Paul wakes up and asks Barbara about Meg. She tells him there wasn't time to get Meg there and he asks her to bring Meg to him. "She waiting for me. You need to tell her," Paul says when Barbara hesitates. He asks for a phone to call her but Barbara won't give him one. Paul realizes there is some other reason that Barbara wants to keep them apart. Barbara tries to cover, telling Paul that she simply wants him to herself for a little while. Paul realizes that his mother blames Meg for the accident and gets worried about Craig. He won't let it go and tries to get out of the bed! The doctors come in and restrain Paul, warning him that they will sedate him if he won't calm down. Paul demands a release date but the doctor won't promise anything. Seeing that he is calmer, the doctors leave. Barbara breaks down and tells Paul that Meg is with Craig now. Paul doesn't want to believe her but Barbara tells him everything that has gone on since the accident. Paul can't fathom why Meg would allow Craig into her life, especially since Craig was supposed to have killed Paul. He is even more stunned to learn that Meg decided to keep Worldwide and hasn't gone through with the annulment. "I saw them in an intimate moment," Barbara says, throwing Paul for a loop. He demands Barbara give him her phone and she reluctantly turns it over. He calls Fairwinds, doesn't give his name and asks for Meg, a maid tells him that Meg isn't home and that she is out with her husband for the day. She suggests he try to Snyder farm. Paul lies back, defeated. He tells Barbara about the dream with Rosanna, wondering what it means. She tells him it is time to go home but he refuses. Telling Barbara that he needs to stay dead a while longer, he asks her to go back to Oakdale but not tell anyone about him.

Meg pulls away from the kiss after a few moments, unsure of what just happened. Craig leans in to her and kisses her again! Craig pulls away. "I don't want you to feel pressured," he says when Meg questions why he is pulling away from her at this point. She gets mad, believing that this is another of his plans to win her over for good. She begins arguing with him about his role in her life - from instructing her about Worldwide to giving her space to allowing the annulment. Craig doesn't deny it. Instead he surprises her. "I want your trust. I want love, family, future," he says, willing to do whatever she needs and wants to have her in his life. He admits he is still in love with her! Meg can't believe her ears and runs down all of the bad things she has done to Craig. He doesn't care. When she keeps pushing him, Craig reminds her of the things that Paul did to her in the past, comparing his love for Meg to her love for Paul. "When I was holding you, when I was kissing you Paul Ryan was the last thing on your mind," he says. They argue and Meg orders Craig out of her home.

Dallas and Margo are going over reports. She can't believe they haven't had more response from the Amber Alert. Dallas leaves to go over some other information. Katie arrives to find out anything new in the case. Margo tells her to go to the hospital but she refuses. She asks Margo what to do about Jack because she feels like staying away from him is abandoning him. Margo convinces her that she needs to let Jack focus on JJ, and at the same time give Carly a little more space so she won't go on the attack. A detective interrupts them. Katie leaves, asking Margo to keep her in the loop. She considers calling Jack but doesn't. On the way out, she runs into Henry who tells her not to let Carly run the show. He tells her to go to Jack - now! When Katie hesitates Henry takes her for a drink to convince her. At The Lakeview, Henry reminds Katie that Carly and Jack have been off and on forever, and there will be feelings there, but he tells her to go after what she wants - Jack! Even after Katie tells him what Jack said, Henry tells her to go after him. "I think he already loves you more," Henry says, pushing her to go to him.

Carly is sitting with Jack in his hospital room. He is in a lot of pain and she helps him get into a more comfortable position. Telling him about his wounds - four broken ribs, concussion and several stitches - she says he'll be fine. He asks about JJ but there is nothing new in the case. Carly tells him she hasn't seen the other kids because she was more concerned about how he was doing. "Where is Katie?" he asks, wondering why she isn't there. Sage and Parker arrive with Lily and Holden. Jack talks to the kids while Carly goes outside to talk with Lily. She asks if Carly told him about paying the ransom and she says no; she is hoping to keep the ransom payment a secret. Holden comes out the the kids and they leave. Before Carly can say anything else Dallas walks up. He goes inside Jack's room. Lily tells Carly they have to come clean about the ransom but Carly won't let her. Telling Lily to let her do the talking, Carly returns inside. She interrupts Jack and Dallas and tells them that she paid the ransom! Holden is listening from the door. Jack can't believe what he is hearing. Carly tells them that she was only trying to protect JJ; she tells them she didn't get a good look at the woman. Dallas leaves to tell Margo. Jack demands to know where the money came from, angry that Carly went against his wishes. Holden and Lily leave. Telling him that she loves him, Carly tries to convince Jack that she had only their best interests at heart. She apologizes to him. Jack tells Carly that his only mistake was telling her anything about the case at all. Carly leaves. In the hall she runs into Katie and tells her that Jack knows about the ransom and that he understands why she paid the money. Carly leaves. Katie looks in the window. Jack sees her and calls out to her not to leave. Katie goes inside, telling Jack she wanted to give him time with his family. He tells her that he only wanted to see her! He doesn't remember anything from the explosion, except seeing her at the ambulance, and asks if he said anything important. Katie doesn't tell him what he said. He kisses her. From outside, Carly looks on.

Holden and Lily go to Al's for a bite to eat. As they talk about the kidnapping and the kidnappers, Holden wonders where Carly could have gotten the money. Lily doesn't tell him she gave it; instead telling him that Carly was only trying to protect her family. Holden sees through Lily and asks her point blank if she gave Carly the ransom money.

In an interrogation room, Margo interviews a potential witness named Mel. She is nervous and beats around the bush, annoying Margo who feels it is a waste of time. Eventually Mel tells Margo that she saw JJ. Dallas arrives as Margo finishes up. They have a description of both the kidnappers and the car. Mel leaves. Dallas stuns Margo with his own news, that Carly paid the ransom. Margo can't believe it.

Next on ATWT:

Noah wants to spend more time with Maddie; Luke admits his feelings. Sophie is in trouble. Carly won't give up on Jack and comes up with a plan to keep Katie out of the picture.