Will and Alison are busy making Gwen comfortable, which is making her nuts. She gets off the couch and blasts out some heavy metal music from the radio. The song ends and Gwen starts to straighten up the room. She leaves the house to get some space. Will and Allie stay behind and commiserate, both realize that they have been hovering over Gwen for the past few days. Alison starts to leave but Will to stick around for a while.

Sofie is schlepping for a job but her possible employer turns her down flat. Iris sees her and joins Sofie on the bench, saying she may have an answer to Sofie's prayers! Sofie isn't sure what to think of Iris's visit, especially when Iris offers Sofie as much money as she needs - as long as she leaves Oakdale and Cole behind. Gwen approaches and hears the offer. Sofie can't believe what she is hearing. Iris pulls a few bills from her bra and hands them to Sofie, who won't take them. Gwen interrupts and tells Iris to leave Sofie alone. Iris defends her actions, telling them both that Sofie needs her help. Gwen tells Iris that Sofie doesn't have to take anyone's money but Iris pushes the cash on to her. Gwen keeps fighting with Iris but Sofie steps in, thanks Iris for the cash and tells Gwen that there is nothing holding her in Oakdale anyhow. She walks away. Gwen isn't finished with Iris. They argue about motherhood. Frustrated, Gwen tries to walk away but Iris grabs her. Allie and Will walk up; he tells Iris to back off and leads Gwen away. Iris asks Alison what is going on with Will and Gwen but Alison just walks away.

Back at the cottage, Will tells Gwen they will figure out a way to help Sofie tomorrow. He pulls out a gift for Gwen, a beautiful silver locket. Gwen gets quiet and teary because she can't get Sofie off her mind. Will holds her. He puts the locket around Gwen's neck. She doubles over in pain. "Something's wrong. Something's really wrong," she says.

Vienna is massaging her feet after a hard day at the diner. Henry offers her a foot massage once they get home. Maddie walks in and they ask her to stay for dinner. Maddie tells them she is ready to make a decision with her life. She just found out that she can transfer to Wesleyan now and keep her scholarship. She isn't sure what to do and points out all of her mistakes in decision making - the Casey situation, dating Noah, deciding to stay in Oakdale for Noah. Vienna and Henry encourage her go. Maddie leaves. Henry worries about what decision she will make and worries even more about Maddie leaving him alone. Vienna points out that he won't be alone - and if he wants more relatives around they can start a family of their own! Henry is stunned and tells Vienna they aren't ready for a family. She thinks it is because he thinks she won't be a good mom; Henry sets her straight, saying he just isn't ready for the responsibility of a child right now. Vienna heads for the kitchen to make Maddie a goodbye cake.

Holden ignores Luke's advice and more or less tells him to back off. Luke won't back down, though, and tells Holden to stop blaming Lily for Luke's accident. Lucinda walks in, agreeing with Luke! Holden doesn't like the interruption so Lucinda ignores him and wheels Luke in to the other room. She returns a second later and tells Holden what a good father he is. Lucinda tells Holden he has to be the grown-up - especially where Lily is concerned - or he'll lose his marriage. She tells him not to worry about Dusty! Holden can't stand the guy, though, and is worried by why Lily allows him to have such an influence over her. Lucinda reminds Holden that Lily loves him and points out that she has been different since waking from the coma. She encourages Holden to try again and then leaves. Holden doesn't believe Lucinda's motives for visiting were pure. Noah arrives; he and Luke come into the kitchen and Holden leaves for a while. Noah catches on to the tension and asks about Luke's family. Luke would rather talk about Noah, though. Noah turns the conversation back to Luke, who admits that he is really worried about physical therapy and whether he'll be able to walk again. Noah offers to help or leave, whichever Luke would prefer. Luke asks him to stay. Noah puts his arm around Luke as Maddie walks in. They see Maddie and invite her inside. She tells them her Wesleyan news and that she may go. Both boys support her decision no matter what. Maddie asks Noah to come outside and asks him to be really focused on Noah - or leave him alone altogether! She leaves and Noah returns inside. He decides he has to tell Luke about kissing Maddie and trying to sleep with her after the shooting. Luke is stunned, especially when Noah suggests that his father was right and he may not be gay. Luke tells Noah that his father isn't right about anything. He asks Noah to be a better man than his father could ever be. Noah agrees to try to work things out. Luke takes his hands.

Maddie returns to the diner. Maddie tells Henry about her visit to the farm and is finally ready to make her decision: she is going to Wesleyan so that she can figure herself out. Vienna walks up and agrees with Maddie's decision. Henry is still worried but encourages her to go, too. Vienna brings out the cake. Maddie tells them she is going to Wesleyan for herself and not for a boy. Vienna gets a little teary and hugs Maddie. Henry tries to lighten the moment so he won't cry. Maddie tells them she loves them and will miss them, which doesn't lighten the mood at all. Henry pulls them both into a family hug.

Dusty tells Lily that being in his hotel room probably isn't a good idea but Lily doesn't want to leave. Dusty isn't so sure but Lily begs him to allow her to stay. He sits with her on the bed and asks what she needs. Lily calls room service and orders a nice bottle of Bordeaux. She proceeds to tell Dusty everything that Holden has been doing. Dusty brings up Holden and Lily changes the subject to focus on Luke and how she can make things up to him. Lily second-guesses her actions regarding Win Mayer, how she has been with Luke since the accident and what she has said. Lily spills some alcohol and Dusty offers her a robe and a shower to get cleaned up. Lily returns from the bath and collapses on Dusty's bed! Dusty tries to rouse Lily but she won't get up.

Holden arrives at The Lakeview looking for Lily. The bartender tells him that Lily is in Dusty's room! Holden wonders why Lily would be upstairs and the bartender tells him that she ordered wine. Holden storms off; Dusty calls the bar and asks for some coffee. Holden arrives outside Dusty's room. Before he can knock the bellhop arrives with coffee. Dusty opens the door and finds Holden on the other side. He tries to explain what is going on but Holden shoves the coffee service into his hands and storms off. Dusty makes Lily comfortable and then calls the concierge to ask for a second room for the night.

Holden returns to the bar where he runs into Emily. She tries to get him to talk but he isn't interested in chatting. She says she is going upstairs to see Dusty. Holden says she'll be really, really surprised.

Next on ATWT:

Gwen asks Will to call a doctor. Chris comes to town. Dusty and Holden fight about Lily; Emily tries to stay out of their fight. Holden asks Lily why they should stay together.

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