Meg listens as Paul declares his love for Rosanna and she declares her love for him. Craig walks up, catching Meg eavesdropping! Seeing that she is upset, Craig tells Meg that he loves her and that Paul will never understand her the way he does. Meg walks away and he follows. Outside, Craig puts his jacket over Meg's shoulders. He flirts with her, telling her how great she looks from behind in high heels. Meg wonders why he isn't more mad at her. They sit down and Craig tells her that he loves her and he understands how she still feels about Paul and Rosanna being together. Meg isn't sure whether to believe him. He suggests Meg take a walk or shop while he makes a quick business call and that they meet back at their hotel room in a half-hour for movies and whatever else they can think of.

Back in the lounge, Barbara decides they need a little girl-time and tells Paul he needs to get lost! She goes to the ladies room to freshen up before they leave. Once alone, Paul asks Rosanna if she can deal with his mother. Ro obviously isn't sure but decides Barbara is just being a mother. Paul can't keep his mind on Rosanna and flashes back to making love with Meg! On their way out of The Lakeview, Barbara and Rosanna run into Craig. He asks if he can see Rosanna in private and she convinces Barbara to go on ahead. Alone, Craig tells Rosanna she is doing a great job of keeping Paul distracted and away from Meg. Rosanna asks Craig how the pregnancy plans are coming along and tells him to keep working - hard! - because she won't turn over Montgomery Enterprises until Meg is wearing maternity clothes. She walks away.

Meg goes off to shop and chats with a sales clerk about a chemise. The clerk leaves to wrap the purchase. Barbara and Rosanna walk in and Meg hides behind a sofa so she can listen in. They talk about Ro's wedding gown. Paul follows them in. They chat for a second and then Barbara and Rosanna continue on their shopping trip. Paul leaves, too. Meg gets the package from the sales clerk and runs smack into Paul on her way out of the store! She tells him she never should have left the cabin but then starts to leave. Paul reaches in to the bag, upset when he sees her negligee. Meg tells him to say hi to Rosanna and storms off. Barbara arrives, telling Paul that Meg is stalking him! She tells him about seeing Meg at The Lakeview and Paul gets annoyed. He tells Barbara to leave Meg alone! Paul and Rosanna arrive back at Fairwinds. She takes him in her arms, telling him how happy she is to have some alone time. Paul pours a drink and tells Rosanna he'll be up to bed in a while. Rosanna goes upstairs and Paul goes over his run-in with Meg.

Meg arrives at the hotel room to find Craig waiting. He asks her to model her new outfit. She does. Meg walks out of the bath wearing the new negligee, kisses Craig and pulls him on to the bed. She can't get Paul out of her mind, though, and pulls away from him! Craig is understanding and kisses her on the shoulder. She waits until he is asleep and then leaves the hotel room. In the lobby she sends a text message to Paul, asking him to meet her at the lake tomorrow! Paul gets the message and throws his phone against the sofa.

Carly orders Jack to hang up the phone but Jack refuses. He says he wants answers from Dr. Evers! Dr. Evers asks if Carly is on her meds; Jack says she is. Dr. Evers says as long as Carly is taking her meds she can leave and she can stay away as long as they want. Carly finally wrests the phone away from Jack. Dr. Evers asks her to put Jack back on the phone so he can explain about her new prognosis! Carly tells the doctor she'll explain things and more or less hangs up on him. She repeats what the doctor said about taking her meds and staying as long as they want. Carly gets the kids and Jack starts to make their plans to go to Montana. Sage reminds Carly that she has tests and JJ reminds them he has soccer tryouts. None of the kids want to go to Montana and decide Jack and Carly should go alone! Carly takes Sage upstairs so Jack can talk to the boys. JJ brings up the money and tells Jack that he doesn't need the extra expense of taking the kids because Carly said she isn't dying any longer! Jack sits them down and JJ tells him about Carly swearing them to secrecy and then tells Jack about Carly's hopes for a miracle. Parker backs him up, telling Jack that all of them are believing in Carly's miracle. Carly returns and Jack sends the boys upstairs. Angry because of what she told the boys, Jack tells Carly that she shouldn't have said those things to the boys! "I get why you want to give them hope," Jack says, telling her that she is only making things worse for the kids in the long run. Carly starts to have second thoughts and tells Jack that she doesn't think she is going to die - because she believes in miracles! "I didn't lie to the kids, I didn't," she says. Jack tells her she is making him the bad guy because he can't lie to them about a possible miracle cure. He starts to leave and Carly asks him to stay and listen to everything she has to say. She asks him to go with her to Montana because the trip could change everything for them. He reluctantly agrees to go and to try to believe in Carly's miracle.

Katie tells Vienna that Snickers got loose because she didn't lock up his cage. Vienna can't believe it. Meanwhile, Brad starts crawling on the floor, looking for the rabbit-escapee! A patron screams and Vienna makes up a story about Katie looking for a contact lens. They finally see the rabbit - on the counter! Katie tells everyone to stay quiet so they can get Snickers back in his cage; Brad lunges at the rabbit and it gets away again. Katie yells at Brad; they put Vienna on door duty so Snickers won't get out and then crawl on the floor to get Snickers. Brad finds the rabbit on a customer's lap. The woman refuses to give the rabbit back. She's a member of the Oakdale Health Department and tells them she is going to impound Snickers and quarantine him until she can determine if he may have harmed the sterility of the diner. The quarantine could last 7 months! Katie begs the woman to give Snickers back. She won't and Brad rips him from her arms, hands the rabbit to Vienna and asks her to get moving on his dinner! Vienna disappears with the rabbit. Brad turns on the charm and asks the woman to remove her glasses so he can get a better look at her eyes! They sit down to a romantic evening; a while later Vienna brings out Brad's dish - hassenffeffer - and serves them both. Outside, Katie gets away with Snickers. A while later Brad meets Katie back at her hotel room to check on them both. Brad apologizes for his part in the Snickers-almost-disaster. Katie forgives him and hugs him. They laugh about the incident and Katie thanks him for brightening up her evening. She asks him to stay and orders up a few beers. They settle in, both a little bit tipsy. Katie tells Brad he can go because she is feeling much better now. He decides to stay with her. After a while Katie remembers that Brad wanted to tell her something and asks him what his news is.

Next on ATWT:

Carly is certain that Montana is bringing Jack closer to her; Katie is angry when she learns about the trip. Carly begins to seduce Jack!

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