Aaron is introduced to Sofie, a new cocktail waitress. He begins to train her on how they do things at The Lakeview. She grabs a cherry and Aaron tells her to eat the whole thing - he can't use them now that she's touched them! Aaron leads Sophie to the changing rooms. In the lobby, he sees Allie leaving a message for Dusty. Unable to stop himself, he confronts her about letting Dusty pay her way. Sofie tells Aaron she can find the way to the changing room herself and leaves. Alison wonders what Aaron is so angry about. He tells her he saw Dusty give her a wad of cash and knows she moved out of Susan's. Now that she knows Susan asked Aaron to check up on her, Allie feels more alone than ever. She tells Aaron to stay away and leaves the hotel. He returns to the bar, angry, and knocks over some of the day preps. Sofie walks in, along with the manager who is upset at the broken glass. She takes the blame, saying it was her fault! They finish their training and Aaron gets ready to leave for the day. Before he goes, Sofie asks him about Alison. Aaron tells her things are over with Alison and he just needs to let go.

Dusty walks through the lobby of The Lakeview. A concierge stops him and hands him Allie's envelope - it is filled with the cash he left on her table at Al's! Dusty goes straight to Al's and gives Alison back the envelope of cash, telling her to keep it to pay for a new apartment. Alison refuses, telling him that she needs to stand up on her own. No mom, no handouts from friends and no one else holding her up! "You need a support system," he says but Alison doesn't believe him. She pushes the envelope back across the counter. No matter what he says Allie won't keep the money. Seeing how upset she is, Dusty pulls her from the diner. Outside, Alison tells Dusty she needs to get back but he keeps pushing her to open up. Reluctantly she tells him that what Aaron thinks about her does matter and she wishes it didn't. Dusty tells her he will back off but tells her he'll be around if she needs him. Dusty leaves.

Holden arrives back at the farm and fills Meg in on Jack, who is in stable condition at the hospital. She asks about JJ but there is no news. She tries to stop him from going inside but Holden won't wait. He sees Craig, making breakfast for Parker! Rather than focusing on Craig Holden talks to Parker about JJ and Jack, assuring him that his family will be okay. Craig asks Parker to finish his breakfast but Parker won't eat - he wants to go look for JJ. Craig suggests they go fishing and Holden actually agrees with the plan. They leave. When they are alone Meg thanks Holden for not overreacting at Craig's presence. Meg begins to clean up but keeps flashing back to the night before when Craig was holding her. Holden asks her what is wrong. For the umpteenth time, Meg explains that Paul's death was her fault and not Craig's. She reminds Holden that she saw Paul's face when he let go of Paul. Meg even admits that at one point in her life she was attracted to Craig. Holden stands by her, telling her that Craig can't be all bad after helping them get through the night.

Later that day Craig and Parker return from the pond. He tells Parker a big fish story. Parker begins to tell Craig a story about JJ but instead turns to go inside. Craig asks if he can help and Parker begins to talk about Paul and his ability to see things, wondering if Paul would be able to find JJ. He asks Craig about Rosanna and Paul, telling Craig that he can't be bribed to like him just because he wants to be with Meg. "Paul is dead. Don't try to be him," Parker says. Holden and Meg come out of the house; Holden and Parker leave. Meg tries to talk to Craig but he turns away. Meg stops him, asking if he needs to go back to Worldwide. Craig talks about the life lessons she has learned on the farm and his bad mood lifts. They talk about team building exercises. Craig swears he would never drop Meg and they go back inside. They finish up the breakfast dishes. Uncomfortable, Craig tells Meg to go and rest and let him finish up alone. She hesitates, saying he is probably as tired as she is. Craig suggests she buy Emma a new couch with her first CEO check. Laughing, they talk a little more. She tells him he can go home but he won't leave her. Craig apologizes for trying to kiss her the night before! He asks what she wants. "Is it within the realm of possibility that you'll stop lying to me?" she asks. Angry, Craig admits that he isn't sorry for trying to kiss her. Meg steps away and tells him that isn't all - she doesn't want him telling her what he thinks she wants to hear! "Stop helping me. Stop caring about me. Stop being the person that I need you to be," she says and kisses him!

Barbara arrives at the Canadian hospital, worried about Paul. The doctor shows her into Paul's room. She holds his hand, begging him to wake up. When Paul doesn't respond Barbara asks about his chances. The doctor admits that the longer Paul remains in the coma the greater the chances are that he will be in a persistent vegetative state. Paul begins to dream - he is locked outside of a hospital room and Meg is inside, crying. He calls to her that he is still alive but she doesn't hear. Craig appears in the dream, pulling a curtain over the door so he can't even see Meg! Paul makes a noise. Barbara calls for the doctor. He comes in and examines Paul. He suggests a new EEG, hopeful that they can figure out why Paul is suddenly agitated.

In his dreams, Paul bangs against the locked door, trying to get to Meg. But no one will let him in. A voice calls out that she understands. It's Rosanna! Paul asks Rosanna where they are. "Someplace between life and death," she tells him. Paul tells her they have to leave, to get out. She tells him that they can't. Paul turns back to the window and sees Barbara at his bedside. He tries the door again but can't get inside. Paul turns back to Rosanna and promises to get them both out of wherever this place is. He begins to bang on the doors again. He turns back to Rosanna but she is gone! Craig turns back to the door and realizes it is open!

In the hospital room, the machines monitoring Paul begin to go haywire. Barbara encourages him to keep fighting, to come back to her! A nurse comes in to take Barbara to a waiting room but she won't leave Paul's side. "Come back," she says to Paul, "open your eyes." Paul opens his eyes! Paul asks about Rosanna, wondering where she went. Barbara is confused and asks him what he remembers. Paul says Craig's name but the doctor tells him to stay quiet. Barbara begins talking about home and Paul thinks about Meg.

Next on ATWT:

Carly admits she paid the ransom. Holden asks Lily where Carly got the ransom money. Paul refuses to go home with Barbara. Craig tells Meg she wasn't thinking about Paul when she was kissing him!