Carly is wandering her house looking for Jack. She finds him on the front porch. They go inside; Jack can't stop talking about Katie and the annulment. Carly asks Jack to let her care for him for a change. She begins to massage his shoulders, getting all the knots out. Jack wonders how she can be so strong, what with her dying and all. Carly insists it is just her "Montana Miracle"; Jack decides they need to call Dr. Evers or another doctor to find out what is going on with her. Carly makes a ton of excuses and Jack agrees not to call right away. She says she'll ask the doctor about her remission on her next visit. She starts to tell him there is more but Jack talks over her, saying if this "remission" is a kind of final rally before she dies, he'll stay by her. Katie calls and asks Jack if she can see him right away. He agrees to come to the diner. She makes a couple of excuses about being tired but when Jack says he'll stay with her, she insists that he go. On his way out the door, she tells Jack that any woman who would give him up is stupid. Parker and Sage arrive home. Sage goes upstairs to get makeup for the costume party. Parker talks to Carly about the party but she is distracted and not listening, which worries Parker. Carly says she is fine but Parker doesn't believe her. Sage returns and Carly grabs a lip liner and almost uses it on Sage's eyes! Sage catches her and Carly moves to Sage's lips. Parker leaves for the farm to pick up the rest of his costume. Sage asks for a cookie from the diner and Carly sends Parker to pick up the cookie and soup, too.

Katie sits down with Henry at the diner. She tells him the marriage is over and Henry tells her not to act rashly. Henry tries to come up with ways to save the marriage but Katie is certain that there is nothing left to save because Jack keeps going back to his ex. She tells him about the Montana trip and that Jack and Carly slept together; Henry points out that she slept with Simon when she was married to Mike. "What if Carly was Jack's Simon? What if you're the one he really loves?" Henry asks. Katie calls Jack to meet her and when he arrives shows him the annulment papers. He asks her to tear up the annulment papers. He still wants to be her husband! Katie tells him that she can't because they aren't a married couple right now. Katie tells Jack that the only thing that will change her mind is if Jack moves home - with Katie! She tells him they can hire a nurse, that he can spend as much time with Carly as he wants as long as his nights are spent with Katie. Jack tells Katie that he can't leave Carly now because that change could cause her to relapse and die! Katie tells him that she can't be married to him like this and he signs the papers. Katie signs the papers, too. Jack starts to talk about someday being with her but Katie doesn't want to talk about the future. He kisses her on the cheek and starts to go. Katie stops him at the door and gives him back her wedding ring. He leaves. Katie is sitting with Henry again when Parker comes in. Henry takes his to go order and Parker sits with Katie. He notices the missing wedding band and asks her about it. Katie tells Parker that she and Jack decided to get an annulment because he needs to spend his time with the kids and Carly. She tells Parker that she'll always be around for him. Henry brings Parker's order and the boy leaves.

Jack returns home and tells Carly that he just signed the annulment papers. Sympathetically, Carly hugs him (and then smiles when he can't see her face!). Sage comes in with a few trick or treat bags to choose from and they decide - as a family - which one Sage should carry. Parker returns home with the cookie and soup and tells Jack about talking to Katie. When she hears about the annulment, Sage asks if Jack and Carly can get married again. Jack ignores the question and says the annulment only means he'll be around the house a lot more. The kids go upstairs. Once they are alone Carly suggests that, since she is dying anyway and has so little time left, they should remarry!

Katie goes to work to get her mind off of Jack. A photo album is delivered to her, and she ignores it for a while. After a little bit, though, she can't resist and opens the cover. The album is filled with pictures from the wedding. Katie begins to thumb through the pages.

Craig is going on with an OB nurse at the hospital about Meg and how great she is going to be as a mother, how she'll make him a great father and how generally ecstatic he is to be having a child. Meg walks up, annoyed to see him there! "What are you so upset about?" Craig asks. They argue a bit and Meg blames her moodiness on hormones. He asks if she wants him to stay with her through the appointment or if she wants him to go. "Just give me a little space," she says and walks off.

Barbara and Paul stop by the cottage, surprising Will. Barbara heads straight to Gwen, who is depressed and in bed. Paul stays behind with Will, who asks Paul if it is okay to skip the wedding. Paul says of course its okay and seems really blasé, which throws Will. He wonders if Paul is getting cold feet! In the bedroom, Barbara sits with Gwen and tells her everything will be okay. Gwen isn't so sure and can't get past the fact that she can never carry a child. Barbara suggests there are other options that can be explored. Will and Paul come in. Will gets angry with Barbara, who keeps insisting that they can have children - right away - if they just look at other options, like adoption. Will drags Barbara away, telling her that another baby won't take the place of the children they have lost. Paul stays behind with Gwen, telling her how brave she has been. Maddie arrives as Paul and Barbara leave. She wonders what is going on and they tell her about Barbara's adoption news. Maddie says it isn't such a bad idea! In the next breath she tells Gwen about leaving for Wesleyan in a few days and starts to think that maybe she should stay in Oakdale. Gwen tells Mads the best thing she can do is to follow her dreams to Wesleyan. Maddie points out that Gwen and Will are more family than her flesh-and-blood relatives and says they can do the same for an adopted child. Gwen and Maddie hug and she leaves. Gwen turns to Will, tells him that she loves him and says they should maybe think about adoption. They talk about adoption and Gwen calls Barbara, who is in Old Town with Paul. Gwen gives Babs the good news about adoption. Barbara offers to set everything up with a friend who has an adoption agency. Paul leaves Barbara to purchase a honeymoon trip for Rosanna. From around the corner, Meg watches them.

A little while later Barbara returns to the cottage with her friend the adoption case worker. She gets to work on their application. Barbara starts speaking for them but the case worker, Ann, tells her to let the kids talk. Barbara leaves the cottage. Outside she gets a call from Rosanna, who is nearly hysterical because she can't reach Paul. Barbara tells her to calm down and promises to find Paul. Back inside, the case worker asks about criminal records. Will admits his past and she puts her papers away. "This is an adoption that just isn't going to happen," she says and tells them that a criminal record negates their chances to adopt through the agency!

Paul and Meg stumble across one another in Old Town. He is very distant with her but Meg won't let things go and asks him to talk to her. As they argue, Barbara approaches. Paul takes advantage of the interruption and leaves. Barbara stays behind to talk to Meg. Barbara points out that Meg is having Craig's child and says she'll need to focus all of her energy on the child - and none of it on Paul - or the child will be irreparably harmed by Craig. Barbara leaves. Meg begins thinking about her night with Paul.

Meanwhile att The Lakeview, Craig is meeting with a real estate agent about possible homes. He asks the agent to show him the listings for mansions that come with a nursery ready to go.

Next on ATWT:

Luke falls and takes his anger out on Noah. Carly tells Jack she is getting stronger and getting married will only make her stronger. Katie has doubts about Carly's illness. Rosanna's wedding day approaches. Meg can't forget about Paul - and tries to convince him to leave Rosanna!

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