Vienna and Henry are arguing about her new all-Swedish menu when Maddie walks in. She tells them Noah came out to his father but she is still worried about him. Vienna tells Maddie to take a little girl time. She heads back into the kitchen. Henry asks Maddie how she is really getting along. She is sad and doesn't understand why. "We were friends and I'm worried about him," she says and tells Henry about Win. Maddie tells him about Win's weirdness - buying them a bed, not caring about her crazy sister. She wonders if he is doing similar things to Luke and Noah, pretending to be okay but not really being okay with them.

Aaron and Alison arrive at The Lakeview to pick up his check before the family dinner. Alison is worried about facing his family but Aaron tells her to relax. He picks up the check, asks about Sofie and is stunned to learn she has been fired! Aaron hurries away to check on her, leaving Alison to fend for herself. Alison follows him; Holden calls a moment later and tells them to hurry up and get to dinner. Aaron decides to check on Sofie later.

Luke and Noah finish up a few last minute preparations for the family dinner. Luke's getting more nervous by the minute because of how the Colonel has reacted to him in the past. He isn't sure Win is really okay with Noah's sexuality. Holden walks in. He tells both boys that things will be casual.Meanwhile, in the Snyder backyard, the homeless man tells Win everything he knows about Dusty's shooting. Win plays dumb until the homeless guy threatens to go to Lily and the cops! Just then, Holden walks out the door. Win convinces Holden that he was trying to get rid of a grafter; Holden offers the guy money. He gets a call and the Colonel makes up a story about offering the homeless man some money, too. He goes off to find him. He doesn't have to go far because the homeless guy is still hanging around. He offers to disappear if Win can help him out a little in the cash department. The Colonel hands him a wad of money and tells him to get lost. He brings up Lily, wondering how much Lily would give for his information. Win tells him Lily is gone and dares him to go into the house if he doesn't believe him. The homeless man decides it is in his best interests to be on his way. He tells Win that Dusty is still in the car and that he is dead. Win sends him on his way as Aaron and Alison arrive. He introduces himself to them. They head inside. Faith is finishing up a few things with Holden and carts lemonade outside, asking Luke all kinds of questions about Noah. Faith and Alison are reintroduced and then Luke introduces them to Noah. Alison is uncomfortable around Holden; she offers to help but Holden has things covered. Alison thinks Holden hates her. Faith corners Win, telling him how nice Noah is. Margo walks in and asks if any of them have seen or heard from Dusty. She is beginning to worry about him. Alison defends Dusty; Margo informs them all that Dusty is gone - and she thinks he skipped bail! Margo tells them about Dusty's search habits online and that he was researching extradition treaties. Win pipes up that Dusty was threatening Cheri before she died. Alison says she was just as angry. Alison leaves the house. Aaron follows her outside. She tells him it's the hormones they keep giving her but she couldn't deal with the questions about Dusty or the implications about her own past. They decide to go for a walk. Back inside, Margo apologizes for interrupting their dinner and leaves. They gather the dinner preps and head outside. Faith asks Holden about Dusty and Alison; he says they are friends and that is why Alison wants to believe the best in him. Win lags behind so that he and Luke are alone in the kitchen. He asks Luke for a favor. They return to the family outside as Holden goes inside to call Lily. He tells her that the police think Dusty jumped bail! Luke tells Noah about Win's favor: he wants them all to go on a fishing trip to have some bonding time. Luke offers to bring his dad, too, but Win just wants it to be the three of them for now. They boys accept!

Alison and Aaron walk to Old Town. Aaron asks her why she is so worried about what his family thinks of her. He thinks she should only care about what he feels - and he likes her! Sofie walks up with a bag, crying. Sofie says she has been evicted because she lost her job and Cole moved out. She also tells him that Cole hasn't been paying the rent! Sofie wonders where she can live; Alison suggests a shelter! Aaron tells Sofie that she can stay at the family farm and offers to stay with her until she is comfortable. Alison can't believe what she is hearing.

Dusty is trying to keep himself awake in the wrecked car. He wonders what is taking the homeless man so long. Dusty realizes that no one is going to come for him. He manages to get out of the wrecked car and begins to stumble away from the junk yard.

Rosanna is leaving a message for Paul when he walks in the door and tells her he needs to leave the house! He can't believe Rosanna had him followed and wonders just how deeply her lies have gone! Paul says he knows that Rosanna had real memories and wonders why she allowed Craig to go free. She admits that she lied on the witness stand! Ro tells Paul that he knows why she did it - because he is still in love with Meg. He says he isn't in love with Meg but Rosanna knows he still is and says the video proves it! She says the hearing proves it, too, because he couldn't take his eyes off of Meg. Paul tries to convince Rosanna she is crazy. She can't believe it and calls him a liar! She tells him to watch the video and tell her he doesn't love Meg. Paul watches the video but doesn't admit to anything and says she has basically double-crossed him by not testifying against Craig! "I thought it would give us a better chance," she says and asks him to tell her that he doesn't love Meg any longer. Paul can't do it! He recovers and tells Rosanna that he still has some feelings for Meg, including hate. "But I only love you," he says. Rosanna has no idea what that means. Paul tells her that he was trying to ignore his feelings for Meg but that now that they are back together he sees those feelings for what they are: a substitution for his feelings for Rosanna! She asks him to forgive her for lying on the witness stand. Paul tells her again that he loves her and he proposes - again! She isn't sure what to say as Paul professes his love of her over and over. Finally, she says yes!

Next on ATWT:

Paul suggests a wedding date - Halloween! Craig thinks Meg still wants Paul. Barbara wonders if Alison is hurting Will and Gwen's pregnancy plans. Jack can't wake Carly. Aaron tries to get Sofie settled but she is intent on leaving the farm.

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