After they make love, Jack sees his wedding ring and begins to feel guilty. Carly wakes and starts talking about their future and how happy she is that they have found their way back to one another. "But it's too late," Jack says. She tells him to stop worrying because she is feeling great and still believing in a miracle. He pulls away from her and leaves the bed, thinking about Katie. Carly tells him not to feel guilty but he can't help it. He surprises her by saying he wants to go home and calls the airports to make flight arrangements. Carly is stunned.

Brad and Katie are making love. He tells her to slow down but Katie doesn't want to go slow, she wants to go fast! Katie begins to cry and Brad pulls away from her. Still crying, Katie asks Brad to help her stop loving Jack! She kisses him again but Brad pulls away. He gets angry, telling Katie that they can't do this because of Jack. "Someday when you're free and clear-" he says and Katie cuts him off, asking if he thinks her wedding is really over. He points out that they were just about to make love, which makes her cry even more. Brad holds her for a second and asks her to dinner. She agrees to go with him. They arrive at the diner and Katie tells Brad that almost sleeping with him was a huge mistake. She tries to call Jack to tell him she loves him but Brad stops her. He tells her to give Jack his space until they return from Montana. Katie brings up final goodbyes and tells Brad that Jack needs her now more than ever. Brad says that goodbye might not be final! Katie is curious about that and Brad says that even after Carly is gone, she may still be in Jack's head and heart. Katie takes her phone back and calls Jack. She reaches him, tells him she knows about the Montana trip and asks him if they can talk. Jack says they are back already and offers to meet her at The Lakeview in a few minutes. Katie leaves Brad at the diner.

Carly and Jack arrive home; she tells him the kids will be surprised because they wanted their parents to have more time together. Jack grabs the phone and calls Dr. Evers but Carly tells him not to call the doctor! She tells him to forget about the illness, annoyed that he can't forget that she is dying. Jack picks up the bags to take upstairs but Carly stops him, asking him to hold on to what happened in Montana for a little while longer! Emotionally, Jack asks her not to die and tells her that he wants her to stay with him, fight with him and be with him always. She promises not to die! Jack goes on upstairs. Before he can leave Carly asks if, after he makes her well, if he will stay with Katie or be with her. Jack tells Carly that he loves Katie and she changes the subject and leaves the room before he can finish explaining things to her. After speaking with Katie, Jack gathers his things to leave. Carly stops him, asking about the phone call. He tells her he has to go. Alone, Carly goes through her purse and remembers their time in Montana. Brad arrives. Carly can't keep sleeping with Jack a secret; he is appalled. "This is going to kill Katie," he says. Carly couldn't care less and tells Brad that Katie will bounce right back. Brad tells Carly that Katie has made a new decision - to stand by Jack until Carly is gone. Carly is certain that will change when Jack tells Katie about Montana but Brad tells her Jack may keep it a secret.

Katie hugs Jack when she sees him at The Lakeview. She tells him she is ready to fix their mistakes! Jack tries to tell her the mistakes are all his but she tells him it all began with her - when she kicked him out! Jack tries to tell her about Montana but Katie keeps talking over him, offering her support in any thing he needs in the next few weeks or months. Finally she gets quiet and Jack starts to talk. Before he can say the words, she realizes he slept with Carly!

Meg is eagerly awaiting Paul's arrival when Craig walks up, surprising her. He wants to know what she is doing there. Meg gets angry, thinking that Craig followed her there. He says he was just driving by and was worried about her; she apologizes and tells him she was just trying to get some space so she could think. He asks her to return to town with him and she agrees.

Rosanna returns to Fairwinds with packages and more packages for the wedding. She catches Paul on his way out to meet Meg. He tells her he can't do this - and then covers by saying he is feeling overwhelmed by the wedding plans. Rosanna isn't sure what to think about that and Paul tells her he is just tired. She accepts his explanation. Paul leaves for a "tuxedo fitting".

Paul is wandering around the woods looking for Meg when Rosanna calls. He doesn't answer because just then Meg walks up! She asks how long he can stay and tells him she is still in love with him! Paul is quiet for a minute and then asks if she has told Craig yet. He gets angry and points out the fact that Rosanna is waiting at home for him. He asks how she can sleep with Craig and be in love with him; Meg turns his words back on him, reminding him that he's slept with Rosanna and declared his love for Rosanna many times over. She finally gets him to admit that he is in love with her and wants to make a life with her. They kiss! Meg tells Paul they have to tell Craig and Rosanna - now! Paul hesitates. He says he can't go with Meg because he can't dump Rosanna! Paul brings up Carly's illness, Rosanna's lawsuits against Craig and tells Meg that he can't leave her alone right now. Meg tells him that Rosanna is perfectly able to stand on her own two feet but Paul ignores her. "If you keep lying to her you're going to hurt her more than Craig ever did," Meg says. Paul starts thinking about Rosanna but isn't sure he can break her heart. Meg tells him it is the only thing he can do. Paul tells her that he loves her and they kiss. He says he has to take things slowly with Rosanna and leaves.

Meg is walking in Old Town and gets a call from someone needing a private duty nurse. She goes through her calendar and realizes she is late! Meg hangs up, stunned.

Next on ATWT:

Craig announces the baby news. Chris returns to town. Gwen thinks something is wrong - again! Carly decides to fight for Jack.

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