Noah and Win are having lunch at the diner. Noah thanks his father for accepting the fact that he is gay; Win gets nervous but only says he wants to support his son. Remembering Dusty he says, "You have no idea how far I'm willing to go for you." The Colonel tells Noah that he understands how young people can make mistakes; Noah wonders if he thinks that being gay is a mistake. Win asks Noah if they can spend some father-son time together, alone. He brings up Luke and tells Noah that he also wants to make amends with Luke!

Holden arrives at the farm to find Luke dancing around the kitchen. Luke tells him that things may be working out with Noah! He tells Holden about Win's about-face, believing that romance could actually bloom between them now. Holden is happy for his kid. Noah calls. He asks Luke to meet him and his father. A while later Win and Noah arrive and meet Holden and Luke. Win asks about Lily, wanting to apologize for his treatment of her before. Realizing that she isn't around, he apologizes to Luke instead, saying how wrong he was. Noah can't believe how much of a change there is in Win. Holden asks Win to join the family for dinner a little later that day. He accepts. Holden goes to take care of some things. Win decides to show himself around the farm grounds. Luke and Noah stay inside to talk.

Dusty wakes inside the car. The homeless man is there again and offers him some food. Dusty wonders what the man wants. He says he is just trying to help to "the mayor" won't come back. Dusty has no idea what that means at first and then realizes that the guy misunderstood. He tells him that his attackers name was "Mayer" and asks the homeless guy to find Lily Snyder and get him some help. Dusty tells him that Lily will give him lots of money and tells him to go to the farm to find her. The homeless man leaves.

The homeless guy is hiding in the backyard at the farm, listening as Win and Noah talk about dinner. Noah offers to get Win out of the family dinner if he is uncomfortable but the Colonel won't hear of it. The Colonel goes outside. Luke and Noah begin sitting the table. Noah tries to make a few romantic moves on Luke but Luke pulls away because he is still not sure that the Colonel is really on board with their relationship. Outside, the Colonel finds the homeless man. He says they need to talk about Dusty Donovan! Win pretends not to know anything but the homeless guy tells him that he knows everything about the shooting!

Carly is listening to a few goodbye messages when Parker comes in with a stack of papers. He tells her that he may know how to save her life! The papers are filled with research on alternative treatments for brain lesions like Carly's. Carly tells him that the treatment won't guarantee anything and that they don't have the money to do it. Parker offers to use his trust fund - the one Rosanna set up! He says they need to call Rosanna to get the money right now. Carly tells Parker that she will call Rosanna and sends him back to school. He leaves. Carly stares at the pages for a few minutes and picks up the phone.

Angry, Paul asks Rosanna what prompted his sudden amnesia about the events of the crash. Rosanna tells Paul that she never had any memory flashes and that she made up everything because she knew it was what he wanted to hear! "I have been lying to you since the day you brought me home," she says! Paul can't believe it. She begs for his forgiveness. Paul tells her that they can't continue with their plans for the future now! He says that they need to slow things down because of Rosanna's frail health. Rosanna doesn't want to wait, though, and tells Paul that she feels fine and only has a few memory problems. Paul insists that they hire the best specialists to help her reach 100%. Rosanna wonders what is really behind Paul's motives. Carly calls and asks Rosanna to come over to the house as soon as possible. Rosanna agrees to meet her. She asks Paul if they can talk later and leaves Fairwinds. When he is alone, Paul's entire countenance changes and pushes things off the desk. Rosanna's cell phone falls to the floor! He watches the cell phone video that the PI took.

Rosanna arrives at Carly's, expecting a confab about Jack. She is stunned when Carly tells her about the brain lesions. Rosanna offers to pay for any treatment. Carly brings up the experimental treatment Parker found and Rosanna is ready to pay for it. Carly tells her not to because the tumors in that study aren't like the tumors that Carly has. "I'm out of options," she says and asks Rosanna for a favor: she wants Rosanna to move forward with her life with Paul. She spots Rosanna's engagement ring and is stunned to find out that thought Rosanna loves Paul, she doesn't think that Paul is completely in love with her! She confides in Carly that she is afraid she'll love Paul to Meg. Ro tells Carly about lying at the hearing and the cell phone footage from the PI. Carly is understanding but says Rosanna may have made a huge mistake in lying to Paul. Then she tells Ro to keep Paul from finding out about any of it! Just then Paul calls Rosanna. He apologizes for his actions after the hearing and asks Rosanna to come home so they can talk. He hangs up. Rosanna leaves, confident that she can win Paul and keep him in the dark at the same time. Parker returns from school and Carly tells him that the Berlin treatment is out of the question because it won't work on the tumors in her brain. Parker doesn't want to accept that. He turns away to go back to school but tells Carly before he leaves that he thinks she is going to be okay.

Meg wants to know why Craig was so confident just before the hearing. She wonders if he conned Rosanna into "forgetting" things. Craig can't believe what he is hearing, especially when she tells him that Paul will find out the truth. Craig swears that he didn't know what Rosanna would or would not say on the stand but that he had hoped she would be honest - and now he believes that she was! Craig wonders why Meg insisted on sitting with him at the hearing if she didn't believe him. He asks if she hoped the hearing would give her a reason to return to Paul! Meg gets angry and walks away. Craig follows. Meg admits that she wants to believe him but she does have some doubts. He professes his innocence and points out that he has always been honest with her. He tells her to get on board with him or leave him alone! Craig kisses her, saying he wants her to be his wife in every way. Meg pulls away; Craig asks for a decision. Before she can answer, Rosanna calls Craig and tells him to meet her right then!

Craig and Rosanna meet at the diner. Craig tells her that lying on the stand was the right thing to do; she isn't so sure and tells him they still have problems on the Paul and Meg front. To keep Meg away from Paul, she wants Craig to get Meg pregnant with his child as soon as possible! Craig returns to their hotel room and finds Meg. She tells him she is ready to go forward and they make love! Meg reaches for birth control but Craig pushes it away and tells her he wants to make a baby. Meg drops the birth control.

Back at Fairwinds, Paul calls the maid to ask about any visitors that Rosanna may have had. She admits that a strange man stopped by the night before. Rosanna returns home but Paul is gone. The maid brings her a package from Paul. She opens it and finds her cell phone inside!

Next on ATWT:

Holden finds Win with the homeless man; Win decides to take Noah and Luke on a fishing expedition. Maddie discusses her reservations about the Colonel with Henry. Dusty gets out of the car. Paul tells Rosanna he is moving out of Fairwinds!

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