Rosanna asks Carly about Gwen but the conversation quickly turns back to Rosanna's big day. Jack asks if Paul has returned, which puts a damper on Rosanna's spirits. Just then the phone rings; she pretends it is Paul and leaves the room to take the call. It's Craig! He asks Rosanna about the wedding! He asks where Paul is and becomes more angry with every second that Rosanna doesn't answer him. "My wife is missing. Do you have any idea where she might be?" Craig asks. Rosanna says Paul is running an errand. Rosanna hangs up. Carly sees how upset she is but Rosanna asks her sister to cover for her because she has to run a quick errand. Rosanna runs from Fairwinds. After a while Jack begins to wonder where Rosanna went. A photographer comes to take their picture, saying what a great couple they make. Carly tells Jack that Rosanna is gone and she doesn't know where. Jack leaves to find her.

Paul can't believe that Meg wants to stop the wedding. She tells him that she is going to tell Ro the truth - that he is in love with Meg and they are having a baby. Paul insists that the child cannot be his and refuses to consider that the baby is anything but Craig's. He points out that Meg was sleeping with Craig daily, trying to make a baby, and they only slept together once. She tells him she'll take a DNA test and asks him to wait until then to get married. She begs him to take a little time. Both notice a cloaked figure come into the cemetery but they don't recognize him or her and continue talking. Meg again asks Brad not to marry Rosanna tonight. Paul tells Meg that he can't leave Rosanna now; Meg points out that if the child is his he'll have to leave Ro sooner or later anyhow. From behind a tombstone Rosanna - in the black cloak! - listens to them! Meg begs Paul to wait and he struggles to come to a decision. Unable to listen, Rosanna runs from the cemetery. Finally, Paul tells Meg that he is committed to Rosanna - just like she is committed to Craig! He leaves. Meg falls to the ground and cries.

Carly is becoming worried about where Jack may be when Rosanna returns to Fairwinds. Carly demands answers about where she has been. Ro clams up. Carly changes the subject and tells Rosanna to get dressed. Rosanna is headed upstairs when she runs into Paul in the hallway. She tells him people have been asking about him and he tells her that he needed a little time and space. She wonders if he is having second thoughts. Paul tells her that he loves her and will never leave her. "Are you ready to get married?" he asks.

Meg returns to the hotel room, composed and looking normal. She sees Craig and he asks where she has been. She asks about the house and Craig tells her all about it. He says he loves the house but wants to make sure that Meg wants the house - and him! - before making an offer. He asks about the walks she has been taking and tells her that the walks are going to have to stop for the baby's sake. Angry, Meg tells him she'll do as she pleases but Craig insists, reminding her that the baby is half his! "I love you," he reminds her and tells her that he only wants what is best for her and for the baby.

Katie is stunned by what the nurse says about the mis-diagnosis. Brad bursts into the room and offers Katie a candy apple. She asks what he knows about Dr. Evers' mis-diagnosis! She asks the nurse who the patient was but the nurse can't remember. Katie decides to do a little investigating to find out what exactly has been going on. Brad slows her down by saying Katie can't just ask for private patient information. "If Carly is so deathly ill why was she dancing around like she didn't have a care in the world?" Katie asks. Brad doesn't have an answer. When she goes off to find Bob Brad follows and tells Katie that trying to pin the mis-diagnosis on Carly is a mistake. He says she needs to let it go! To get her mind off of it, Brad takes Katie to the Halloween street fair in Old Town. He blindfolds Katie so she can bob for apples and they begin to play games. She comes up soaked and without an apple and pushes Brad to try it next. He gets an apple and doesn't look like a drowned rat afterward. They walk and talk for a while but Katie can't stop thinking about Carly. They begin playing and laughing, unaware that Jack is around the corner watching them.

Lily arrives at the farm to find Luke, discouraged and angry, in the kitchen. He tells his mom to stop babying him! He tells Lily to go back home to enjoy Halloween with the girls but Lily says she wants to spend time with him. Luke brings up Holden and Lily tells Luke to stop worrying about them. She tells him that the separation has nothing to do with him, his accident or any of the other kids. "It's just the way things worked out," she says, not really understanding things herself. Noah arrives but Luke is just as standoffish with Noah as he was with Lily. Lily makes a quick exit to check on the other kids. Noah asks about physical therapy but Luke isn't interested in talking about that. Frustrated he tries to push Noah away. Noah sits with him and asks Luke about past Halloween's; Luke tells him about one fun experience. As Noah is making root beer floats, Luke accidentally knocks a glass from the table. Noah begins to clean up the mess and asks Luke to come with him to the street fair. Angrily, Luke asks why Noah would want to go anywhere with him. Lily is listening from the doorway. Noah leaves, unable to deal with Luke. Lily talks to Luke, telling him that Noah may have wanted to spend time with him. Finally Luke agrees to go to the street fair.

Once they are at the fair, Luke takes off to find Noah. Lily runs into Dusty and they chat. Luke finds Noah with a few friends. They move to a table and Luke tries to lever himself into a regular chair but falls to the ground! He begins yelling at Noah. Lily rushes to Luke's side and takes him back to the farm. Dusty grabs Noah and walks off with him. He tells Noah to have patience with Luke because he is going through a tough time. Back at the farm, Lily tells Luke to ask Noah's forgiveness. She tells him that Noah really cares about him and he should give him space but not push the boy away. She goes to check on the kids. Luke decides to call Noah. Dusty brings Noah to the farm. Inside, Noah asks Luke if he did something wrong. Luke apologizes and tells Noah that he didn't do anything wrong. When Noah doesn't yell at him Luke only becomes more angry. "I don't want you to feel sorry for me," Luke says and asks Noah how he felt when Luke fell. Finally Noah admits that he was scared. Luke turns away from him and tells Noah to leave. Outside, Lily talks with Dusty, unsure if she is doing the right thing where her son is concerned. Dusty tells her to stop being so hard on herself. Lily thanks him for sticking by her.

Next on ATWT:

Iris makes an offer to Barbara. The wedding gets underway. Meg can't stop thinking about Paul. Jack becomes jealous when he sees Brad and Katie together.

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