Craig returns to the hotel room to find Meg waiting on the bed. She begins to seduce him! They make love but Meg keeps flashing back to making love with Paul at the cabin. Craig realizes that Meg is distracted but she just starts kissing him again and he forgets about it. After they talk and Meg tells him that she wants to have his child! He kisses her and then holds her for a while. Meg talks about the things she has done wrong but Craig is only interested in the good parts of his wife. This annoys Meg and she leaves him there alone. He follows her and apologizes for complimenting her. Meg backs down and Craig asks her out for a night on the town! Meg gets all dolled up. Before they can leave Craig gets a call from the lawyers; Meg heads out without him so they won't lose their reservations. Craig kisses her and she leaves.

A nurse gives Will and Gwen the details on the implantation. She decides that they should wait at the hospital until the procedure is finished and she knows she'll be a mother. They sit down to wait. Barbara walks in and asks for an update. She offers to take them to dinner and Will hesitates. Gwen accepts for them both.

Rosanna is planning a romantic evening with Paul. She forgot something and runs upstairs. Just then Paul comes in; he can't forget about making love to Meg at the cabin. Rosanna returns wearing the necklace he gave her. She asks what he thinks about the décor and Paul says it is a little early to be practicing for the wedding. She points out the necklace, reminding Paul about that night. Paul is obviously distracted which only serves to irritate Rosanna. He tries to explain but Barbara calls. She invites them to dinner with Will and Gwen. Paul uses the call to get back on Ro's good side - by calling her the most beautiful fiancée in the world - and then hangs up. Paul tells Rosanna about the dinner invite and they leave for The Lakeview. At the hotel they all get reacquainted. A waiter delivers champagne and Barbara offers a toast to true love. Gwen gets a call; she and Will leave to take the call. Barbara tells Rosanna that she is trying to give her boys more space and then offers to help Ro with the wedding, if she would like. Paul returns and turns down Barbara's offer. Will and Gwen return but they don't talk about the baby, instead they ask about the wedding plans. Ro offers a toast to Paul, the love of her life! Gwen gets another call - it is good news! The eggs have been fertilized and are ready for implantation. Everyone is excited but Will and Gwen make a quick exit. Meg walks in to the room and overhears Paul toast to Rosanna, telling her that he loves her!

Katie wonders what Brad's motivations really are. He tells her to stick to her guns - let Jack stay with Carly and just wait for him to come to her. Katie decides she has to fight for Jack and that a little reverse psychology is in order! Brad tells Katie that she can't fight against Carly's death sentence but she is certain that she can win him back if she will only fight for her man. Brad keeps telling her his misgivings and that finally makes Katie second-guess her decision. She decides to stay at work rather than running over to Carly's. Brad suggests they spend a lot of time together so that she won't be focused on Jack. "You want to be my rebound guy?" she asks and tells Brad that she isn't going to sleep with him! Brad tells her they don't have to sleep together and walks away. Katie follows him, asking what he means. Brad suggests that Katie return to her old self and be the fun Katie that Jack fell in love with. Katie tells him that she can't see him, except for work, from now on.

Jack and Carly tell the kids that he is moving back in. Sage couldn't be happier but JJ doesn't like the idea at all. He tells Jack to go back to his "new wife" and storms off! Parker tells them JJ has had a rough day and then asks if Katie is moving in, too. Jack tells him that Katie won't move in but before he can get much further Carly asks Parker to get JJ and then asks Jack to leave. He does. The boys return. Carly starts to tell them something but Parker interrupts, certain that she is no longer dying. Carly tells the boys that the doctors changed her medication and that she has changed her attitude - and she's feeling much better. She says she is certain that she will be okay. She tells them not to worry about her because she will be just fine. Then she tells them not to let Jack in on their new thinking-happy-thoughts routine. "We should just keep our miracle to ourselves for a bit, huh?" she says. JJ asks when they can tell Jack. Jack returns. They boys say they are feeling better now. Jack leaves. JJ asks when they can let Jack in on everything and Carly tells them soon. The boys go up to bed. Brad arrives, annoyed because Katie doesn't want to be with him. Carly pulls him outside so the boys won't overhear and asks for the details. Brad admits that he made a little pass and then tells Carly that she needs to come clean! Carly refuses, certain that if she tells Jack now he'll just go back to Katie and she will lose her second chance. She thinks that Jack will fall in love with her - for real! - if she can keep her health status a secret. She tells Brad she just needs a little more time to get Jack in to bed! She plays on Brad's sympathies, asking Brad if Jack is better off with her or with Katie.

Jack goes to the diner to talk things over with Vienna, who tells him that he needs to return to Katie. He explains that Katie is going to need her friends because he can't leave Carly right now. She tells Jack that he can turn to them if he needs a few friends. He turns to leave and Katie walks in. Katie asks him to have dinner with her and then go back to the hotel. He says he can't and she tells him not to offer to be with her unless her means it. She goes inside and Vienna hugs her as Jack watches. Vienna asks Katie if she needs anything and then goes to get her some chocolate. Brad arrives and gives Katie a peace offering - Snickers! Vienna returns, angry to see a rabbit in her restaurant. When Brad explains that the animal is Katie's pet she offers to get him a snack. Katie asks Brad to stick around for a while. Brad brings up Jack and Carly and Katie tells him to drop that subject. "Just leave me alone," she says and tells him to stop trying to make everything better. She is afraid that even after Carly is gone Jack won't want her back. She looks down to pick up Snickers but the rabbit is gone!

Jack returns to Carly's and tells her that he just requested a leave of absence from the force. Sage and the boys are looking through old pictures and that brings back memories for both Jack and Carly. She picks up a picture from Montana and gets quiet. Jack sends the kids off to bed. Jack tells Carly to lie down and rest; she asks him to take her to Montana! He refuses. Telling her that the kids probably can't go because of school, he also reminds her that she needs to be near her doctors. Carly goes upstairs to find out what is going on with the kids' school. As soon as she is gone, Jack picks up her medication bottle and then calls Dr. Evers! Jack tells Dr. Evers to tell him exactly what is going on with Carly's illness and treatment! Without waiting for the doctor to tell him anything, he asks if it is okay to take Carly to Montana. Carly returns and orders him to give her the phone. Jack ignores her and returns to his conversation with the doctor. "Can Carly leave town given her condition?" he asks.

Next on ATWT:

Dr. Evers wants to explain things further to Jack but Carly won't let him. Katie thinks she is losing her husband. JJ tells Jack that Carly isn't dying! Meg tells Paul she never should have left him!

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