Craig is discussing MEMO21 with Chris at The Lakeview. He comments that things are going to be really tough now that Dusty's death might be related to the drug. Chris blames Emily. Craig walks away and sees Paul and Emily chatting in the lounge; he barges right up and threatens Emily, saying she better watch her back before her past returns to haunt her. Then he focuses on Paul and says connecting MEMO21 with Dusty won't send Meg back to his arms. He walks off. Paul tells Emily about Chris's conversation with Evan the night before. They wonder if Craig is protecting Chris - or himself! Both wonder if Craig might be killing to protect his interests. Paul tells Emily to get more information from Chris and he'll take care of Craig. Paul leaves. Emily walks out of the lounge and sees Craig on a bench. She tells him that he is making a huge mistake in backing Chris because Chris tried to kill Bob! Craig doesn't take Emily seriously and says if either of them would be suspected in Dusty's death it would be her! Em storms off.

Luke walks in to the farm kitchen with a bag of groceries. Meg is there and he begins talking about Noah. The conversation turns to Lily and Holden and Luke tells Meg how worried he is. Meg tells Luke not to worry and turns the conversation to Noah. Luke tells her that they are becoming closer but that he is nervous about things progressing too fast. He talks about the party they are skipping. Meg tells Luke to trust his heart. Luke goes upstairs. Paul arrives and asks Meg if they can talk. She lets him in but when he immediately starts in on Craig she clams up and says she won't help Paul pin the blame on Craig. She says nothing has changed with him. Paul stops her short, saying he isn't trying to hurt Craig - he is trying to help Holden! Paul tells Meg about Craig's investment in MEMO21; she says she is giving Craig back the company and doesn't care but Paul says she can't do that. He says she has to keep the company away from Craig at all costs!

Lily and Holden are waiting for Margo at the police station. She can't believe that another lead has turned into a dead body. Holden hugs her and says he won't let anything bad happen to her. Margo returns and tells them that the preliminary results are back and the lab technician died from a lethal injection of some substance - just like Dusty! Margo tells them both to get a lawyer! She points out that they are right in the middle of two murder investigations; Lily is upset that they are still being considered suspects. She and Holden leave as Dallas returns. He says they have searched the lab tech's apartment but haven't found much. He begins going over the suspect list. Margo says the only viable suspect they have right now is Chris! Margo goes to the hospital to question Chris, who reacts very badly. He yells at Margo, saying this is all in Emily's imagination. Margo says she has to question everyone, no matter who puts them on the suspect list.

Holden and Lily have coffee at Al's. She is focused on the investigation still but Holden isn't. He says it is time for Lily to get out of town before she gets hurt! Lucinda arrives and Holden fills her in on the latest killing. Lucinda and Holden decide that Lily has to leave town immediately and won't let her say a word about it. Meg calls Lucinda and orders her to come to the farm. Lucinda promises Lily that things will be fine and leaves.

Paul returns to The Lakeview and tells Emily that things are really in motion now. He says they just have to keep annoying people with their questions and sooner or later someone will slip up. As they are talking Chris storms in and tells Emily to back off! He walks away. Paul comments that Chris is awfully mad for an innocent man.

Lucinda arrives at the farm. Meg beats around the bush, talking about the marriage to Craig and how Lucinda had her company stolen from her. Lucinda interrupts and asks what Meg really wants. Finally Meg says she was going to give the company back to Craig, now that they are divorcing, but has changed her mind. She says Montgomery Enterprises is Lucinda's if she still wants it. Lucinda, of course, does! She leaves the farm and makes a call. She hurries to the hospital and enters a private room. "We have to call the whole thing off," she says!

Carly is trying to get Metro ready for opening but it is still cool inside because of the boiler problems. Sam adds one more worry when he says their musical entertainment just canceled; Carly says they can't have a club without music and Sam says he'll take care of it. He talks about making a trip to book a few bands. Carly brings up Kit, asking if she will go along with him on the tour bookings. She leaves. Sam calls the band scheduled for that weekend and cancels their appearance, too! Kit walks in, excited about the band-booking trip. Sam says the weekend band just canceled and he doesn't know what to do. Kit gets really antsy about losing more money; Sam says he would play the gig but since they are going to Chicago he can't. Kit says he should stay and play the gig and she'll scout the bands alone.

Carly meets Parker in Old Town and asks how things are going. She says Kit and Sam are going out of town and makes a bargain with him - if he passes his science test he can come by the club after school to make some extra cash. Parker reluctantly agrees to the plan. Parker and Carly return to Metro, talking about his new job. Sam walks in and tells them the band just canceled but that he'll play the gig and Kit will go to Chicago alone. Parker doesn't like that idea at all and walks out. Carly catches up with Parker in Old Town. The kiddo won't listen to her explanations and runs off from her. Carly continues on to Java and is having a cup of coffee when Kit walks in and asks about Sam. She says Sam has a wandering eye but that she trusts Carly; Carly tells Kit she has nothing to worry about.

Sam is washing up some glasses when a musician walks in and demands payment since Metro cancelled their gig! Sam argues with him for a while but finally agrees to pay the band for one night only. The musician walks out. Parker has been listening! He confronts Sam, who brings up Parker's therapist and all of the times he has cried wolf over the past few weeks. Sam says no one will believe him. Parker says his parents will believe him and walks out. Sam pulls Cowboy Jack from beneath the counter and talks to him about how to get rid of Parker! Kit returns, puts her arms around Sam and hugs him. She asks if Cowboy Jack can come upstairs with them. Sam says Cowboy Jack has other plans.

Carly returns home and sees Cowboy Jack burning in her fireplace!

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