Alison arrives at the Munson's, eager to get started with the baby making. They all arrive at the hospital and meet with Susan. She takes Alison in to get started on paperwork and things, leaving Gwen and Will outside. In the room she gives Alison all the paperwork and tells her that if she is having doubts now is the time to back out. She reminds Alison that she will be giving up all parental rights. Alison is positive that this is what she wants to do and signs off. In the hall, Gwen excited talks about their plans with Will. He isn't quite as excited as Gwen. Susan and a few orderlies wheel Alison out and she goes into the operating room. A while later Susan comes out and tells them that things went well with Alison. Gwen thanks Susan for everything she has done to help with the situation. Susan walks away and they go inside to see Allie. They tell Alison that they'll never forget what she has done for them. They leave Alison. In the hall, Gwen tells Will that she can't wait for the baby to get there. Back inside, Susan returns to Alison, encouraging her and telling her what a selfless thing she has done.

Brad can't believe what the doctor is telling him and asks for more information. Dr. Evers tells Brad that it was a horrible mistake but that the lesion is really just an abscess and that Carly will be back to normal in a few weeks. Brad leaves.

Katie arrives at Carly's, asking if Jack is there. Carly is about to say something when Brad barges in and brings up the doctor. Jack returns to the room wondering why both Brad and Katie are there. Brad starts to talk about the doctor but Carly interrupts, telling Jack that Katie needs to speak with him and Brad needs to speak with her. Jack and Katie leave. Brad turns on Carly. Carly tries to play dumb but Brad doesn't believe her act for a second. He asks why she hasn't told everyone but doesn't give her a chance to answer! He can't believe she is finding it so hard to tell Jack the truth about her recovery. She gives her side of the story, saying that Jack wants to be with her now to help her. "I need more time with him," she says, certain that a few more days without his knowing the truth won't hurt anything. Carly points out that Jack still cares about her and that every day he cares about her a little bit more. "Jack is worth fighting for," Carly says, and tells Brad that if Katie isn't willing to fight for Jack the way Carly is willing to fight then she doesn't deserve him. Brad points out the down side of her plan to win Jack back - that she is lying through her teeth every minute they are together and Jack will figure it out. "I'll tell him. . .eventually," Carly says and decides she'll just fudge the timeline a little bit once Jack admits that he wants a second chance with her. "Unless I tell him now," Brad says! He tries to play on Carly's sympathies about how her lies are affecting Jack and Katie. When that doesn't seem to matter he brings up the kids. Still Carly refuses to tell the truth. She points out that Katie is heartbroken and Brad is in the perfect position to help her heal!

Jack and Katie are walking in Old Town. She brings up the house, reminding Jack that they both love it. He agrees to buy the house. Katie can't believe it. Jack gets quiet and tells Katie that even with buying the house he can't move in because he is staying at Carly's until she dies! Katie can't believe it but Jack explains that Carly is terminal and he needs to be there for the kids' sake. Katie tells Jack that she can't do it and he can forget it! Jack reaches out to her and asks her to try to understand. He says he loves her but Katie isn't sure she believes him anymore. She tells him she doesn't like the person who has become, the person who is waiting for someone else to die to start her life. They keep talking as they return to Carly's but don't decide on anything. Inside, Katie grabs her purse and turns to go. Brad tells her to wait! He doesn't tell her about Carly and instead asks Katie to go over some work things. Katie agrees and they leave. Jack becomes very quiet and Carly tries to get him to open up. When he won't talk, she reaches out to him, touching his chest, and asks him to tell her everything. She says he should leave and live with Katie. "I won't let you be obligated to me," she says. Jack reaches out to Carly and says he is staying her but not because he feels obligated!

Brad and Katie go to WOAK and get to work. She hands him a few papers and he tells her that getting her mind off of Jack and Carly through work is the right thing to do. Katie thinks Brad knows something!

Holden can't believe that Lily went ahead and called Noah against his wishes. She tries to explain why she called him but Holden doesn't want to hear it. Holden pokes his head into the room but Luke asks him to leave. He returns to Lily, more angry than ever and tells her that he can't believe she was willing to throw their marriage away by going against his wishes and calling Noah. He storms off. Lily follows him and catches up with him outside the diner. He brings up Dusty and Lily realizes that Holden isn't as upset about Noah arriving as the fact that Dusty is the person who brought Noah to the hospital! "I don't recognize you anymore," Lily says. Holden says they shouldn't be together and then storms off again. Lily follows him home and finds him working on the plumbing. "This I can fix," Holden says, "I'm not sure what to do about you and me." Lily tells Holden that they just need to move forward instead of always looking back at their past mistakes. Holden doesn't think they can do that. He thinks they should just give up on their marriage! Lily asks him to come home with her but he refuses. He says he is going to move in to the farm! Lily can't believe what she is hearing. Holden tells her that he can't concentrate on anything but Luke's prognosis and that he doesn't believe there is anything left in their marriage. He picks up his toolbox and returns to the sink. Lily leaves.

Noah tells Luke that he stayed away because he didn't think Luke would want to see him. Luke can't believe it and tells Noah that he understands that the Colonel's actions had nothing to do with Noah. Luke tells Noah that he doesn't want to be just a reminder of the Colonel's deeds. Noah admits that he remembers the bad deeds but he also remembers the good time they had together. Luke surprises him by saying that as good as things were starting to be, they may not have a future. Noah can't believe what he is hearing. Luke tells him that Noah should leave so he doesn't have to deal with a paralyzed boyfriend. "Is that what you want me to be? You want me to be your boyfriend?" Noah asks. Luke says it doesn't matter because he doesn't want to be a burden to Noah. Noah won't let the matter drop and finally gets Luke to admit that he wants Noah to be his boyfriend. He refuses to go on with their relationship, though, until he knows if he'll walk again. Noah takes Luke's hand and tells him to do whatever he has to do to walk!

Next on ATWT:

Gwen camps out at the hospital. Meg makes a romantic move on Craig. Rosanna wonders if Paul is really interested in their marriage. Carly asks Jack to take her to Montana; the kids learn Carly will be okay. Katie thinks Brad wants to sleep with her!

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