Anne, the adoption worker, asks for details about Will. They fill her in and she tells them that their agency can't help Will and Gwen adopt - she doesn't think any adoption agency would work with them! Will leaves the room and Gwen angrily tells Anne that Will has changed and will be a great father. Anne doesn't change her mind; she leaves. Gwen returns to the bedroom and Will takes her in his arms. They talk about not being able to adopt; Barbara walks in, hears them and becomes angry on their behalf. Gwen angrily confronts Barbara, telling her that she is to blame for their not being able to adopt. Gwen storms off, not wanting to listen to Barbara's explanations. She tries to call Anne to straighten things out but Will tells her to stop and leave. She asks about Paul's wedding but Will doesn’t know if they will go at all. Will returns to Gwen, who starts to make love to him. He stops her, telling her it is too soon but she keeps trying to kiss him and touch him. Will pulls away from Gwen to call Paul about not attending the wedding. Gwen insists that she go to the wedding and they get ready. Gwen opens up a tin of cookies, decorated as baby boys and girls. A young mom stops by with her kids for a few Halloween treats. Gwen doesn't hear the ringing phone, which brings Will out. She comes out of the trance-like state she was in and hands a few cookies to the kids. The family leaves.

Aaron and the bar manager argue about Sofie; the manager insists that he won't re-hire Sofie. Iris walks up to the bar and Aaron pulls out a bottle of whiskey and pours Iris a stiff drink. He asks her about Sofie but Iris will only say that Sofie has gone far away from Cole. He pours her another drink and asks Iris what she did. A little bit drunk, Iris says she just helped Sofie make a decision because, after all, the baby probably wasn't even Cole's! Aaron becomes annoyed, thinking that Sofie is alone and broke but Iris tells him that Sofie is set - with her money! She leaves the bar and on the way out runs into Barbara! They begin to argue and Barbara inadvertently tells Iris about the latest miscarriage. Iris says she didn't even know there was a pregnancy and says they can still adopt. "No they can't," Barbara says, convincing Iris that this whole situation is Will's fault. She decides to go talk to Gwen but Barbara grabs her and tells her to stay away! Iris pulls away from Barbara saying she can fix things for Gwen. She leaves. Barbara grabs the phone and calls the cottage. Barbara returns a while later; both she and Gwen apologize to one another. The women hug!

Sofie calls Aaron to let him know she is okay and living in Chicago. He asks about money and brings up Iris and tells her that she didn't have to leave town. Sofie insists that Iris was right. Aaron asks for her address but Sofie won't tell him where she is. She makes up a story about a job interview and says that she is borrowing a friend's phone and then hangs up. Holden calls Aaron and asks him to run an errand before returning home. In Chicago, Sofie struggles with whether to call Aaron again. She puts the phone in her purse, drops some papers in the trash and leaves the park.

Iris runs into Cole in Old Town. He asks Iris for a loan so he can get to California to follow his music dreams. Iris refuses and says he needs to be with his family. Iris pulls out a flask and tells Cole about Gwen's problems; Cole could care less. But Iris keeps talking and Cole comes up with an idea!

Brad walks in on Katie as she is looking at the wedding album. She tosses the book in the trash but Brad pulls it out, telling her not to toss out her memories. She walks away and Brad follows, telling Katie that Jack does love her. Katie doesn't understand how Jack could love her but not fight for her. Brad struggles with what to tell her and finally says that Jack probably felt guilty about Carly and that is why he couldn't fight for her. He hugs Katie. Brad starts to tell Katie the truth but she doesn't want to listen to him. Instead she beats herself up about her past and cheating on Mike. "This is like my karmic payback," she says. Brad tells her to stop beating herself up because she is the one being shafted! He begins to blame Carly for all of Katie's problems (at least the problems related to Jack) but Katie insists that Carly isn't to blame. Katie thanks him for being a friend and hugs him. Kim walks up and sees them. Brad leaves, telling Katie that he has to do something that he has needed to do for a long time. She has no idea what that means but lets him go. Kim walks up, stunned that Katie and Brad are beginning to be friends. Kim tells Katie not to rely on Brad and to help herself! Kim reminds Katie of the bad things Brad has done, wondering what would happen if Katie and Brad did get together. Kim walks away but Katie follows. She tells Kim about the annulment, which only reinforces Kim's thought that Katie keep some emotional distance from Brad. "Take a break, collect yourself but do it alone," Kim says. Katie isn't sure she can. A while later Kim suggests that Katie come by the hospital for a children's party but she would rather spend the evening alone.

Jack is shocked with Carly's marriage proposal. She tells him that the trip to Montana was a huge help to her health and that marrying him again will also make her stronger. She suggests they marry very soon and that throws Jack for a loop. "I can't believe you'd ask me that," he says and walks away. Carly follows. Jack tells her that he is still in love with Katie! He can't even think about getting married to her; Carly tells him to forget about it, that it was just an idea that might make the kiddos feel more secure. Suddenly Jack realizes that Rosanna's wedding is coming up and wonders where his clothes are. Carly says they are in her bedroom! Jack can't believe it and tells Carly that what happened in Montana isn't going to happen again. As they talk, Sage overhears them and misunderstands - she thinks they are getting remarried! She asks her parents about it but Parker is the one who tells her that a remarriage isn't going to happen! Parker walks out. Carly goes to collect a few things for Sage and Jack sits down with the little girl to tell her that even though they aren't getting remarried, he will still be around. Sage says that if they do get married Carly might get better! Brad walks in and tells Jack not to remarry Carly. "That will be the worst thing you can do," he says, ignoring Sage who is sitting with Jack! Jack sends Sage off to finish getting ready for the fair. Brad apologizes to her. When they are alone Brad tells Jack that her knows everything - and that Jack needs to really think about what has been going on. "If you marry Carly you'd be doing it under false pretenses," Brad says as Carly comes back into the room! Carly interrupts before Jack can ask any other questions and says the "false pretenses" would be that Jack should only accept her proposal if he really is in love with her again. Jack leaves. Carly turns on Brad, who tells her that she should have told Jack about being well weeks ago. She insists that if she had told Jack they never would have had Montana. "You're pushing him into something he isn't ready for," Brad says and demands that Carly tell the truth. She refuses, saying this is her one chance to fix things for her family. Brad tells her that Jack doesn't want her anymore but Carly insists that Jack is simply feeling guilty about Katie. She asks Brad to help her. He says if she wants his help she has to tell Jack the truth - now! He leaves.

Jack sends Parker and Sage off to enjoy the street fair and stays behind. He pulls Katie's ring from his pocket, remembering the moment she returned it to him. Parker returns and apologizes to Jack for what he said earlier. Jack tells him everything is fine. Parker asks about the ring but Jack tells him to go enjoy the fair. Jack returns to the car and stares at his wedding ring. Finally he takes it off.

Carly grabs a beer and turns on some loud music and begins to dance around the front room. Katie arrives with the album and stands on the front porch! Katie isn't sure whether to knock or just leave. She decides to just leave the book on the porch for Jack but she she kneels down, she sees Carly dancing around the living room! She certainly doesn't look like a woman on her death bed!

Next on ATWT:

Katie thinks Carly may not be really sick. Meg calls Paul just before the wedding. Carly talks things over with Rosanna, excited that they both may have second chances with their guys! Carly tells Jack they have a second chance at love.

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