Katie tells Jack about the house and the mortgage, asking for his signature for the final papers. As she is chattering Jack is only half-listening. Annoyed, she asks if she should just forget it all! Jack takes her into his office and tells Katie about Carly's requests. Katie supports his decision to stand by Carly and help her last days be as comfortable as possible. She tells him that they need to put their house-buying on hold so that they can focus on Carly and the kids. Katie leaves. Margo arrives and asks why he is at work. She tells him she can't use paperwork at the police station to avoid Carly or Katie or even his own feelings about what is happening. They go into Jack's office and Margo advises Jack to plan some special time for Katie and to stick to the plan.

Katie meets Brad in Old Town for coffee. She asks Brad for help in dealing with Carly.

JJ asks Carly for help with a diorama for school. Together they start working on the project but Carly soon realizes she can't even cut out a few clouds because of the lesions. She tells him the partial truth - that the shaking is part of her illness. She tells him not to tell Jack. They get back to work on the project. JJ goes into the kitchen and Carly begins massaging her hands. He watches her for a minute or two and then leaves to get a snack. Carly grabs a pill bottle from the drawer but can't get it open. JJ tries to distract her by talking about time he was sick as a kid. Katie and Brad arrive. They ask JJ to come with them to the studio but he refuses. Katie goes outside to make a call. Brad tells Carly that she needs to release her grip on the kids and let Katie be a part of their lives. Angry, Carly tells Brad she doesn't want Katie in their lives as long as she is alive! Katie returns and begins apologizing for not calling before they showed up. They tell Carly about their guest - Phil Simms, the quarterback - and she calls for JJ.

Katie, Brad and JJ arrive at the WOAK set to see Phil Simms. JJ can't believe who he is meeting. Phil gives JJ a jersey and takes a few pictures with him. Katie joins them in the picture but JJ gets mad and runs off before the photographer can take it! They apologize to Phil for JJ's actions and then Katie follows him into her office. Once inside JJ yells at Katie for dragging him away from Carly in the first place. "You're just waiting til my mom dies so you can be with my dad," he exclaims!

Jack arrives at Carly's and finds her on the floor. He helps her up, worried. Carly goes upstairs to freshen up. Jack picks up the remote control and begins watching Carly's goodbye message to him. Carly watches him. She comes into the room and Jack gives her back the tape; she apologizes to him because she didn't want him to see the tape until she was gone. Carly decides they should talk about things but Jack isn't ready to face the future yet. She insists and tells Jack she before she dies she would like to feel one more time the way she feels when he holds her!

Lily and Holden arrive at the campsite but Luke isn't there. Holden tells her that this whole situation is her fault! They keep searching, calling for Luke the entire time. Holden tries to call Luke's cellphone but it is at the campsite. They head for the lake.

The Colonel is taking aim at Luke when Noah walks up and puts his arms about Luke. Win pauses. Luke asks Noah about the missing tackle box. Noah starts to make a move but Luke says they need to be careful so that they don't make Win any more uncomfortable than he already is. They play around for a bit and then Noah leaves. Win takes aim again saying, "That is the last time you'll ever touch my son!" The gun jams before he can take the shot! Luke sees him and they begin fighting over the gun. Noah hears Lily and Holden and runs back to where Luke is. They all get there as the Colonel fires a shot! Holden begins fighting with the Colonel as Lily rushes to Luke's side - he's been shot! Holden gets the gun and goes to Lily; Win and Noah argue and then Win storms off. Holden reaches Lily and Luke; they can't wake him up. Holden calls for help.

Dusty wakes in the hospital with a guard at his side. He tells the man that Win Mayer is the person who shot him. Dusty tells the cop what he remembers of that night with Cheri and the struggle with him at the car. The cop calls Margo who arrives a shot time later. Margo demands to know why Dusty didn't tell the police everything he had learned. She reminds him that the case was on-going and that if he'd simply trusted her he might not have been hurt. Then she warns him that if the Colonel hurts anyone else, Dusty could be held responsible! Holden and Lily arrive and Dr. Bob tells them that they will try to save Luke's life. Margo overhears and then tells them that Dusty set them on the trail of Win and asks Noah to do everything he can to get his father to turn himself in. She asks him to come with her to the stationhouse. Before leaving, Noah apologizes to Lily for not realizing how far gone his father was. When they are alone Holden confronts Lily for keeping what she and Dusty knew about the Colonel from him. He walks away.

Next on ATWT:

Rosanna insists that Paul no longer wants Meg. JJ tells Katie to let his dad go so that Jack can be with Carly. Carly asks Jack for one last kiss; Katie wonders what happened between Jack and Carly.

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