JJ argues with Katie, telling her that she should let Jack be with the woman he really loves - Carly! Brad comes in and tells JJ that he is wrong! Katie takes Brad outside and tells him to butt out but Brad won't. He returns inside to talk with JJ. Brad tells JJ that taking his anger over Carly's illness out on Katie is the wrong way to handle things and insists that Katie isn't trying to take Carly's place. Brad tells JJ to take his anger out on Brad; JJ pushes him away, trying to fight and then starts to cry. Both return to Katie, who is waiting outside the office, and JJ apologizes. He goes to the car but Brad stays behind to make sure Katie is really okay. She hugs him and thanks Brad for his help with JJ. She is grateful that he has been around in the background lately and thanks him for being there. Brad makes a flip comment but Katie thanks him, again, before leaving the studio.

Carly apologizes for asking Jack for a few more moments in his arms. He ignores her, takes her in his arms and kisses her! Jack takes Carly to the sofa, making her comfortable with a blanket. He can't take his eyes off of her. Carly reaches out to him but Jack pulls away and tells her to rest. She asks him to stay but Jack leaves the house. Carly goes outside but no one is there. A while later Brad arrives. He tries to get some answers from Carly but JJ arrives home and interrupts them. Brad sends JJ off to the kitchen to finish working on the diorama. When they are alone Brad tells Carly about JJ at the studio. Carly defends JJ but Brad backs up Katie, telling Carly that she needs to make things easier on the kids, on Jack and on Katie. Carly tells Brad that she knows how Jack feels now because of the kiss. She knows he loves her and is upset because they don't have any time to be together now because of her illness!

Katie returns to their room at The Lakeview and finds Jack there. She tells Jack about JJ and Brad. Realizing that Jack is only half listening, Katie asks what happened with Carly. He tells her about Carly's fall and her request for one more kiss. Katie can't believe that Jack actually kissed Carly but is ready to forgive him and says she can't even blame Carly because she her last wish would also be one last kiss. "It didn't mean anything," she says and hugs him. Jack pulls away from her, saying he is having feelings for Carly again! He thought all of that was in the past, he says, but now he knows that his feelings aren't in the past. Katie is heartbroken. Jack tells her that when he found Carly on the floor he wanted to protect her and it's killing him that he can't help her get better. Giving her one last kiss was something he could do for her. "If Carly still has a piece of you, where does that leave me?" Katie asks.

After making love, Paul tells Meg that he is still in love with her! Meg kisses him. "I tried not to love you, I tried hating you. But I just can't," he says. Paul tells her how hard it was to see her with Craig. Meg apologizes to him for staying with Craig but says she didn't feel like she had anywhere else to go. Paul is ready to move forward with their lives. He mentions Craig and Meg pulls away. Upset, Meg gets dressed, telling Paul that he can't let Craig go! They argue about Paul's inability to just move on with his life without bringing Craig back into it. Paul tells Meg she is grasping at straws to keep him away because she is afraid to be in love. Paul tells Meg that she wants to be with Craig because he is safe; she points out that his true love is Rosanna and walks away.

Rosanna is shopping in Old Town and trying to reach Paul on his cell phone. He doesn't answer. She runs into Craig who asks about her engagement, wondering why Paul isn't at her side. Ro insists that Paul is with Barbara doing a little planning and brings up Meg's reaction to the news that Rosanna and Paul were getting married. Craig pretends to have no worries about Meg; Rosanna tells him that he has nothing to worry about because Paul is 100% in love with her. Craig tells Rosanna to hand over Montgomery Enterprises if that is true but Ro refuses to do that until she knows Meg is pregnant. Craig points out that Rosanna must have doubts but she insists that she trusts Paul. Rosanna is at the diner when Paul walks in. She apologizes to him for her confrontation with Meg earlier. Paul makes light of it, telling Rosanna that Meg just needs to get on with her life. Rosanna reaches out to him and pulls a leaf from his hair.

Meg is in Old Town when Craig finds her. He bought her a present - a pretty negligee. Seeing how withdrawn Meg is, Craig asks what is wrong. Meg insists she simply went for a walk but Craig insists on knowing what is going on. He reaches out to her but she draws away when he touched her head. She tells him about walking in Luther's Woods and the attack. Craig can't believe she is making light of the attack but she insists she is fine. Craig insists on taking her to the police station to file a report. Paul is right behind them when they walk into the stationhouse, and asks Meg what happened in the woods! He insists on knowing what happened because he has property in the area. The officer returns to take their statement but Meg leaves to freshen up. Craig tells Paul to get out and go plan his wedding, then turns to the squad room. Paul leaves and runs into Meg in the hall. She tells him to back off and stop coming around, then says if he tells anyone what happened in the woods, he'll be sorry! Meg returns to Craig as Rosanna walks in. Paul tells her he is ready to go and they leave.

Next on ATWT:

Katie asks Jack to leave. Jack tells Carly that he and Katie are taking a break. Margo asks Noah to help her find Win. Luke is in danger at the hospital!

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