Meg overhears Craig taking an employee to task. She tells him she is glad she doesn't work for him; he says he'll have fun working for her! Meg makes light about taking over Worldwide but Craig encourages her to take over the company. She tells him to keep the company and he asks what she really wants. "I want my life to mean something," she says, not sure running a global conglomerate is the "something" she really wants. Craig tells her to sit down and listen for a while. She does. They begin making a list of things she wants to do. Meg brings up a scholarship foundation and Craig tells her she already has one! Meg is shocked by how large the corporation is. An employee comes in, congratulating them on their marriage. Meg doesn't correct the woman and Craig wonders why. Meg skirts the issue but Craig won't let the subject drop. Finally, she tells him it was easier not to correct the woman. She turns back to the corporation papers. Craig surprises her by ignoring them company and telling her that he wants to be married to her! Meg gathers her things and leaves the office, telling Craig not to follow her! He stops her, telling her to stay and talk. He tells her that more than loving her, he wants to punish Lucinda - and her taking over Worldwide is the best way to do that! "You're so twisted," she says. He turns away from her, telling Meg to stop beating herself up about things that aren't her responsibility. Calling Craig a meanie, Meg decides not to walk away from the company! She dares him to stay and Craig agrees to stick around so they can continue working on things.

Vienna finishes up with a very satisfied client. She realizes she is late for Henry and rushes to the door. Henry is right outside waiting. Vienna introduces Henry to Pam, who begins talking real estate with them. "I have the perfect place for you two," she says. Showing them her card, Pam tells them about the new place. Henry is reluctant, especially when Pam pushes them to look at the building right then. Vienna convinces him to go now and they leave to see the space.

Ava and Silas drag JJ, whose hands are tied behind his back, into a vacant building. Ava shoves him into a corner when JJ tries to leave. They tell him they'll let him go as soon as they get the key. JJ worries about Jack, angering Silas. He tells JJ that Jack isn't his father - Les is! He yells at JJ to respect his biological father or else!

Katie tells Jack to call the station to put out an Amber Alert. Jack concentrates on Carly, asking her about everything that Silas said to her. They go over everything that was said. Katie asks about the key but neither know what the key could be. Carly becomes hysterical, afraid that they'll never see JJ again. Jack holds her, promising to get the boy back. Carly gathers pictures of JJ. Jack asks Katie to go with him to search for JJ and tells Carly to stay behind. Carly objects, telling Jack she can't stay alone. Katie brings up Parker and Sage; they agree to keep the kidnapping from the other kids. Carly tells Katie to stay at the house to wait for the next call while she and Jack search for JJ.

Margo and Tom are arguing. She wants to take things up at home but he insists they talk now. Margo brings up Casey, worried that the Casey she knew is lost forever. Tom tries to comfort her but Margo pulls back. She leaves the room. Tom follows. He tells Margo that they can save Casey, by staying strong at home. He asks her to come home. A call interrupts them and Tom walks away. Margo asks him to stay. He does. The call is patched through. It's Jack; he tells her about the kidnapping. Margo gets the ball rolling, asking Tom to keep the press to a minimum.

Jack turns to Carly, telling her to grab a jacket and come with him. When she leaves, he turns to Katie asking her to understand. She holds him, telling him things will be fine and promising to stay behind to talk to Margo. Jack tells her he loves her as Carly returns. They leave. Alone, Katie opens the ring box to look at the gem. Margo arrives and Katie tells her what she knows. Finished, Katie decides to go to the farm but Margo stops her, asking her to stay at the house. Katie tells Margo about the proposal, insisting that she go to the farm. Margo pulls back, asking Katie to think twice - about going to the farm and about saying yes to Jack! She makes Katie mad by bringing up her track record with men and marriage. "I'm not just going to wait around," Katie says and leaves.

Vienna, Henry and Pam arrive at the construction area. They knock over a pipe and hear someone calling for help! Henry begins to look around, worried, but Pam assures them it was probably a bird. She convinces them not to look around and leads them away, not realizing that Silas, Ava and JJ are in another room! Ava tells Silas to gag JJ but he doesn't. JJ asks about Les and both of the kidnappers defend everything the man did. JJ doesn't believe them and keeps telling them all of Jack's good points. "There's no key. He lied," JJ says. Silas almost hits JJ with his flashlight but Ava stops him. Whispering, she asks Silas if JJ could be right - and Les might be lying. JJ listens. Ava tells Silas if there isn't a key they have to ask for a ransom for JJ. Silas starts to make a call but Ava stops him. She has another idea.

Jack and Carly go to the farm and begin looking around, certain that JJ must have been abducted from the farm. Carly remembers Luke was there. Jack calls the station house to tell them about the call to Luke and asks for a forensics crew immediately. He and Carly go inside and begin looking around. Carly is waiting at the counter where Julia's music box is. Jack tells her about his conversation with JJ and remembers the kidnapper mentioning the box, too. Jack thinks about the box and the conversation with JJ, wondering why JJ didn't tell him anything. Carly turns things around, blaming Katie for JJ's recent trust issues. Katie walks in the door! Angry, Carly tells Katie she can't help them. Jack sends her to call Margo. Upset, Katie asks Jack if JJ has really been upset. He tells her not to worry about it and draws Katie into a hug. Carly returns as Katie tells Jack she loves his kids!

Vienna and Henry return to their hotel room. She comes on to him but he pulls away, still worried about the general state of the building and all of the problems. Vienna begins undressing and Henry begins to re-dress her, telling her there are huge problems with the building. Vienna isn't worried, though, and tells Henry that the building and the business are worth the risk.

Next on ATWT:

Carly confronts Katie about her children. Jack gets a message from the kidnappers. Lucinda and Meg have it out about Craig.