Will and Gwen try to comfort Sage, who is very worried about JJ and the rest of her family. Barbara arrives. Gwen and Sage leave the room and Will fills in Barbara about JJ's kidnapping. Gwen returns and they begin to talk about the new baby. Barbara offers to set up a trust for the baby! Will isn't crazy about the idea, especially when Barbara suggests she also set up a monthly stipend for he and Will. Gwen isn't crazy about the ideas either. She thanks Barbara for thinking of them. They continue talking and eventually Gwen and Will accept the trust fund. Barbara hugs him. Will tells her that the stipend is okay, too, but only until they are both out of school. Barbara agrees and then leaves. Gwen turns to Will, relieved to see that Barbara is getting back to normal. They return to Sage to put her to bed. Sage is scared to sleep, afraid of the dreams that might come. Will settles her down and Gwen stays with her for a little bit. After a while she tucks Sage in and begins to sing her a lullaby. Will listens in from the doorway.

Barbara returns home. A doctor calls, identifying himself as Dr. Voss. He tells Barbara they have found Paul. Barbara is upset and offers to come to them the next day to make arrangement to bring Paul's body back. "You don't understand. Your son is alive," Dr. Voss says. Barbara sits down, stunned. Dr. Voss tells her there is no doubt that the man they found is Paul but that he is unconscious and can't speak to her. He warns her that things don't look good; Barbara offers to pay anything to get him well. "You're saying he could die?" Barbara asks. The doctor tells her she needs to come - quickly!

Parker is at the farm eating dinner with Meg when a car pulls up in the drive. Excited he answers the door but is disappointed when he realizes it is only Craig. Without talking to Meg, Craig walks in with junk food. He tries to make a joke but it falls flat; Craig offers to be Parker's punching bag to make the kid feel better. Craig talks to Parker about Paul. Reluctantly Parker talks to him and they begin to mend their relationship. Craig tells him to focus on Jack because Jack is a great detective and he won't let anyone hurt JJ. Meg listens, touched by how easy Craig is with Parker. Meg asks Parker to help with the dishes while Craig grabs a drink. Parker slams the dishes down, upset again. Meg goes to him and sees Paul's Ouija board in the cabinet. They bring the board to the table and Meg tells him how it works. They bicker back and forth before Meg realizes Parker isn't joining in. She talks to him about the night Paul brought the board over. She remembers the board went to the letter "C" before it went to the letter "P", but doesn't say anything. Craig offers to watch baseball with Parker but he declines. Parker wants a little time alone. Meg asks him to stick close and he agrees to read upstairs. When they are alone, Craig asks Meg how she is holding up. She talks about JJ but Craig interrupts, asking how she is feeling about Paul. She admits she is still in love with Paul. Craig is crushed but tries to be understanding. They talk. Meg tells him that she wasn't on his side at first but after seeing him with Parker she believes he could be a good father. Meg paces to the door and sighs. "It's hot, humid. But I still feel cold," she says. Craig commiserates with her, telling her that he felt the same the night he lost Bryant. Meg asks if Craig will ever be able to repair things with Lucy. He doesn't think so. "Lucy begged me to stop pushing. But pushing is what I do," Craig says. Meg tells him he needs to change. Sad, Craig tells her that he tried but the girl of his dreams was already with another guy. Craig tells Meg that he always thought that if she was the mom he could be a good dad! Meg can't believe what she is hearing. They go back inside and Craig apologizes for saying what he did. Meg turns, apologizing for her part in smashing his dreams. Craig holds her, telling her that he deserved it. Barbara arrives, sees them together and quickly walks away. Meg pulls away from Craig.

In the Canadian hospital, the doctors confer over Paul's hospital bed, hoping Barbara gets there on time.

Katie accuses Carly of paying the ransom. Carly won't admit it but Katie won't drop the subject. She tells Carly that Jack knows where JJ is. Carly turns away, upset, and finally admits that she paid the ransom. Carly defends her action, telling Katie that Jack should have told her his plans from the get-go. Katie can't believe it; she tells Carly to call the station house but she won't. Carly leaves, telling Katie to stay at the house. Henry arrives a few minutes later and Katie vents her anger at Carly and her fears for Jack and JJ to him. Henry tries to calm her, asking why she doesn't just call the police. Katie tells him that she can't risk making any more trouble for Jack. "He could get killed!" Katie says. Henry tells her that he knows where Jack is! Henry tells her about Jack sampling the dust on his shoes and then reluctantly tells her about the construction site. Katie demands to know where it is and he tells her.

Carly goes to the police stations and asks Dallas for help. She tells him she has to know where Jack has gone - right now! Dallas refuses at first. He asks Carly to sit down but she won't. She begs Dallas to contact Jack somehow, which only makes her more worried. Dallas tells her any contact will put JJ and Jack in even more danger. Angry, Carly walks away. As she leaves, she overhears another officer telling Dallas about the construction site. She hurries away.

In the vacant building, Silas realizes Jack is outside. Ava holds JJ close to her with her hand over his mouth but JJ manages to move. Jack hears the sound! Whispering, Silas tells Ava they have to leave now. He tells her to leave with JJ and he'll stay behind to take care of Jack. Before Ava drags him out, JJ manages to drop a piece of paper. Silas leaves a blanket in a pile on the floor. Jack bursts into the room, freaked out because he thinks JJ is under it. No one is there but he sees the clue JJ left behind. Jack goes on, not realizing that Silas is in the room. When Jack is gone, Silas comes out into the open with a bomb and a detonator! Silas lights a fuse and then runs from the building. Jack sees the bomb just as Carly arrives, calling for JJ. He yells at her to get out but before either of them can leave the bomb goes off! Carly wakes up and calls for Jack. She starts searching and finds him, unconscious, under a lot of debris. "Jack! Jack, you have to wake up," she says, shaking him. She realizes he isn't breathing! Carly calls for help but no one is around to hear her. She tries her cell but it doesn't work and she starts CPR. Jack begins to breath again as Katie arrives. Carly tells her to start looking for JJ. Jack comes to. He tells them that JJ wasn't there. Carly questions Jack but he loses consciousness again. Katie tells Carly to back off, to let Jack breath and Carly orders her to leave the building! Katie doesn't leave. The emergency workers arrive to take care of Jack. Carly tells him about the card that Jack mentioned. They search and find it not far from his body. Dallas leaves and Carly follows to find out what they do next to get JJ back. Alone with Jack, Katie tells Jack she loves him. "I love you, too, Carly," Jack says!

Ava takes JJ to the car. He asks her why she hasn't let him go yet and she tells him they'll never let him go! Silas returns to the car and they leave town. JJ begs them to let him go. "That's not an option," Silas says.

Next on ATWT:

Craig kisses Meg; Paul dreams of Rosanna! Allie tells Dusty to back off. Luke tells Noah he likes him!

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