Holden has just laid out Dusty with one punch in the hospital corridor. Lily walks in just in time and starts yelling at Holden to get a hold of himself. Holden thinks she’s defending Dusty again and Dusty, in the interest of keeping the peace, leaves. “Leave us alone,” Holden says to Dusty’s back, and Lily answers, “Is there any ‘us’ Holden?” Holden feels like they’re going over and over the same problems and says he doesn’t want to do it anymore. He leaves and Lucinda breezes in to comfort Lily.

Maddie pulls away from Noah, who insists that he wants to be with her again. She reminds him that he really wants Luke, not her, but he tells her he was happy with her. “Pretending that you’re straight is not going to make you feel better,” Maddie says. She tells him that they’re not meant to be. Noah looks pouty about it and leaves.

Katie breaks it to Brad that she and Jack are splitsville. He tells her not to throw away her marriage to Jack. He’s worried about her and wants to help her. They try to go on with the show, interviewing an author – is that Emily Giffin? – who’s written a book about finding your lost love. Katie’s loses it and must leave the interview because she’s in tears. Brad finishes up without her. Katie’s phone rings – it’s Jack! Katie tells him (lies) that she’s in the middle of an interview and can’t talk. She hangs up on him and Brad’s by her side feeling bad for her and pushing for her to let Jack love her. Katie insists that Jack will never really be hers because even after Carly’s gone Carly’ll still have his heart. Brad tries to convince Katie that Jack wouldn’t have married her if she didn’t have his heart. Brad plans to talk to Jack on Katie’s behalf.

At Carly’s house, she’s just waking up from a nap and Jack is there to greet her. He serves her up a piece of pie and tells her to stop being so brave. “I don’t think I know anyone as strong as you,” he tells her. Carly gives a try at telling Jack her big “I’m not dying” news, but keeps getting interrupted. The phone rings and it’s Dr. Evers. Carly all but rips the phone out of Jack’s hand to intercept the call. Dr. Evers wants her to come in for a few more tests to confirm that the lesion is an abscess. She tells him that she feels better now that she’s not taking the medication and tells him that she’ll be in for those tests in about an hour. In the meantime, a puttering Jack has found Carly’s meds in the trash!

Dusty’s hogging a bench in Old Town when Lucinda stops by, demanding a seat next to him. They talk about Luke and Lily and as Dusty’s getting up to leave, Lucinda finds an ice pack on him. She laughs, realizing that Holden’s the one who smacked him around.

Jack’s miffed, wondering why Carly isn’t taking her medicine. “I thought you were going to fight to get every possible minute with us,” he says. She lies, telling him that the bottles must have fallen off the desk. Jack gives her the pills and she pretends to take them while his back is turned – instead, palming them in the folds of her robe. Jack wants to know why Dr. Evers had called and offers to drive Carly to the hospital. But Carly won’t let him do it. Jack is nothing if not persistent and Carly can do nothing but agree to let him take her.

Back in the hospital corridor, Lily tells Lucinda about how Holden’s blaming her for everything that’s happened. Lucinda won’t hear of it, telling Lily that she’s a good, good mother. She goes on to remind Lily that the Snyders “are always holier than thou.” Lily says the truth is she and Holden both failed Luke. Lucinda doesn’t want to hear any of that kind of talk, but before she can get too far the physical therapist comes in to work with Luke. He asks for a few minutes alone with Luke and Holden has to leave. Lily tries to talk to Holden, but he doesn’t want to talk. He leaves. Inside the room, Luke doesn’t want to even talk about p.t. The therapist comes out and tells Lily that they need to work on Luke’s attitude before they work on anything else, and he wants to use Lily as a secret weapon.

It’s a revolving door in Luke’s hospital room, with visitors coming and going like crazy. First, Holden’s trying to get through to Luke, but Luke’s in a bad place. “I’m just really tired of getting my hopes up,” Luke says. “Can you just leave me alone please?” Lily sits by Luke’s bed, trying to get through to him. Luke resists, telling her there’s nothing she can do. Luke admits that his bad attitude is at leas in part due to Noah’s absence at the hospital.

Jack and Carly arrive at the hospital and Carly asks to be left alone while having the new tests. Afterwards, Jack talks to Dr. Evers, thanking him for everything. He asks Dr. Evers when they come in for the chemo. Carly tries to stop the conversation, but Jack is persistent, telling her there’s no way he’s letting her go through this alone. Dr. Evers, confused, starts to tell Jack that Carly won’t be going through chemo, but before he can get the sentence out his pager goes off and he hurries away. Carly continues the charade, telling Jack they just haven’t figured out her course of treatment yet. Jack questions the Dr.’s competence, but Carly brushes it off. Jack’s phone rings – it’s Brad, and he’s demanding that Jack meet him in Old Town. Jack won’t do it, even when Brad tells Jack in no uncertain terms that he shouldn’t be with Carly or with anyone else – he should be with Katie.

Katie, alone in the office, is ambushed by the realtor, pushing her to make an offer on the house. Katie tells the realtor that they might not be looking for a house anymore after all. Something the realtor says gets through to Katie and she wonders aloud if buying a home will make things seem more permanent and make them feel more like a family. Smiling for the first time today, Katie tells the realtor that she’ll sign the papers.

Lily catches up with Holden at the diner and tells him that she thinks they need to get Noah to the hospital to help them out with Luke. Holden’s just not hearing anything Lily has to say and storms out with his food. Lily whips out her phone and calls Noah, who looks at the phone – and who’s calling – and ignores it. Dusty comes into the diner and Lily asks him to find Noah and bring him to the hospital. Next thing, Lily’s back in Luke’s hospital room, once again trying to get through to him.

Holden is back in Luke’s room, trying once again to connect with Luke. Luke tells him to get out. Holden’s hurt, but he goes, and plunges out into the hallway just in time to run into Lucinda. “What’s this about? Lily? Of course it is because it’s always about Lily!” Holden says. “Well, forget it!” and he storms away. He thinks he’s getting away, but Lucinda is faster than she looks, and she chases him down in Old Town. She tries to get through to Holden about Lily.

Dusty does as Lily wants – he finds Noah at the hotel. Noah tells Dusty that he wants to leave Oakdale. “Running away – that’s the coward’s way out, isn’t it?” Dusty says. Dusty dares Noah to prove his father wrong by being brave and not running away. Dusty’s approach works – next thing we know Noah’s creeping into Luke’s hospital room, where Luke is sleeping. Lily heads out, leaving Noah and Luke alone. Out in the corridor, Lily gives Dusty a huge hug, just as Holden walks around the corner. “What’s he doing here?” Holden demands, and he doesn’t look thrilled to hear the answer – that Dusty brought Noah.

Back at home, Jack starts getting pushy about Carly going to a different hospital and a different doctor. Carly finally tells Jack that there won’t be any chemo. She tries to tell him that she’s not dying, but he cuts her off, gathering her into his arms and telling her he wants more time with her. She starts to come clean once again…but can’t quite do it. The lies are piling up on Carly as she tells Jack that the docs have said she doesn’t need the chemo because the medication is doing the job just fine. “I love what we have, Jack,” Carly says, wrapping herself around him. “I don’t want it to end.” Jack asks Carly if he can move in with her. “I want to be here with you every minute that I can,” he says. Carly’s elated!

Brad arrives at the hospital, looking for Jack. Instead he finds a smitten little nurse who “loves the show.” Guess it’s not a trip wasted, as the two of them take off together. But Brad runs into Dr. Evers, who tells Brad that Carly’s not dying.

Luke awakens and finds Noah at his bedside. For the first time today, Luke is happy. Will Noah be the one to get through to Luke?

Next on ATWT:
Meg is “late.”
Gwen and Will celebrate baby success.
Brad tells Carly he knows she’s not dying.
Jack tells Katie that he’s living with Carly.
Katie asks Brad to make love to her.
Jack and Carly get hot and heavy.

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