In Old Town, Aaron is handing out flyers to help find JJ. Susan runs in to him and tells him about her fight with Allie. With no other options, she asks him to help her find Alison and keep her on the straight and narrow. Aaron pulls back, telling Susan there is too much water under the bridge for him to help Allie. He has tried but the past always gets in they way! When Susan turns to go, Aaron tells her to try to get Dusty to help her. Angry, Susan tells him she wouldn't trust Dusty for anything. She leaves. Aaron goes to the farm, angry that everyone keeps trying to push him back with Allie. He sees Luke and they talk about his past with Alison. Luke tells Aaron to bite the bullet and just tell Allie that he is in love with her, since he obviously still is. "I would do anything to have somebody to fight for," Luke says, telling Aaron not to let his pride get in the way. He leaves.

Allie throws a menu in front of Dusty, tells him to order and get out. Dusty wonders what is bothering her and Alison fills him in on everything she did - from buying meth to moving out of Susan's! He tells her he still believes in her. Reluctantly Alison sits down with Dusty to talk. "Nobody ever gives me the benefit of the doubt," she says. Dusty turns the tables, asking her when she is going to prove Susan and Aaron wrong. He suggests she go back home to Susan but that only makes Allie more mad. She thinks she is just fine on her own and attending meetings. Dusty tells her she isn't fine or she wouldn't have bought drugs the night before. He suggests rehab but Allie shoves that idea away. Dusty surprises her when he tells her that he still believes in her. Alison doesn't believe him, especially when he tells her that her first step should be moving out of the Wagon Wheel motel. She objects because it's the only place she can afford. He asks her to let him help. From outside the diner, Aaron watches them! Allie tells Dusty that she needs to get onto her feet on her own. He doesn't like it but agrees to let her work things out alone. Dusty pays his bill and leaves. Before he comes out, Aaron goes around a corner. He returns to watch Alison work. He sees her pick up several large bills that Dusty left for her on the table!

Will has prepared a nice, healthy breakfast for Gwen. He tells her exactly what he has made and motions her to eat. Gwen runs from the room, sick! Will follows her to the bedroom, this time bringing along tea and crackers. They talk about the baby and the pregnancy. Will helps Gwen get ready and then takes her outside for some fresh air. She asks him to keep the baby news quiet for now. He agrees.

Silas waves the hammer in front of JJ, asking what he was planning. JJ yells, "Behind you!" and Silas turns. JJ gets up and runs from the room with Silas close on his heels. Ava walks in and captures JJ. She and Silas pull JJ back inside and retie him. Ava checks the time and tells Silas they are getting close to the deadline. JJ draws in the dust with his shoes, telling Ava that Jack will find him. JJ gets nervous when Ava leaves without him. Silas tells him that they are hanging back for protection. "If Ava gets nabbed, you're done," he says! JJ tries to be strong but when Silas begins talking about Carly leaving him and Jack getting involved with Katie he has doubts.

Vienna and Henry are getting dressed at the hotel. She picks out some jewelry, asking which pieces the kidnappers would prefer. Henry tells her they probably prefer money. Vienna wants to help, though. Henry tells her about the hotline and says they should volunteer. They hurry from the hotel.

Carly begs Lily to help her raise the ransom money. Lily turns her town, telling Carly that Jack is right - they should not pay the ransom! Angry, Carly tells Lily that Jack is wrong. Lily tries to change Carly's mind but Carly is too far gone. "I can't just leave him abandoned and alone," she says when Lily reminds her that Jack must have a plan to get the boy back. Telling Lily that she is the only one who can help JJ, Carly asks again for the money. Lily gives in and agrees to pay the ransom. Carly asks her to keep their plan a secret. In Old Town, Carly sneaks up to the trash can with a bag full of money. She runs into one of Jack's police buddies! He wonders why Carly is there. She covers, telling him that she is only there to watch for the kidnappers and then makes up a story about a woman in a green SUV who looked like the kidnapper. In a hurry, the cop leaves and Carly returns to the trash basket to drop the cash. As she leaves, Will and Gwen arrive. Carly tells them she is in a hurry and tries to leave but Gwen questions her anyway. She decides to tell Carly about the pregnancy. With every passing second, Carly is more on edge. She hugs Gwen when she learns about the pregnancy. Around the corner, Ava arrives! Carly doesn't see the kidnapper but manages to get Gwen and Will away by asking them to pick up Sage for her and telling them about the kidnapping. As soon as the area is clear, Ava walks in and picks up the bag of cash!

Brad and Katie tape a segment for the return of JJ. As they finish, Jack walks in and tells Katie about the ransom and the fact that he isn't going to pay it! Katie worries about the plan and Jack explains that giving them money is almost a sure-fire way to get JJ killed. Katie encourages him when Jack starts to break down, telling him that he is a great detective and a great dad and he'll bring JJ home. Brad returns, offering any help he needs. Jack tells him they have everything covered and Brad leaves. Henry and Vienna arrive to help with the phone lines. Vienna offers to put up some reward money. Jack notices Henry's shoes, which are covered in construction dust. Henry starts to clean up the shoes but Jack stops him. Jack questions him about the construction site. Henry tells him the location and the yelp that they heard. Excited, Jack leaves, telling Henry to keep the news quiet. Brad, Vienna and Henry talk about the kidnapping and what they can do to help Jack and Katie. Vienna makes Brad mad when she asks if he is happy now. Henry steps in to make things better but only makes things worse.

Katie walks in to Jack's office, asking if she can help Jack. He asks her to call Carly or find her because he hasn't been able to reach Carly by phone. "I'm afraid she might do something she shouldn't," Jack tells her when she agrees to track down Carly. He hurries away.

Gwen and Will pick up Sage and take her to their house. Gwen reads Sage a story about a missing lamb and Sage tells them she knows what is going on. She asks them to not to tell Carly. Will reassures Sage that Jack will find JJ and bring him home. Sage asks about locks and Will begins to make a round of the house, locking up all the doors and windows. Gwen holds Sage close as they sit on the couch.

Ava calls Silas and tells them they are in the clear. "Are you going to let me go now?" JJ asks and Silas tells him no! Ava returns. Silas unties JJ after he and Ava count out the money. Silas refuses to let JJ go! They hear footstaps outside the room and Silas covers JJ's mouth so he can't make a sound. Silas walks quietly to the door and opens it. He sees Jack in the next room!

Carly returns home to find cops still at the house. She is upset, wondering why JJ isn't there yet. Katie walks in, wondering why Carly is so sure JJ should be home. "What did you do?" Katie asks, realizing that Carly must have paid the ransom. Carly doesn't admit anything. Katie tells her she just put Jack and JJ in real danger!

Next on ATWT:

Barbara learns that Paul is alive. Craig asks Meg about her feelings for Paul. Katie and Carly argue about the ransom. Jack searches the construction site for JJ!

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