Lily runs into Holden at the diner and asks about Luke. She asks if it was worth it - if turning their entire family upside down is worth the cost of punishing her for the past. She points out that Luke could stay anywhere in her home and says Luke would do just as well with her as at the farm. Holden doesn't feel the same way and insists that Luke stay with him at Emma's. Frustrated, Lily says she would change the past but Holden says she can't. The waitress delivers Holden's to-go order and he leaves. Dusty approaches and offers Lily a shoulder. Holden watches through the window as Dusty hugs Lily! They sit down and grab a cup of tea. Lily tells Dusty she has no idea what to do about Holden; he says he'll back way into the background if it will help. She points out that Holden can't determine who her friends will be. Lucinda walks in. Dusty offers Lucinda a job with the paper - as a food critic - but she turns him down. She points out that Luke needs her support and influences Lily to head straight to the farm. Lily leaves and Lucinda takes her place. She tells Dusty to back off! Dusty says he was only being a friend but Lucinda points out that Dusty being around to pick up the pieces for Lily only makes things worse in Holden's eyes. Dusty says he is giving Lily space and eases Lucinda's mind.

At the farm Luke tries to get answers from Faith about their parents and why he and Holden are living at the farm while the rest of the family are still at Lily's. He finally gets her to admit that there are big problems between their parents. Faith tells Luke about the arguments that started over Lily's friendship with Dusty, certain that their parents are breaking up. Luke says she may be wrong but Faith isn't so sure. Holden arrives home. Luke asks him if the move to the farm is permanent. Holden hems and haws about the farm being a better place for Luke's physical therapy but Luke doesn't buy that for a second. He pushes Holden to tell him the truth - that he has moved out on Lily! Holden places the blame on Lily and tells Luke that the shooting was all Lily's fault for not telling him about Dusty's suspicions about Win Mayer. Lily walks in the door. She pulls Holden outside and asks what he is trying to prove. He says Luke asked a direct question and he told the truth. She tells him to stop trying to come between her and Luke and returns to Luke's side. Before Luke can say anything Lily apologizes for her part in the shooting but Luke doesn't blame her, not even a little bit. Luke apologizes for his injury making things worse for Holden and Lily. Holden returns to the kitchen. Lily gives Luke a bag full of goodies and Holden tells Lily she can leave. She says she'd like to stay to meet the physical therapist; Holden tells her to stop hovering over Luke - who is listening to them and feeling caught in the middle. She finally reluctantly leaves. Luke tells Holden he shouldn't have made Lily leave! Luke calls Holden a jerk and points out that Lily couldn't have known how crazy Win Mayer was. He asks what the real problem is between Lily and Holden. When Holden doesn't answer Luke tells him that he is throwing away his marriage.

Lily is storming through Old Town when Lucinda runs into her again and asks what is wrong. Lily tell Lucinda about the day with Holden and how he is blaming her - and telling the kids, too! - for Luke's accident. "I thought we could get through anything but I don't think we can this time," she says and walks away. Lily continues to The Lakeview, makes a mess of some paperwork and Dusty comes to the rescue. He tells her he is going to back off of their friendship until things calm down with Holden. Lily begs him not to drop their friendship and starts to cry. Dusty leads her away from the lobby and upstairs. Lily finally tells him that Holden moved out and asks him not to leave her alone, too, and then sits down on his bed!

Paul confronts Meg, asking if she planned her pregnancy. She begins to cry and tells him it wasn't planned. "I didn't even know I could get pregnant," she reminds Paul, who isn't interested in her explanations. He tells her that she made the choice to "try" to make a baby with Craig and now she has to live with it! Meg sits with him, telling Paul that she doesn't want Craig's baby - and points out that the baby could be his. Paul doesn't believe her. Angry, he reminds Meg of the terrible things Craig did to Jennifer and how hard it was to get his sister away from Craig. She says she won't let Craig use her but Paul says she doesn't have a choice - because she is carrying Craig's child! Crying is Paul's arms Meg says she can leave Craig any time because he will let her go. Paul knows that won't happen, though. He turns away. Meg grabs him and pulls him back to her. He tells her their relationship is over because of her decision to have a child with Craig. Then, he tells her he is marrying Rosanna! Paul walks away.

Craig tells Rosanna to live up to her end of the deal and give him back Montgomery Enterprises. Rosanna points out that Meg didn't seem overjoyed at the pregnancy news but Craig stays on point by saying he lived up to his end of the bargain so she should live up to hers. Ro says Meg may not want to raise the child with Craig! He is certain that Meg is tied to him forever now and tells Rosanna so. She isn't so sure. Craig goes back to the lawsuit issue and tells Rosanna to call her lawyers - now! Ro says he won't get Montgomery back until she is happily married and Meg has given birth! "If you don't drop this lawsuit your marriage is at serious risk," he says and tells her that he'll tell Paul everything about their deal if she doesn't give him back his company. Craig walks away. Rosanna isn't sure what to do but finally picks up her phone and calls her lawyers to drop the lawsuit.

Rosanna is back at Fairwinds and has finally reached the lawyers when Paul walks in. She tells him that she is dropping the lawsuit and Paul reacts badly. "What the hell is going on between you and Craig?" he asks. Ro insists that she wants to leave Craig in the past and wants to move on with her life. She tells Paul to drop his vendetta or Craig will always rule their life. Paul thinks Craig blackmailed Rosanna into dropping the lawsuit. Angry, Rosanna asks him why he is really mad: is it because of the dropped lawsuit or is it because Meg is pregnant with Craig's child? Paul tries to turn the tables but Rosanna won't admit to anything. Rosanna tells him that they need to be honest with one another before the wedding. "I need to know if you still have feelings for Meg," she says. Paul says he loves her but Rosanna isn't so sure and asks how they can get married when he still loves Meg. She starts to go upstairs and Paul follows. Crying, she asks why he can't let go of his vendetta against Craig. "You will never be able to love just me and only me," she says and calls off the wedding! Ro gets in her car and starts to drive. Paul calls and asks her to come home but she won't. "I don't care anymore she says," and the phone goes dead! Paul runs for his own car. Back in the car, Rosanna flashes back to the night Craig ran her off the road and becomes worried when another car approaches very fast behind her. She swerves and so does the other car - which is driven by Paul! Rosanna's car goes off the road and Paul rushes to her side. She is unconscious. Paul wakes her, says he can't face losing her and asks her - again! - to marry him. Rosanna says yes. Paul promises not to let anyone come between them again. They kiss.

Craig tracks Meg down in Old Town and finds her crying. She makes up a story about the client she met with; he wonders why she is crying and she blames pregnancy hormones. He asks her to tell him the real reason and she is honest with him. "It was Paul," she says! Meg tells him that Paul found her and pointed out all of Craig's past mistakes. He swears he is a changed man and asks her to come home with him. They go to the diner to have dinner. Craig orders her a huge meal that doesn't appeal to Meg. He tells Meg that the lawyers called and told him that the lawsuit has been dropped. Meg wonders if he pressured Rosanna! Craig says he talked to Rosanna and that she offered to give the company back. Meg still isn't sure. Craig asks if Meg is having second thoughts about having his child. Meg remembers what Paul said and says she wants to be committed to Craig. He takes her hand, promising to be a devoted husband and father to their child.

Next on ATWT:

Maddie sees the closeness between Noah and Luke. Iris tells Sofie to get out of town and Gwen overhears. Lily wakes in Dusty's bed! Holden finds out Lily was in Dusty's room. Emily returns to town!

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