Barbara emotionally tells Paul about her ordeal with Cole. She realizes Meg hasn't returned with her meds and gets worried. Paul goes to the hall and stops a nurse; she shows him to the medication room but no one answers when he knocks. Paul looks down and sees blood! He calls for help; a nurse comes over and sends him for a crash cart. Susan arrives with an entire trauma team and they hustle Meg off to the operating room. Paul walks back into Barbara's room, bloody and upset. He tells Babs about Meg's injuries. Susan hurries in and says Meg is in good hands. She asks him to call in the family.

Emma arrives at the farm and tells Holden what a terrible trip she had. She wonders why he is there and he says he moved back. She immediately begins blaming Lily but Holden stops her and says everything is his fault this time around. Paul calls and tells Holden about the shooting. He says they need blood desperately. Holden and Emma run for the door.

Emma and Holden arrive at the hospital and Paul fills them in on Cole's actions lately. Holden is checked out for a blood-type match. Paul talks to Emma but doesn't know exactly how Cole got to Meg. Emma turns on him and says he is responsible for the shooting! Paul says things are different this time. Susan comes by and tells them Meg is out of surgery and everything looks good. Emma is relieved. Susan tells Paul there is paperwork to be signed and shocks Emma when she says Paul and Meg were recently married. Paul can't believe Holden didn't pass along that information and apologizes. He apologizes over and over but Emma is inconsolable. Holden returns and Emma asks if he knew about the marriage. He admits he knew about it and didn't call her. She turns her anger on him. "I need a whole new set of children," she says! Holden jokes that she is now Mother-Snyder to Paul and she breaks down. Paul calls her Mother Snyder and swears he'll make Meg happy. Emma starts crying. Susan returns and says they can see Meg now.

Emma leads the way to Meg's room. Holden and Paul stand in the door as Meg and Emma talk about the wedding and start planning a reception. Susan comes in and says only one visitor at a time. Emma and Holden leave but Paul stays with her. Meg stops Paul before he can get too emotional and tells him she is fine. Paul lays down with her, worried that he is bringing her bad luck. She says she doesn't believe in bad luck. "You're more than I deserve," he says and kisses her.

At Carly's, Parker calls her all kinds of names. She asks where all of this is coming from and realizes he overheard her talking to Jack. She says she deserves better than to be talked to like that and tries to explain about Lily. Parker isn't interested in her explanations. He brings up Faith and the other kids and Simon. Carly says she isn't leaving town this time; she says she is going to make things right. She begs him to sit and talk to her but he storms out.

Lucinda arrives at Lily's and asks about the driveway. She tells her that she wanted to kill Carly but chickened out. She tells Lucinda everything, shocking her. "Do you want him sleeping with the fishes?" she asks! Lily says she is trying to be mad but she can't. She says she knew something was going on but never expected that he was having an affair. Lucinda believes the affair was payback for her affair with Dusty and gets angry when Lily more or less defends Holden's actions. Lucinda tells her that Holden's affair isn't her responsibility - and tells Lily to get a divorce! Lily refuses to consider divorce yet and says the kids deserve better than that! Carly arrives. Lucinda tries to run interference but Lily allows Carly to come inside. Lucinda leaves. Carly tells Lily that Holden never really wanted her but he was confused and lost. She says he was trying to feel the way he used to feel around Lily - and then begs Lily to fight for her husband! "It doesn't have to end," she says. Lily can't believe the explanations and tells Carly that if Holden only needed comfort for a night he wouldn't have kept coming back to her over and over. Lily angrily reminds Carly about the lingerie and perfume shopping and says she isn't stupid. Carly says the affair isn't enough to ruin the marriage and says it is over. Lily shocks her by saying Holden has moved out! She says Holden wouldn't answer when she asked if things were over. Carly says things are definitely over but Lily isn't sure Holden feels the same. Lily tells Carly to get out.

Parker arrives at Liberty's, grabs a beer and starts drinking. He tells her about the confrontation. He says Carly is the same now as she has always been and that nothing she can say will fix things. They talk and Liberty says all grown up are messed up and need to face the facts that picket fences and long-lasting marriages are things of the past. Libs points out that both of their mothers are screw ups who get caught; she says he can't let his mother's actions get to him. Parker worries that he'll turn out like his parents. He says in the past he would have been on the road but he can't leave town - and her! They kiss.

Holden and Emma return to the farm. Holden defends Meg's choice of husband but Emma is very worried about her kiddo. Emma brings up Lily and Holden decides to tell her everything over a glass of wine. Just then Lucinda walks in and demands that he stay far, far away from Lily! Holden tries to stop her several times but Lucinda just keeps going. When Emma tells Lucinda to back off, Lucinda drops the bomb about the affair. "Get out now!" Holden yells. Lucinda apologizes but tells Holden to keep his distance. She walks out. Emma turns to Holden, realizing what he has done. She can't believe what has been going on - with Meg and with Holden. She orders him to fix things and takes the bottle of wine upstairs.

Carly returns home. Holden calls. She tells him about her talk with Lily; he tells her about Lucinda and Emma and asks to see her. He says he just wants to talk but she thinks it is a bad idea.

Next on As The World Turns:

Meg and Paul renew their wedding vows.

Chris asks Alison about her dizzy spells.

Alison realizes she's been feeling sick since the bracelet arrived.

Meg sees Sofie's ghost and collapses.

Lily can't forgive anyone.

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