Alison surprises Gwen at The Lakeview and tells her that they can harvest the eggs soon. She wants to go straight to Will but Gwen hesitates. She wants to talk to Lisa about getting Sofie's job back. This news annoys Alison, who is tired of everyone trying to make everything okay for Sofie. Sofie listens to them for a moment and then interrupts. She says she doesn't need their help! Sofie tells Gwen not to take care of her; Alison sarcastically says Aaron can take care of Sofie! The girls argue. Barbara arrives and listens in. Sofie pushes Alison's buttons by bringing up her past. Alison storms off. Barbara follows her. Sofie tells Gwen to leave her alone and let her fix her problems on her own. She walks away but Gwen follows. Finally Sofie gets through to Gwen, telling her that she doesn't need to be saved.

Will runs into an upset Aaron outside the diner. Aaron tells him about Luke's prognosis and then asks Will if he knows where Alison is. Aaron wants to apologize to her! Will leaves. Aaron keeps looking for Alison and finds her in Old Town. He tries to talk to her but she isn't interested in talking about things. She tells him that she flipped out on Sofie a few minutes ago because of him. She believes she hasn't changed at all and wants him to stay away from her. Aaron is stunned. Alison walks away. Gwen catches up with her and sits down to explain why she did what she did: she wasn't trying to make things alright for Sofie, she was trying to get Sofie's job back so that Aaron wouldn't feel such a need to protect her. They decide to start the day over and Alison gives her the good news again. Gwen leaves. Bob arrives and Alison continues her pity party, telling him that she wasn't really thinking about what Will and Gwen wanted - she decided to be an egg donor for her own benefit! Bob tells her that there are other reasons - like the fact that she is a nice and helpful girl. He tells her she is just like Susan in that respect.

Barbara bursts into Will's home, telling him that Gwen and Alison are fighting over Sofie! She says this is exactly why he and Gwen should find another egg donor! Will tells Barbara to butt out. She gets upset because she thinks Will is mocking her and then brings up Emily, saying that Alison has too many of Emily's genes for the baby's good! Will reminds her that their baby will be a Munson, whether it is Alison's egg they use or someone else's. Gwen arrives home and tells them they have the green light to make a baby!

Sofie catches up with Aaron at the farm. He doesn't want to talk but she insists. She tells him she doesn't need to be protected and that he is ruining things with Alison by concentrating so much on her. Aaron tells her it doesn't matter because things with Alison are over. Sofie is stunned. Even more so when Aaron tells her that they weren't even fighting about Sofie, it was all the rest of the things from their past. He brings up Luke and tells her that he can't deal with all of this right now. He goes outside and calls Holden to check in. Sofie follows him out and tells him that she is leaving the farm. Telling him they both have their secrets, Sofie says it is time for her to start taking care of herself.

Noah calls Dusty and asks him to meet at the diner. He's surprised when Dusty shows up but relieved, too. Noah tells Dusty about the night he and his dad saw Dusty arguing with Cheri and the jokes that Win told. Dusty tells Noah everything he knows about Cheri and her dark side. Noah leaves. He buys a bottle and is drinking in Old Town when Maddie finds him. He quickly hides the bottle and begins telling Maddie about what happened. Maddie points out that he isn't alone because he still has her. She tells him to go see Luke or come with her but she isn't going to leave him alone. They leave together and go to Maddie's. She is pulling out a few movies and turns to see Noah taking a drink! She tries to take the bottle but Noah won't let her take it. He kisses her!

Luke tries to reach his glass on the bedside table but can't. Outside the room, Holden and Lily argue - she wants to work on things but he can't let go of the past. Bob arrives with news about Luke: he is paralyzed! Bob tells them that it could be a temporary thing but he isn't sure. He suggests that they start physical therapy quickly and for everyone in the family to keep things supportive and happy. Lily is relieved but Holden dwells on the negative - that Luke may never recover no matter what happens with the P.T.! Bob leaves to talk with the P.T. department and tells them that there is a chance for Luke. Holden and Lily are talking when a crash sounds from inside. They go in and find Luke, lying on the floor! A nurse comes to clear the mess. Luke sullenly asks about his test results; Lily tells him it is temporary and they'll start P.T. soon. Holden tells her to tell Luke the truth! He tells Luke about the full prognosis but adds that there is a chance for a full recovery. Luke asks them to leave. When they are at the door, he asks about Noah and is disappointed to learn they haven't heard from him. Holden and Lily leave the room and run into Faith, who has flowers for Luke. She goes inside. Faith asks Luke how much it hurts and he explains that he can't feel anything.

Lily decides to call Noah for Luke but Holden won't let her! They argue and Holden tells Lily that she can't fix what she broke. She says she is only trying to help Luke but Holden refuses to listen. He brings up the other "accident"; Lily can't believe he is still holding that against her. He brings up her pills and the fact that she has kept up with Craig and Dusty. Lily is stunned. "I can't trust you anymore," he says. Faith comes out and tells them to stop fighting in front of Luke! When Faith returns inside Holden and Lily begin fighting again. She tells Holden that she is only trying to help by calling a friend that Luke can talk to; Holden tells her she is trying to control things again and she just needs to leave. Dusty arrives and listens to them. "You think Luke is paralyzed because of me?" Lily asks. A nurse arrives with the P.T. exercises and Lily follows her inside. Dusty walks up and tells Holden that he needs to calm down. Holden tells him to leave but Dusty stays, trying to make Holden understand that Lily didn't know anything about the Colonel. Holden could care less what Dusty has to say and Dusty calls him on it, telling Holden that he doesn't care what really happened because then he can't blame it all on Lily! Holden tells Dusty that he has been using Lily this entire time; Dusty takes the blame and tells Holden to blame him. Holden pulls back and punches Dusty!

Inside, Lily tells Luke that she and Holden were fighting, trying to be honest. She brings up Noah, telling Luke that the boy has a lot to process about his father, the shooting and his mother. She offers to call him for Luke but Luke asks her not to. Lily gives Luke the P.T. list, which he wads up and tosses away.

Next on ATWT:

Lily and Holden can't see eye to eye. Noah goes to see Luke. Lily asks Dusty for help. Dr. Evers calls and Jack answers. Katie turns to Brad. Carly tells Jack she doesn't want chemotherapy!

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