathroom and instructs him to open the bottle. When she comes out of the bathroom, she has stripped down to nothing but lingerie. Brad asks her what she is doing, and Spencer tries to sit in his lap. Brad tells her he is married, and Spencer tells him he doesn't get along with Katie. Spencer asks if he can undo her bra for her and begins to kiss him. Brad apologizes for giving her supposed mixed signals. Brad's phone rings, and Brad tells the producer he will be right down. Spencer tells him the crew can wait, but Brad tells her to stop. She tells him she is going nowhere until he tells her he is meant to be with her. He says he loves Katie and that he is leaving her to do the show alone.

At WOAK, Kim tells Katie she took her off the air to help her save her marriage, not because she was angry with her. Katie says nothing will be better until Spencer is gone.

Meg finds Paul at the cemetery. Paul is happy she remembered Jenny's birthday. Paul tells her that he was telling Jenny all about Meg and the new baby brother or sister who is on the way. Paul knows that Meg cannot fix him and that he has to get better on his own. Meg does not want to keep him away from his child and that it hurts to think of not being with him. Paul knows he has to earn the right to be with her.

Meg comes home and tells Emma she saw Paul at the cemetery. Emma tells her she is still her baby and she will always worry about her. Meg's phone rings, and Paul wants to make sure she made it home okay. After she hangs up, Emma tells Meg she thinks Paul was just checking to see where she was, but Meg thinks they are going to make it.

At home, Katie returns with groceries as Brad rushes home and kisses her. He tells her that she was right about Spencer and he was a total idiot. Brad tells her all about how Spencer came onto him and how he left because he couldn't work with her after that. They forgive each other and kiss. Katie then tells Brad he has to tell Kim what happened.

Spencer tearfully arrives at WOAK and tells Kim that she completely misjudged Brad and that Brad wanted her to take her clothes off. Kim laughs, but Spencer says that Brad frightened her and she tried to talk him out of it and Brad refused to work unless they had sex. Spencer begs Kim to help her do something about Brad.

At the Lakeview, Dusty checks Josie in and tells the clerk she will be staying there indefinitely. They go to the room and Dusty gives Josie a card with his information. Josie wonders how she is going to pay him back. Dusty tells her he is happy to help her but she asks if they made a mistake. They simply smile at one another and Dusty says they will soon find out.

Next on As the World Turns:

Luke tells Noah that he deserves to win the election, but Noah says he doesn't deserve to win if he cheats.

Spencer yells to Margo that Brad belongs in jail and orders for her to arrest him immediately.

Brad tells Katie that Spencer lied that he came onto her and now it is his word against hers, which he cannot fight.

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