Katie is stunned to learn that Jack slept with Carly. She rushes away; he stops her. Katie demands to know why he did it. Jack can't answer the question, telling Katie that he doesn't know. Katie tries to do a play-by-play of the event but Jack won't do it. That's okay with Katie, though, because she thinks she knows: Carly made him do it! She asks if Carly kept bringing up her illness, pointing out that she wouldn't be around for long. She gets mad at herself for suggesting that Carly made everything happen for her own benefit. Jack only makes things worse when he says sleeping with Carly was his way to say goodbye to her! Heartbroken, Katie tells Jack that Carly will be in his heart even after she is gone. "I will not settle for being married to someone else's husband," she declares! Upset, Jack tries again to explain and apologize. He tells Katie that he loves her, that sleeping with Carly was a mistake and he wants to be married to her. He ruins it, though, by telling Katie that he will be her husband 100% in a couple of months. Crying, Katie tells him that is exactly what she wanted, too, but that she can't do it now that she knows about him and Carly! Katie tells Jack about him telling Carly that he loved her after the explosion in Idaho. He makes excuses but Katie doesn't believe him. "You were telling the truth," she says, tells him goodbye and hurries off.

Katie meets Margo and Tom at the diner and asks Tom to start annulment proceedings for her - now! He agrees and goes to his office to get things started. Katie starts to leave, too, but Margo won't let her go. Margo suggests that Katie give Jack a little space because Carly has been in his life for such a long time. She points out that Jack told her the truth and that should count for something. Katie doesn't see it that way; she believes Jack is completely in love with Carly and not Katie. Katie leaves and Tom returns. He tells Margo he hasn't started the papers and asks how Katie is. They talk about how hard marriage is and Margo tells him that Katie isn't giving things a chance.

Carly insists that her plan has been perfect - and now she has Jack back. Brad thinks she is living in a fantasy land and tells her that Jack only slept with her because he still believes she is dying. "My brother will make dying less hard for you, no matter what it costs him," Brad says. Carly says she'll make it up to Jack; Brad tells her that he is going to tell Jack the truth. He asks about the kids when Carly tells him not to tell Jack and she insists that the kids are fine. Brad tells her she needs to come clean now but she says she can't - not until she asks Jack to marry her again! Brad points out that Jack is already married but Carly insists none of this is about Katie! She tells Brad to do his job - keep Katie's mind off of Jack! - and she'll be just fine. Brad refuses and tells Carly that she needs to think of someone besides herself in all of this. Carly points out that he can't tell the truth without implicating himself in the plot! Brad can't believe her. Carly points out that Jack won't forgive him, either, and tells him he has to keep her secret - for good! "And everything will be like it's meant to be," she says. Jack returns. Brad offers to help Jack with anything he might need and then leaves. Jack tells Carly about his talk with Katie. Telling Carly that he crossed the line, he wonders how she can forgive him. Carly takes a little of the blame but Jack ignores her and says he'll be around for as long as she has. Carly tells him she may have more time than she thought. Jack tells her to stop pretending to make him feel better. Carly insists that as long as he is with her, she'll be fine and tells him that when he is around she feels like her old self again. She lays her head on his shoulder.

Katie heads for WOAK where she runs into Brad. He tells her that he knows and offers to be a shoulder. Katie tells him about the annulment. Brad is stunned and tells her that she needs to take a little time. That makes Katie angry. "Tell me one thing that would make me change my mind and stay married to Jack," she says. Brad struggles with what to tell her and Katie starts to cry before he says anything. She asks him to hold her and he does.

Meg arrives back at the hotel room and takes an early pregnancy test. It's positive! Holden calls and asks Meg for help getting the farm ready for Luke. She doesn't want to go but gives in to Holden. Before leaving, Meg puts the test in the trash but a slip of paper falls out that she doesn't see.

Craig spots Paul and says he just stopped in. Rosanna tells Paul that she was just having a drink with Craig to get him out of Fairwinds faster! Paul angrily asks why Craig is there. Craig tells him that he was hoping that since Ro is now happy, he was hoping she would drop the lawsuit. Ro tells him she won't. Paul tells Craig to stay away. Craig leaves. Rosanna catches Paul about to make a call and he hangs up quickly. He asks her to sit down so they can talk and she begins chattering on about wedding plans. When he doesn't say anything Rosanna gets quiet. She brings up Craig, telling Paul that now that Craig knows she won't drop the lawsuits he'll stay away.

Craig returns, finds the paper and the test in the trash and gets very excited. He calls Meg but she doesn't answer so he leaves a message asking her to meet him in the lounge at The Lakeview. Then he calls Rosanna to give her the good news. He asks her to be at The Lakeview - with Paul - in an hour. Paul returns and Rosanna tells him they have a meeting with the wedding planner in an hour. He begs off. Rosanna begs him to come along and he finally gives in.

Meg arrives at the farm and is stunned to learn that Holden wants to move Luke to the farm for his physical therapy. She wonders why. Holden says he will stay at the farm with Luke and Lily will stay home with the other kids. "It's the way I want things for now," he says. Meg can't believe that Holden and Lily are separated. Meg ignores a call from Craig. Holden leaves Meg with the baby so he can pick up Luke's hospital bed. Alone with the baby, Meg wonders about her own child. She tells the baby that she has possibly ruined things, again. Holden returns and Meg hurries off to meet Craig. Holden is curious about her reaction to the kiddo and her quick exit.

Meg arrives at The Lakeview and Craig makes a toast loud enough for everyone in the room to hear, including the newly arrived Rosanna and Paul, about their pregnancy. He calls for a round of champagne. Rosanna and Paul hurry off. Meg turns on Craig, telling him it is too early to make such an announcement and asking why he had to tell everyone so soon. Craig apologizes, telling Meg that he just had to celebrate. In the hall, Paul tells Rosanna that he can't stand that Paul is having a child, any child. Rosanna points out that Meg will be a great mom. Paul asks about the wedding consultant and Rosanna leaves. Paul sends Meg a text message to meet him right away. Craig returns and Meg makes up a story about meeting a private duty patient. He doesn't like the idea but she insists that it will be good for her - and the baby! Meg leaves. Rosanna returns to Paul and tells him the planner has been held up. He leaves to go home. Rosanna heads in to the lounge. Craig tells Rosanna to stick by their arrangement - and give him back Montgomery Enterprises!

Paul and Meg meet in Old Town and he asks if it is true. She says yes; he asks whose baby it is.

Next on ATWT:

Paul reacts badly to news of Meg's pregnancy. Holden sees Dusty hugging Lily; Lucinda offers Dusty a bit of advice. Rosanna realizes Paul still loves Meg! Craig asks Meg what is wrong and tells him it is Paul!

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