Sofie and Aaron are at the diner, talking about Cole and her life. He can't believe she is still defending Cole but Sofie says Cole only acts the way he does because of Iris. Alison walks in as Sofie wonders who told Iris where to find her. Sofie leaves and Aaron confronts Allie about revealing Sofie's whereabouts to Iris! She insists that Barbara told Iris, not her, but Aaron is still upset. He thinks Alison should have called to warn them about Iris' impending arrival. Alison takes that badly and wonders why Aaron is so overprotective of Sofie. She wants to know why Aaron wants to ride to her rescue all the time. Aaron is offended at her accusation and Allie is frustrated. She walks out. A while later Aaron leaves a message for Alison, apologizes. Just as he hangs up he sees Sofie, crying. She tells him that she tried to go through with the abortion but couldn't and then cries on his shoulder about Iris. Aaron tells her to repay Iris the money and she'll get off Sofie's back. Sofie can't, because she used the money to pay the back rent! Alison watches them from around the corner.

Holden welcomes Lily and the kiddo home from their campout. They chat about the wedding and then Holden tells her things aren't great for Carly. He insists that she hear it from Carly and goes on about Luke and Noah dating and Sofie living at the farm now. It is a lot to take in but Lily focuses on the Luke situation; she remembers Dusty had worries about the Colonel! She becomes even more worried when Holden tells her about the fishing trip. When Lily doesn’t jump for joy at the news they begin to argue. Lily brings up Dusty, which only makes things worse. She decides to go see Margo right away. At the police station, she tells Margo that she and Dusty were investigating the murder together for a while. Margo still thinks Dusty is the guilty party, though, and Lily can't convince her otherwise. Margo takes a call and Lily leaves.

Noah and Luke are outfitting themselves for the fishing trip. They have new poles, a lot of tackle and all the gadgets they might need to catch those big fish. Noah can't believe that his father has changed so quickly but he is really excited that his dad has accepted his life. Maddie walks around the corner. Noah leaves to grab some bait. His dad calls from the cabin - he is the one who hit Meg over the head! - and tells Noah they need to leave earlier because of the weather. Win takes the rifle and hides it behind a tree.

Luke fills Maddie in on their fishing trip with the Colonel. Maddie is stunned and tells Luke not to go! She tells him that there is something not right about the Colonel. Luke wonders if Maddie is jealous or if she is not as okay with their relationship. She swears she just feels strange about it. Noah returns and tells them that the Colonel wants to leave earlier. The Colonel returns to the farm just as the boys arrive. They gather their things and leave. When they are on the trail, Win asks the boys to go ahead to check something in the clearing and then he reaches for the rifle he hid behind the tree! He catches up with the boys but pretends to have a rock lodged in his boot. When Luke and Noah continue to the camp site, he returns to where the rifle is! He watches the boys for a while and then rejoins them. Win sends Luke down to the water and then makes up a story about forgetting something in the truck. Noah stops him before he can leave the camp, thanking Win for accepting him as being gay. Noah hugs him, telling Win how much he loves him and how much his father has impacted his life. The Colonel pulls back and tells Noah to go after the tackle box. As Noah is leaving, Win tells him not to forget how much he loves him. Noah disappears into the woods and Win returns to get the rifle from behind the tree! He loads it and starts toward the water. Win watches Luke for a few moments and then raises the rifle. He has Luke in his sights!

Paul arrives at the cabin and finds Meg, unconscious, on the floor! He holds her close and she wakes, reaching a hand out to stroke his face! Meg tries to pull away but Paul won't leave her side. "If you hate me as much as you say you do, why didn't you walk out the door?" she asks. Paul tells her that he can hate Craig without hating her; Meg wonders if Rosanna feels the same and Paul says it doesn’t matter what Rosanna wants! Meg feels differently. Hearing a noise outside, Paul grabs Meg. They get close to one another and then realize it was just an animal. Paul kisses Meg and she kisses him back! Meg tries to leave but Paul pulls her back to him. He says seeing her unconscious on the floor opened his eyes; he wants her to know he doesn't hate her. She tells him that she came to the cabin to say goodbye to their past; that is why Paul came, too. "But I can't say goodbye to you," he says and pulls her into his arms. They make love!

Holden and Natalie are finishing up some last minute shopping in Old Town. He runs into Maddie after sending Nat on her way. She asks him about the fishing trip and tells Holden that she is really worried about the Colonel! She tells him how Win reacted when he found out Noah was gay; Holden becomes worried, too.

Lily arrives home, calling for Holden. Dusty stumbles to the door, covered in blood and then collapses! Lily manages to wake him and he says Win shot him and then loses consciousness again. Holden returns home and finds Lily, freaking out, over Dusty's body. He pulls her back and checks the body. Emergency workers arrive and take Dusty away. Lily tells Holden that Dusty said Win shot him. Holden becomes really angry and upset because the boys have already set off for their fishing trip. He becomes even more angry when Lily admits that Dusty had worries about the Colonel before he was shot. Holden grabs the phone and tries to reach Luke.

Next on ATWT:

Jack kisses Carly and then tells Katie that he is having feelings for Carly again! Katie asks Jack to move out. Luke and Win fight over the gun. Noah and Maddie arrive as Win takes a shot at Luke. Luke wakes in the hospital and can't feel his legs! Holden punches Dusty. Rosanna is certain that Paul wants her now. Paul tells Meg he loves her!

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