Brad surprises Katie at WOAK. She tells him what she saw at Carly's. "She didn't look like a woman who is dying. Not even close," she says. Katie believes Carly may not be as sick as she claimed. Brad convinces Katie that Carly was probably just putting on a brave front. Katie leaves the room. He immediately calls Carly, who is annoyed and thinks Katie is spying on her. She convinces Brad to stay quiet, telling him that Jack will agree to marry her at Rosanna's wedding! Katie returns a while later and asks Brad to be her platonic date for the hospital party. Brad agrees.

Carly hears Jack's car approach, hides the beer and lies back on the sofa. He sees her flushed condition and grows concerned; she says she just overdid it with the kids earlier. He drops the subject and asks about Rosanna's wedding. Carly insists that she has to go and sees a book in Jack's hand: the wedding album. Jack begins to go through the photos but Carly could care less about them. She notices that Jack isn't wearing his wedding ring. At the last minute, Carly brings out a couple of readings that Rosanna has asked them to read. She compares the couple in the readings to her relationship with Jack. She tells him that she can face anything with him by her side. Jack agrees to do the reading. They leave for the wedding.

Bob picks up an order of cupcakes from the diner and asks Alison to pass along his thanks. He asks her how she is dealing with the news about Gwen. "I kind of feel like I let everyone down," she admits. Bob tells her that she didn't let anyone down and reminds her that she did a great thing. Alison brings up Chris, stunning Bob who didn't know his son was back in town.

At the hospital, Kim is finishing up a few decorations when Susan walks in, offering her help. Chris walks in, on Emily's arm, surprising both Mothers! Kim asks Chris about Emily as Susan asks Em about Chris; both tell the moms that they are together now. Susan pulls Emily into the hall and asks for more details. She believes Emily being with Chris is a scheme to get back at her sister! Emily swears she is just having fun with Chris but Susan doesn't quite believe her. They continue to a break room where Susan tells Emily that both she and Alison have had a tough time since Em left town. Susan is worried that Emily being with Chris may cause Allie to slip again.
Meanwhile back in the hospital room, Kim is having the same conversation with Chris - telling him that Emily is too old for him and reminding him about the blowup with Alison. Chris tells Kim to give him a break and just be happy for him. Bob arrives as Emily returns to tell Chris she needs to see Alison. She leaves. Kim follows. Bob tells Chris that he could pull a few strings to get him a job at Oakdale Memorial; Chris isn't sure what kind of job he is looking for. A nurse arrives with a few kids. Down the hall, Kim runs into Katie and Brad. She takes Katie straight to Chris. He congratulates her on her wedding to Jack. When he learns the truth, he apologizes. Katie tells him she should have seen it coming because Carly always fights for what she wants. Brad returns and Katie reintroduces the guys. Chris begins talking about Emily. A while later Brad and Katie are chatting about the kids and Brad makes a big announcement: Katie's going to teach them all the Chicken Dance! After the dance, Katie asks one of the nurses about Dr. Evers. The nurse tells her that Dr. Evers is on permanent leave because of a mis-diagnosis!

Emily finds Alison at the diner and tells her that she is with Chris for one reason only: because she likes him. Emily swears that the Dusty fiasco is in the past and she has forgiven both Allie and Dusty. Emily tells Alison that she has moved on but Alison doesn't completely believe her but tells Emily that she is trying to move on, too. Chris arrives and Emily leaves. Alison watches them through the glass, sad.

Meg is getting ready to leave the hotel room when she sees the wedding notice about Paul and Rosanna. Craig walks in, telling her about a last minute appointment with the realtor. Meg refuses to go! She makes up a story about visiting Emma and Craig stalks out of the room, telling her he'll keep her apprised of their home situation. Meg arrives at the farm to see Emma, who immediately asks her how things are with Craig. Meg admits they are having problems, mostly because of Paul and Rosanna. She tells Emma about the wedding and admits she still loves Paul - and she is pregnant! Emma is stunned and promises Meg that the family will stand by her no matter what. She worries that the child might be Craig's and not Paul's, and worries even more than even if the child is Paul's that Paul will never accept it. Emma tells her to put the baby first.

Paul is readying for the wedding but he can't get Meg off his mind. Rosanna sees him and knows he is having second thoughts! Paul assures her that he is ready to get hitched. Barbara arrives as Paul takes Ro in his arms. She has the wedding dress, which Paul can't see yet, so Paul leaves the house. Barbara is stunned when Ro begins to cry. She is worried that Meg will go after Paul. They begin to alter the dress for the nuptials but Rosanna can't get Meg out of her head no matter what Barbara says.

Craig and Paul run into one another in Old Town. Craig gives Paul a wedding present, which Paul doesn't want. Craig tells him to be happy, after all, they are both getting what they want now! Paul tries to walk away but Craig isn't finished. Paul tells him to stay away from Rosanna and walks off. Paul returns to Fairwinds, sees Rosanna and tells her she is beautiful. Both women hurry to get Ro - and the dress! - covered up! Rosanna quickly changes and asks for her gift. Paul says the gift will have to wait. With Rosanna busy, Paul takes a call from Meg and agrees to meet her before the wedding. Carly and Jack arrive. Carly takes Rosanna off to one side and tells her that a miracle is in the making - for both of them! She tells Rosanna that her wedding is going to help Carly get her love back, too. Meanwhile, Jack and Paul are chatting about weddings when Paul suddenly makes a quick exit. "Wouldn't it be wonderful if we both got a second chance?" Carly asks. Rosanna agrees. Barbara returns and asks about Paul. Jack says he is running a secret errand.

After calling Paul, Meg is getting ready to leave the hotel room - again! - when Craig returns. He happily tells her the house viewing time has changed and they can go together. Meg isn't really interested, which throws Craig. She tells him to look at it alone and decide. He wonders what is really going on and she makes up a story about pregnancy hormones and being tired. He offers to turn down the bed but she basically throws him out of the room, asking for time alone to rest. After he is gone, she leaves, too. A while later Craig returns and is surprised to find the room empty. He wonders where Meg may have gone, picks up the newspaper and begins to have doubts about his wife.

Meg goes straight to the cemetery to meet Paul. She touches her tummy and stares at the Montgomery plot, then begins twisting her wedding ring as she waits. Finally, Paul arrives.

Next on ATWT:

Katie asks Brad if he has heard about a possible mis-diagnosis. Carly toasts the evening with Jack. Craig calls Rosanna about Meg; Rosanna overhears Meg tell Paul that marrying Ro is a huge mistake! Luke begins physical therapy.

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