Paul gets off the phone with the minister and tells Rosanna they have a wedding date: Halloween! Rosanna can't believe it and tells Paul she won't be married on Halloween. He convinces her that October 31st is the perfect day by reminding her that Carly will definitely be able to attend a wedding that is only a few days away.

Jack arrives early in the morning at Carly's but she is sound asleep on the sofa. He can't wake her up! Jack grabs the phone as Carly wakes, groggy. Parker is there, worried. She tells them not to worry because the pills just knocked her out. Parker thinks she should stop taking the pills and brings up the Berlin option. Carly cuts him off and tells him to go to hockey practice. She sends Jack off, too. Parker and Jack go outside. On the porch Jack tells Parker to be careful about what he says to Carly because when he says she will be okay, it makes it harder for her to go on. Carly interrupts them and Jack suggests that he and Parker go talk with the doctors so Parker can get a better handle on Carly's situation. Parker gathers his things and they leave. Carly has just taken her meds when Rosanna and Paul stop by with their wedding news. Paul leaves to give Barbara the news. Rosanna tells Carly that she told Paul the truth and then asks her to stand up with them. Carly says she may not be around that long! She tells Rosanna how she has been feeling - rundown, having frequent blackouts and getting sick. Her doctors are saying she is in the last stages of the disease. Crying she says, "I just want more time with my kids, the way it used to be." Rosanna asks if she can help and Carly tells her to marry Paul and not let anything get in the way of her happiness.

Craig wakes Meg, talking about the baby they may have made the night before. Craig begins kissing her but Meg pulls away. Craig thinks she is having second thoughts about the baby possibilities; he thinks she only wants Paul's baby! Meg tells him she just hasn't fast-forwarded to his level of the baby plans. Craig gets excited, thinking that they could already have a baby on the way. They dress for breakfast and Meg begins to focus on Worldwide business. They argue about a couple of deals. They are soon interrupted by a call from Emma and Meg leaves.

Craig calls Rosanna, who has just left Carly's, and asks her to meet him at Al's. As she hangs up, Meg walks past. Rosanna tells Meg about her upcoming wedding and shocks Meg. Before she can leave, Rosanna tells Meg to stay away from Paul and tells her that she knows Meg has been throwing herself at Paul. Meg denies throwing herself at Paul and tells Ro how worked up Paul gets every time he comes around her. She asks why Rosanna is being so vindictive toward her and Ro says it is because she has lost too much time already and wants complete honesty in her life now. Meg asks if lying on the stand is part of her honesty pledge. "Hold on to Craig, he is all you've got," Rosanna says. Meg tells her Craig is the only man she wants and stomps off.

At the diner, Dr. Evers shows Parker the x-rays of Carly's brain and tells her the tumors are growing very fast. "If we're lucky we can give her more time," Dr. Evers says. He gives Parker his pager number and tells him to call with questions. He leaves. Jack sits back down with Parker but the kid still isn't convinced that Carly is going to die. After hockey practice they return to Carly's. Parker asks if it would be okay for Jack to adopt him now. Carly is thrilled. Parker returns upstairs. Carly gets dizzy and collapses in Jack's arms! Jack carries Carly to the sofa and after a bit manages to wake her up. She tells him not to worry and that she'll be fine but he is really worried. In tears, she tells him that she doesn't have as much time as she thought but he doesn't want to believe her. "I'm not ready," she cries again and again. Jack lays down with her, holding her while she cries.

Alison goes to Gwen's with the good news: her follicles have matured and they are closer to baby-making-time! Seeing how distracted she is, Gwen asks about the goings-on. Alison tells her all about Cole and Sofie. Barbara walks in the door and gets the wrong idea - she thinks Alison is causing problems. Gwen tells Barbara to be supportive of them and Alison or get out! Barbara back pedals and apologizes. Gwen and Barbara leave but Alison stays behind to rest. Outside, Barbara apologizes and makes nice with Gwen. Once Gwen is gone, she returns to Allie inside and tells her exactly how she feels about Alison's role in Will's life! Iris arrives, looking for Sofie. Barbara tells her to check out the Snyder farm. Alison can't believe it and defends Sofie, telling Barbara that the girls doesn't need the stress of Iris. Barbara tells her this is the best way to get Sofie out of Aaron's life! Alison says she doesn't want to hurt Sofie or anyone else; Barbara doesn't believe her, what with all the bad things Alison did in the past. Barbara threatens Allie not to hurt Gwen or Will and then leaves.

Aaron finds Sofie cleaning up around the farm's kitchen. He says she doesn't have to do anything but Sofie insists. She brings up Alison, telling Aaron that she doesn't want to stay at the farm any longer. She feels like she has caused enough problems between Aaron and Alison. Gwen arrives a while later and talks over the Cole/Sofie situation with Aaron. Meanwhile outside the farmhouse, Iris confronts Sofie about the money for the abortion. Sofie asks where Cole is but Iris doesn't know. Sofie heads inside but Iris won't let her go - she blames Sofie for Cole hiding out! Gwen and Aaron hear the raised voices and come to Sofie's rescue. She runs inside and Aaron orders Iris to get off his property. Iris isn't interested in leaving and tells Aaron that Sofie ran off her son and she wants answers. Aaron wonders how Iris knew where to find Sofie. Iris says Alison and Barbara were all to happy to give her the details. Inside, Gwen apologizes to Sofie for Iris' behavior.

Paul meets Barbara at the Lakeview and tells her the good news. Barbara isn't thrilled, especially after Rosanna's stunt on the witness stand the day before. Paul tells Barbara that Ro's performance in court doesn't matter but Barbara isn't so sure Paul will be able to forgive her; she thinks Paul is using Rosanna to forget about Meg and that his feelings for Ro will turn into something horrible.

Rosanna meets Craig at the diner and asks how the baby plans are coming along. He says things would go much easier if his financial future was secure. She says she'll drop her challenges to his money as soon as Meg is pregnant. Then, she tells him the wedding news. Craig couldn't be happier.

Meg returns to the cabin where she spent so much time with Paul. She cries as she remembers. Meg pulls herself together and starts to leave. She sees a jacket covering up a rifle on the chair. Someone sneaks up on her and hits her over the head, knocking her out!

Next on ATWT:

Paul comes to Meg's rescue. Aaron confronts Alison about Iris' accusations. Sofie tells Aaron she wants an abortion! Holden tells Lily about the fishing trip; Lily finds a bloody Dusty in the park!

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