Holden and Lily are passing out flyers in Old Town, hoping for a break. A store owner comes to them. He remembers JJ! Telling them about the red-haired woman, the owner tells Holden that he say JJ the day before.

At the farm, Carly takes her frustration and anger out on Katie. Brad walks in, interrupting them. He tells Carly to chill out about the engagement because at least she has Jack's kids! Carly runs from the room. Brad wonders what he said. Angry, Jack walks away from Brad. He focuses on Katie who can't believe how out of it Brad is. Jack tells him JJ has been kidnapped; Brad apologizes. He didn't know anything that had happened and asks how he can help. Brad tells Jack things will be fine and then goes upstairs to change. Holden calls, telling Jack about the store owner. Jack leaves, telling Carly to stay put. Carly begins to clean up. Katie tries to help and Carly lashes out at her. "If it weren't for you none of this would have happened," Carly says! Katie tries to understand why Carly thinks she is responsible. Carly lays out her reasoning, telling Katie that she pushed Jack into a proposal because of Brad's joke. If he would never have proposed, she believes JJ would still be at home with her! "JJ was vulnerable and he was easy prey," Carly says, telling Katie that she will never be part of JJ's family. Brad returns, listening to Carly and Katie arguing. The phone rings, interrupting them. Jack asks Carly to come to the stationhouse. She leaves. Katie stays behind at the farm. Brad comes in. Before he can say anything, Katie walks outside. Brad follows and offers her a hankie. He sits with her, surprising her when he doesn't jump on her the way Carly did. "All you need to know is that Jack trusts you," Brad reminds her, telling Katie that she is strong enough to help Jack through the situation. Brad tells Katie not to give up hope and encourages her to stick by Jack. He comes up with an idea to find JJ and leads her out of the farmhouse.

Ava and Silas are coming up with another plan - to ransom JJ in case Jack can't come up with the key. Ava writes a note, ordering $100,000. Silas tells her that they are wasting time. JJ pipes up, telling them that his parents don't have that kind of money. Ava tells JJ to shut up. She takes off the red wig and leaves. Alone, Silas tells JJ they're going to find out just how much Jack loves him. JJ squirms around, trying to get comfortable. Silas yells at him for moving and then orders him to eat. JJ points out that he can't eat with his hands tied. Silas agrees to untie one of his hands so JJ can eat but warns him not to try anything. JJ begins to eat. He spies a hammer not far away and gets an idea. JJ asks for a bathroom break but Silas won't let him go. Ava returns. She and Silas begin arguing about the ransom. Seeing his chance, JJ works to get the hammer. As Silas and Ava argue, JJ manages to hide the hammer under his leg. Silas realizes JJ is moving around and tells him to stop. Ava tells Silas to let JJ go to the bathroom and he starts to untie the kid. JJ moves wrong and makes a noise with the hammer. Ava begins to have an allergic reaction to something in the building, angering Silas. Ava leaves to get tissue. Alone, Silas asks JJ to explain about the noise he just heard - and finds the hammer JJ has been trying to hide!

Jack and Holden meet with the store owner at the precinct, trying to get a good description. He doesn't know much but it does encourage Jack. The store owner leaves. Worried, Jack tells Holden it's been a long time since they heard from the kidnappers. He believes the kidnappers haven't called because JJ might already be dead! An officer delivers a note from the kidnappers - it demands $100,000! Holden offers to give Jack the money as Carly arrives. She looks over the note, scared that the kidnappers will hurt JJ. Jack refuses to take a loan out on the house and refuses to let Holden pay the ransom, either. "We stall while we try to locate them," Jack says, certain that they will hurt JJ once they have the money. Angry, Carly tells Jack to just pay the ransom. Holden leaves to update the family. Jack asks Carly to trust him and leaves for the lab. Alone, Carly decides to take matters into her own hands! Jack returns, meeting Holden and telling him about the woman who delivered the note. He doesn't believe it is the same woman! Faith calls, asking Holden for help. He leaves. Jack continues to work on the note. In the envelope, he finds some construction debris. An officer comes by and Jack gives him the trace evidence. He asks about Carly but the officer hasn't seen her.

Carly meets Lily at The Lakeview, asking her not to tell Jack about their meeting. "I need money. A lot of it. Right now," Carly says!

Meg wakes at her Worldwide desk, still unsure she can handle a huge corporation. Craig tells her she is a natural and says she'll be better at running the company than Lucinda! Lucinda walks in and sets Craig straight - no one can run her corporation as well as she did! She and Craig argue, with Lucinda wondering what Craig is getting out of turning over the corporation to Meg. "He's training you to do his bidding," Lucinda says, telling Meg that running a corporation isn't the same as being a mediocre nurse! Meg gets mad, telling Lucinda that she was just telling Craig they should turn over Worldwide to her - but she's changed her mind! "I am keeping the corporation for myself," Meg says! Craig happily listens to the women argue over whether or not Meg is qualified to run Worldwide. Lucinda reminds Meg that Paul died for Worldwide, angry that Meg won't blame Craig for the accident. Lucinda asks Meg is Craig is that good in bed and Meg strikes her! Lucinda continues baiting Meg. Craig orders her out of the office, threatening to call security. Lucinda could care less about security and just keeps talking. "You've been warned," she tells them and leaves the office. When they are alone, Meg wonders why she told Lucinda she was keeping the company. Craig tells her not to worry about the why. He tells her she will be a good leader for the company and he will be right beside her, helping her every step of the way. Craig tells her that he wants to change the image of Worldwide, and Meg is just the image he wants! He reminds her that doing good is great, as long as they still make a profit, too. He reaches out his hand, asking if they have a deal. She asks about the details of their partnership. Craig tells her she will be the face of the corporation, he'll continue working on the deals. Reluctantly, Meg agrees. They shake on the new partnership! Holden calls, telling Meg about the kidnapping. She rushes from the office to help her family.

Next on ATWT:

Alison believes she is all alone. Luke is looking for love. Jack tells Katie about the ransom; Carly begs Lily for money. Silas threatens JJ.

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