Katie asks Jack where his kissing Carly leaves their relationship. He tries to explain that he'll always have feelings for his ex but Katie is certain that his feelings aren't just typical ex-type feelings. Jack tells her that his feelings won't change how he feels about Katie. She suggests that Jack begin separating himself from Carly to make things easier on him but Jack refuses. "I can't pull away from her now," he says. Crying, Katie tells Jack that she understands how he feels but tells him that she can't watch him leave her every night in favor of Carly. Katie asks him to move out! Jack can't believe it and tells Katie that he won't do it. She begs him, saying she can't handle his leaving constantly now. Jack takes her in his arms and tells her not to make him leave but Katie begs him to go. "I'm not giving up on us, Katie," he says and leaves the room. Katie breaks down in tears. She goes downstairs and Henry sees her. Katie tells Henry everything. "I'm waiting for Carly to die to get my husband back. How sick is that?" she asks and tells Henry that she thinks Jack is still in love with Carly. Henry offers to let Katie hang with him and Vienna but Katie turns him down. She returns to the hospital room, locks the door and stares at her wedding ring.

Carly quietly settles in to pray, telling God about her day. She remembers Jack's kiss and thanks God for allowing it to happen. Then she gets angry, wondering why God is taking her life from her so quickly. "I want time," she exclaims. She asks God to save her for her kids sake and for Jack's sake! Carly calls the doctor's office. He tells her that he needs to see her as soon as possible and offers to stop by the house! The doctor arrives and tells Carly that her diagnosis was wrong - she doesn't have a lesion on her brain, it is only an abscess. Carly isn't dying! He tells her that a tumor would be growing at a fast pace but the abscess on her brain isn't growing at all. He also believes that her illness and headaches are a side effect of the medications she is on. Carly can't believe it. He asks her to come to the hospital the next day for more tests to confirm everything and says if he is right she'll only have to deal with an antibiotic routine for a few weeks and will return to normal. He leaves. Carly throws away the medications. Jack arrives and Carly excitedly tries to tell him what the doctor said. Worried about her, Jack takes her temperature and tries to calm her down. With the thermometer in her mouth, Carly asks about Katie and Jack tells her that Katie asked him to move out! Jack tells Carly that his feelings for her aren’t in the past any longer. Taking his hand, Carly says she wants him to be happy. Jack changes the subject and asks about the "divine intervention" that she was going on about earlier. Carly tells him it can wait until later! They sit together, quietly, for a while. Carly asks Jack to stay and he agrees!

Bob approaches Holden and Lily with news of Luke's progress. He says they can go see Luke but only one at a time. Lily takes the first visit and promises Luke that things will be okay. She leaves and Col. Mayer arrives! Lily meets Holden and the diner and angrily recites her home address and phone number, telling him she isn't sure if he knows who she is any longer. Holden apologizes for blaming her for what happened to Luke and Lily breaks down in tears. Lily decides to return to the hospital but Holden stays behind to pay the check. Lily realizes that Holden still isn't ready to forgive her. She leaves.

The Colonel sneaks into Luke's room and no one notices! A nurse comes in and Win tells her he is "like family" and waiting for Lily and Holden. He goes outside and starts looking through a medical cart. The nurse leaves and Win returns inside with a needle! Luke is beginning to wake and calls out to Win, who tells him to go back to sleep. He is putting the needle into Luke's tube when Lily returns! Lily fights with Mayer over the needle but he is too strong. Dusty bursts into the room, grabs and Colonel and tells Lily to run. She goes but Dusty continues fighting with the Colonel. Lily returns with a hospital guard who takes Win away. Lily rushes to Luke's side. Bob comes in and Dusty shows him the needle that Win was waving around. Bob tells him to take the needle to the cops and then asks Lily to leave so he can check Luke's vital signs. Outside, Dusty holds Lily as she cries. Holden arrives! He asks what is going on and Lily tells him. Bob returns and tells them Luke is awake and asking for them. Inside, Luke is very groggy and doesn't remember the attack. Holden and Lily tell him what happened in the woods and what they know about Win and Cheri. Luke wants to go to Noah but they tell him it's too soon because of the surgery. Luke makes a comment about not being able to feel his legs because of the anesthesia, worrying Lily and Holden. Lily leaves to find Bob. They return and begin running rudimentary tests on Luke's feet - he can't move his toes!

Margo leaves Noah in the interrogation room with pictures of Cheri. He waits a while but gets antsy and decides to leave. Before he can go Margo returns and tells him all about Cheri/Charlene. Noah can't believe that Cheri is actually his mother but has another shock coming when Margo tells him that Win killed Cheri - not Dusty! Noah doesn't want to believe her but Margo tells him it is the truth. A couple of police officers bring Win in. Noah asks Win if he killed Cheri; he says Cheri deserved to die! "It was better that way," he says, trying to make Noah understand why he did what he did. He says that Cheri/Charlene cheated on him and that is why he ordered her to leave and why he killed her. Dusty arrives. Win begins to go on about how Luke was leading Noah astray and he had to be punished, too. Noah is shocked and walks away. The cops lead Win away, too. Dusty follows Noah, who tries to apologize for all the things his father did. Dusty tells him that it wasn't his fault and asks if he has anywhere to go. Noah realizes he is completely alone; Dusty suggests that someone may need to see him and he heads to the hospital.

Next on ATWT:

Alison doesn't like Aaron's closeness to Sofie. Gwen offers to help Sofie. Barbara tells Will that Alison being the egg donor is a mistake; Aaron and Alison argue. Luke may never walk again and Holden blames Lily! Noah begins to drink!

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