Meg and Paul track down Mike and ask him about Sofie's other friends. Mike doesn't want to tell them anything but when Paul says Meg is now a suspect, he says Sofie didn't have any friends - not even her ex. This intrigues Paul, who asks about the ex. Mike says he only talked to the man on the phone and he believes Sofie hadn't been in touch with him in months. Paul and Meg have coffee in the lounge. He decides they have to talk to more people.

At The Lakeview, Cole tells Barbara that she has to come with him - or else! She tries to call his bluff but he brings up what he witnessed the night of Sofie's death. On their way to the lobby, Cole spots Paul and Meg and quickly hides. When they pass by, he and Babs continue on. Lisa sees them and asks what is going on! Barbara says they are friends. Lisa isn't sure she believes that. Cole takes Barbara to a hovel in a basement where he has been living! He looks for a pen as Barbara tries to make him mad. He says he wants the $100,000. Barbara tells him about the cancer and says she could die very quickly in the hovel - and then he won't get his money. Cole finds the pen and orders her to write a note to Paul demanding the money. She refuses to do it, angering him. She says she will only write the note and get the money if he gets her out of the hovel! Cole shoots a syringe into his veins and Barbara realizes he must have been the real killer! He tells her to write the letter but she still refuses. Cole decides to write the letter himself. He has trouble making the letter make sense because of the drugs. Barbara tries to keep him awake by saying they should just call Paul. Cole gets angry and says he isn't falling for her tricks! He says he'll make her pay - just like he made Sofie pay! He says Sofie was pregnant with his kid, held out on the money and he had to make her pay. He says he overheard her arguing with Meg, snuck into the room after Meg left and demanded his share. She threatened to call Paul and he drugged her! Babs is shocked. She says she'll do anything he wants but he has to untie her first! She writes the letter and then Cole reties her - and then leaves! When she is alone, Barbara works at loosening the ropes. She manages to untie herself but the doors are locked and she can't get out. She goes through Cole's things, finds his drugs and fills a syringe with morphine! She returns to the chair and pretends to still be tied. She coughs and says she can't breathe. Cole doesn't care. She begs for a drink of water and points out that he won't get the money if she is dead. When he turns away, Babs stabs him with the syringe. He grabs her but then falls backward.

Susan meets Alison and Aaron at Java. She has a birthday present for Alison from her father. Alison isn't sure what to do with the gift. Susan says it is up to her and leaves. Alison opens the note first. Larry says in the note that he is proud of her; she opens the box and finds a bracelet inside. Aaron asks if she likes the gift and she admits it is pretty but she isn't sure. Meg walks in and asks if she can talk to Aaron. Alison leaves. Meg questions him about Sofie and admits she is a suspect in the killing. Aaron says he doesn't know much about Sofie because she never opened up to him. He does say that he wasn't surprised that Sofie was killed because she was a weak person who couldn't make good decisions. He tells her about Cole.

Susan and Bob meet at Al's and try to mend fences. They talk about how both Chris and Allie are trying to move on. Susan tells him about Larry's gift. She worries what kind of effect that will have on Alison. As she talks about Larry, she gets even more angry. Bob suggests that Larry is trying to make amends. Susan blames Larry for all of Alison's problems. She also blames Chris, saying Alison isn't ready for Chris' games yet. Bob tells her to give Chris a break. Susan pays the bill and leaves.

Alison is running at the high school track. Chris sees her as he is running, too. They chat for a bit and Chris realizes she is having a hard time - and that she doesn't like to run. He offers to give her a few tips and shows her some stretches. When she is loosened up, Chris asks if they can run together. They run for a while but Alison is much slower than he is. Aaron arrives and she stops to talk with him. He is worried about Chris but Alison says Chris was helping her out. She is weak and almost falls over. Aaron grabs her and helps her to the bleachers. She says she is okay and probably just overdid it. Aaron and Alison leave; Chris watches them go.

Paul tracks down Chris at Al's, who says he only felt sorry for Sofie. He says Sofie had no clue how to deal with people who were being nice to her.

Paul and Meg meet up at The Lakeview. Both have come to the conclusion that Cole has to be the baby's father and that Sofie fell under his spell again. Meg suggests that Cole was just as obsessed with Sofie as Sofie was obsessed with him. They go into Barbara's room - but she isn't there! They run into Lisa who tells them Barbara just left with Cole! She takes them to Barbara's room and rambles on about Cole hanging around lately and making a nuisance of himself. Inside, they see that Barbara's things are jumbled up!

Cole goes to Worldwide. Mike is there and Cole tells him to give Paul a message. He leaves. Mike calls Paul. When he arrives, Mike says they should call the cops but Paul is worried that cops will send Cole even more over the edge. Just then Barbara calls. She begs him to help her but can't tell him where she is. He puts her on the speakerphone and Barbara says she thinks she is underground but isn't sure where. The phone goes dead. Mike says she could be at the Old Mill. Paul leaves; Meg follows.

Barbara goes back to Cole, who wakes up. He asks how she got free and she says it shouldn't matter because she is trying to help him. They struggle and Cole runs out. Paul and Meg burst into the Old Mill. Barbara is hiding behind the door and falls into his arms.

Paul and Meg get Babs to the hospital. Susan says she will be fine. Barbara apologizes for placing Meg under police scrutiny. Meg says everything is okay. Paul calls Mike and says Cole has disappeared. Barbara tells Paul that Meg is too good for him.

Meg goes to get antibiotics for Barbara. Cole follows and pulls a gun on her! He makes her open a medicine cabinet and gets angry when Meg can't open the cabinet. He shoots her and runs out! Meg slowly walks to the door but collapses before she can open it!

Mike and two police officers see Cole leaving the hospital. Mike chases him and stops him! Mike calls to tell Paul that Cole is in custody. Paul thanks him and hangs up.

Next on As The World Turns:

Emma confronts Paul about Meg's shooting.

Lucinda tells Lily to let Holden go.

Carly tries to talk to Lily.

Parker calls his mother horrible names and says she ruined their family.

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