Gwen and Sofie run into one another at The Lakeview. Gwen tells Sofie about accidentally telling Cole about the baby. Sofie calls Cole to explain but he doesn't answer. She turns on Gwen, asking why she talked to Cole in the first place. Gwen tries to explain that she was only trying to help Cole with his music. Sofie turns away as Cole walks in, playing Mr. Nice Guy! She is excited but Cole soon changes his tune, asking Sofie how she is going to pay for a child's upbringing. Gwen tries to help Sofie out but their bickering just makes Sofie more stressed out. She orders Gwen to leave them alone and she leaves. Sofie leads Cole to a table to try to explain. He immediately goes on the attack. "I don't know you at all," he says. They argue. Sofie tries to calm him down but he becomes more and more angry. He destroys an entire tray of glasses and then storms out. The manager comes over and fires Sofie! She leaves. In Old Town, she calls Cole and leaves him a message about getting fired and begs him to call her.

Carly is watching the video she made for Jack when Brad walks in. He tells her she should tell Jack everything she has to say now but Carly doesn't agree. She thinks Jack needs to focus on Katie. Brad disagrees, telling Carly that it will be worse for Jack to see a tape that professes her undying love after she has died than to know how she feels right now. He gives in, though, and changes the subject, asking if Carly needs anything. She says she is fine and tells him to go. He leaves and the doctor calls to remind her of an appointment. The nurse insists that she needs to come in to the office right away.

Jack surprises Katie with an outing for just the two of them - to buy a home! Excited about the prospects, Katie asks Jack about the place they are going to see. He doesn't have many details and Katie goes to get dressed. Jack calls Carly to check in but she doesn't answer. Katie returns and when she learns he hasn't been able to reach Carly tells him to call again. He does and gets through. Carly tells him that her appointment with the Oncologist was moved up and hangs up. Jack is worried. Katie tells him to go to Carly and they can see the house another time. He insists that she keep the realtor's appointment and even tells her to make an offer if she likes the house. She finally agrees and Jack leaves to be with Carly. Katie buys a book on real estate and tries to figure out how to make the best deal. She is reading the book with Brad surprises her in Old Town. He asks what is going on and learns that Jack has left home buying up to her while he goes to Carly. Brad offers to help Katie since he has a background in construction. Katie is still worried. Brad puts her at ease and she agrees to let him tag along. They look at the house and Katie loves it but still has questions. Brad takes her to the kitchen to imagine herself working there as "Jack" arrives home from work. Katie falls a little more in love with the house until she remembers Jack isn't there and might not be there for a long time! Brad goes to the door and watches Katie for a few minutes, unsure of what to do for her. He leaves. Katie starts to cry.

Carly is waiting in the doctor's office when Jack arrives. She wants to know why he is there and not with Katie but he ignores her questions and asks how she is doing. So far Carly doesn't know much. Dr. Reynolds, the oncologist arrives and tells them about the treatment option - it is a chemotherapy treatment that won't save her life but that will prolong her life and make it better. Carly agrees to the treatment. Dr. Reynolds leaves. Jack takes Carly home and offers to help her in any way he can. Gwen arrives and Jack leaves. Carly asks Gwen about the fertility treatments. Gwen updates her and then tells Carly about Cole. She sees a pamphlet on the coffee table and asks what is going on. Carly tries to make light of the situation but can't. Gwen can't believe she is going to lose her sister.

Jack goes to the new house, hoping to find Katie. He calls out for her but she doesn't answer at first. Then she comes in from another room, surprised to see him. She asks about Carly but he wants to know about the house. Katie loves the place and wants to buy it. He agrees and tells her it's time to make the house theirs and get started on their new family. They make love!

Meg surprises Craig in Old Town and tells him she is going to to to the trial with him. He says he doesn't want her to go! He wants her to believe him because of his words, not because Rosanna backs up his story. Meg insists on going and Craig gives in.

Rosanna can't stop staring at the picture on the camera phone. Paul surprises her and Rosanna puts the phone away, making an excuse about calling the judge to get out of testifying. Paul encourages her, saying the sooner they deal with Craig the better! They arrive at court and Paul leaves the outer courtroom to get Rosanna some water as Meg and Craig walk in. He asks Meg to go ahead and then asks Rosanna what she has decided. "I've realized that Paul loves me and only me," she says and walks away. The hearing gets underway and Rosanna is called to the stand. The prosecutor asks if Craig meant to hurt her and Rosanna catches Paul staring at Meg and hesitates. Paul stands up and orders Rosanna to tell them everything. "I. . .I can't remember," she says! Barbara yells out that Rosanna is lying. Rosanna tells the judge that her memories come and go because of the coma but that she can't remember exactly what happened the night of the accident. Before the judge can dismiss all the charges, Paul desperately tries to make Rosanna admit to what she has remembered. Paul tries to tell the judge what he knows but with no witnesses to back him up the judge dismisses the charges against Craig! Barbara and Paul can't believe it; Craig is smug.

Craig and Meg go to The Lakeview to celebrate. Meg wonders why Craig was so certain that Rosanna wouldn't remember anything. He admits that he was fighting for their life together but Meg isn't satisfied with the answer.

Rosanna and Paul go to Fairwinds. She tells him how sorry she is about the hearing. Telling him she feels terrible, she apologizes over and over. Paul tells her she just shouldn't have lied!

Next on ATWT:

Parker thinks he can save Carly's life. Craig believes Meg wanted him to be imprisoned so she could be with Paul! Rosanna wonders if Paul loves her or if he is only using her.

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