Carly screams for Parker when she sees Cowboy Jack in the fire. Parker comes down and swears he didn't take the dummy. Carly calls Jack. Jack arrives; both he and Carly yell at the kid but Parker says he is innocent. Sam calls and says Cowboy Jack is missing. Parker grabs the phone from Carly and demands that Sam admit to the set-up! Jack grabs the phone from Parker, tells Sam that they have the dummy and will get it back to him and hangs up. Parker asks if they will send him away. He keeps pushing at his parents until Jack sends him upstairs. Jack calls the therapist, who says they need to increase Parker's therapy visits and to increase the time the family spends as a unit. She goes upstairs. Carly tells Jack she can't focus on the family and have Metro, too! She grabs her coat and the dummy and leaves for Metro to tell Kit and Sam that she is leaving the business. Jack calls Parker downstairs and tells him the news. Parker doesn't believe it and stomps back upstairs.

At Metro, Carly tells Sam she is giving up the club. He says giving in to Parker is the last thing the kiddo needs but Carly stands firm. She says she'll find someone to buy her out or she will just lose the money she invested but she can't harm Parker any more. She leaves. Sam turns to Cowboy Jack for advice. Cowboy Jack says to get rid of Parker!

Carly returns to the house to tell Jack and Parker that Metro is history. Parker wonders what that will change and is very standoffish with his mom. Jack says they will work through everything, then hugs Parker and says, "I love you."

Gwen and Will are canvassing the Chicago neighborhood. They run into a woman who recognizes Sofie's picture! The woman says Sofie hasn't been around for a while; Gwen tells her about the kidnapping. They ask several more women but none recognize Sofie. Will calls Margo but there is no news from Oakdale; Margo says they are probably wasting their time! Will tells Gwen they should go home. Crying, she says she won't give up. Will convinces her to come home in case they find Sofie. Once there, Will shows Gwen some summer clothes he bought for the baby and says they will have a magical summer as a family.

Aaron asks the Lakeview manager about Sofie's job application but the manager won't give him the records. He pleads until the manager gives in and offers her application to him. Aaron goes through the file but can't find anything that points to where Sofie may have gone.

Sofie is in New York! She looks around at the big buildings and smiles. A police officer notices the crying baby and offers to help her; she gives him the cold shoulder. The cop walks away but watches them. Hallie becomes fussy so she puts down her purse to find the pacifier. She grabs it and keeps walking, not noticing that she dropped her wallet! Sofie stops a few blocks away to check her money supply and realizes she's lost her wallet. Hallie starts crying very hard and nothing Sofie does can calm her. She finally calls Aaron to ask for help. She makes him promise not to tell Will and Gwen and then says she lost her wallet and Hallie is very fussy. She tells him she is in Central Park. Aaron arrives at the park and tells Sofie they have to get Hallie warmed up and then they have to go back to Oakdale. She says she won't go back because they'll take her baby. She plans to live in Canada where the authorities can't find her or Hallie. Aaron shows her two plane tickets and says she won't lose Hallie if she turns herself in. He says he'll stand by her, too. Sofie pretends to go along with his plans. While she goes to the restroom, Aaron calls Will and Gwen to give them the good news. He hangs up and realizes Sofie has disappeared again! He calls Will back to give him the bad news.

Lucinda is talking to Evan in a private room at the hospital. Evan says he Dusty and the lab technician were getting in the way of his research! Lucinda says he won't get away with the murders and tries to leave but Evan shoves her into a chair and pulls a syringe from his pocket! Lucinda pleads with Evan, offering him money. Evan says he'll take $10 million and a private jet!

At the farm, Lily cancels the reservations Holden just made, saying she isn't going anywhere. Holden pleads with her to leave town for a while. He goes to the barn so Lily can think. Lucinda phones, calling Lily "Gregory" over and over. Lily realizes something is wrong but blows the whole thing when she reaches the hospital without the money. Evan opens the door and pulls Lily into the room, too! Evan admits to the killings but says Lucinda set everything in motion - by hiring him to sabotage Montgomery Enterprises! "I didn't know he was a lunatic," she says. Holden calls; Evan reluctantly allows Lucinda to answer. She tells Holden that she hasn't seen Lily and then starts talking about sending Lily to Dallas. Evan grabs the phone before she can drop any more I'm-in-trouble hints and hangs up.

Holden turns to Margo, who he just asked for help, and says Lily is fine. He leaves. Margo has a policeman follow Holden! He arrives at the hospital and knocks on room 408's door. Evan opens the door enough to pull the bag of money inside then slams it shut. Margo and another officer arrive. Evan sees them through the window!

Next on As The World Turns:

Craig sees Paul and Meg together.

Luke and Noah talk about their relationship.

Margo and Holden try to reason with Evan; Evan takes Lily and Lucinda to the roof.

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