Katie can't believe Brad is using her toothbrush the next morning - he slept on the couch and stayed all night. She apologizes for asking him to stay; he says it isn't her fault, it is Jack's fault! She angrily tells him not to blame Jack but Brad insists the whole situation is Jack's fault. Katie thanks him for being a friend. Brad flashes back to Carly, convincing him to go after Katie himself. Katie asks what is on his mind. He brings up work and they both head out. At work, Katie and Brad don Halloween costumes - Katie is Little Red Riding Hood and Brad is the Wolf - and interview Sandra Lee from the Food Network. They wrap up the interview and close out the show. Katie is about to go change when she gets a call from the costume shop about an outfit she ordered for Sage. Brad convinces her to take the costume over and Katie agrees, hoping to see Jack. Katie and Brad arrive at Carly's with the costume, which Sage loves. Will and Gwen are there. Sage goes to try on the outfit and Katie asks about Jack, puzzling Will. He tells her about the Montana trip. Katie is stunned. Sage returns, looking really cute. Katie and Brad leave. Outside, he tells her that Jack must have left a message at the studio but Katie doesn't believe he did. She storms off to The Lakeview and starts to drink, angry that Jack left without telling her and even more angry about where he went. Brad escorts Katie back home, listening as she rants about Jack going off with Carly. She is angry with herself for telling Jack they needed a break and angry that he took her up on it. Brad just lets her vent. Finally Katie apologizes to Brad for treating him like he was second-best next to Jack. Katie moves very close to Brad, and throws herself at him. "I want you to make love to me. Right now," she says and kisses him!

Jack and Carly have arrived in Montana. He tries to get her to go inside to rest but she insists that she is peachy-keen and wants to stay outside. Jack takes their bags inside and Carly checks out the accommodations - including one double bed! Jack goes after firewood and Carly decides to tag along. Instead, the stay inside and talk about things they would like to change. Carly reaches out to Jack, asking him if he is only there because of the kids. He says he isn't. She says spending what little time she has left with him is exactly what she wants! Jack takes Carly's coffee mug and steps away from her; she follows. Finally he tells her they should just enjoy the time they have left and suggests they go for a walk. Carly brings up their past visits to Montana; Jack's memories are just as vivid as hers. She begins to undress, asking how he could stand her back then. He admits he couldn't stand her and he couldn't live without her. Jack turns to go outside. Carly joins him in a few minutes and they start to walk. He takes her down to the shore and they take out a row boat. Once they are in the boat, Jack can't keep his mind out of the past. He remembers giving her the compass. Jack apologizes to her for the things he said that day but she tells him not to worry about it - because even when she has been in other relationships, he heart has been with him. Carly makes herself comfortable and asks Jack to join her for a nap. They fall asleep in the bow of the boat. Carly dreams that she is telling Jack about the misdiagnosis. In the dream he is incredibly happy about it and admits he is still in love with her. Jack, meanwhile, is dreaming that Carly is dying before him, telling him that she still loves him. He asks her not to go but she dies in his arms. He calls out for her and wakes Carly from her dreams. She wakes him and tells him she is never going anywhere. They sit up, wondering where they have drifted to. Jack gets them to shore but has no idea where they are. They start to hike back to the cabin. They are completely lost and Carly is getting cold. Jack points out a few landmarks and Carly realizes she knows where they are. She starts to lead them home. Back inside, Jack draws a warm bath to help Carly warm up. He begins to help her with the shirt buttons and then holds up a blanket so Carly can finish undressing. She gets into the tub and Jack goes to take a walk. Carly thinks about another bath - when Jack barged in on her. Outside, skipping rocks on the lake, Jack is thinking of the same trip. He returns inside and carries Carly to bed, telling her to rest. He kisses her and they make love.

Next on ATWT:

Katie gets angry with Brad; Carly believes she has won Jack's heart. Rosanna and Craig worry about Paul and Meg. Meg tells Paul she is still in love with him!

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