Aaron listens as Allie comes on to the three tough guys. He leaves, angry. Allie pulls Jesse closer and then kicks him in the groin! Allie tells him to leave her alone; Jesse threatens her but she doesn't take him seriously. He and the other guys leave. Alison gets distracted by some dresses in a window and decides to go shopping. Aaron returns, angry because of what he saw and confronts her. She storms away, refusing to talk to him but he follows. He tells her exactly what he saw, which only makes her feels worse because she realizes he doesn't trust her. "I'd rather be trash than self-righteous and smug," she says and storms away. She goes home, still angry with Aaron. Alison goes through the trash until she finds the vial of meth! She pours it over her hand but just manages to keep her from taking it! Susan walks in. She tells Allie that walking buying drugs and not taking them is almost as bad as buying drugs and taking them! "You need more help than you're getting," Susan says. She suggests rehab, which angers Allie. She tells her mom she doesn't need anything from anyone - and decides to move out!

Will is shocked at Gwen's pregnancy news. She shows him the test, which is a homerun, shocking him even more. He believes the test is a false positive because of what they've been told about having kids. He tries to convince Gwen that the test might now be right but she won't listen. She agrees to go see a doctor for an official test. Will calls Bob to set up another test. He offers to come by the house. Bob arrives and talks to Gwen. He reminds her about the fall and the problems related to that, and asks her to have a full exam in the morning. Neither Gwen nor Will want to wait until morning. Bob agrees to meet them at the hospital in a few minutes. He leaves. Gwen is still on cloud nine, refusing to believe that she isn't pregnant. They leave and then return home, both in shock - because Gwen really is pregnant! Barbara arrives with a gift for Will - Paul's watch. Will asks her to wait on the gifts and Barbara turns to leave. Gwen asks her to stay for their news. Will happily tells her Gwen is pregnant! Barbara can't believe it. They all enjoy the news for a moment and then Barbara leaves.

Maddie and Noah are working at WOAK when Luke arrives. They show him their progress on the show idea; Luke shows them his own ideas. They go over the new scripts, all loving the ideas. Luke leaves before taping starts. Noah wonders why he won't stick around. Maddie doesn't have any answers. They begin to tape with Maddie playing the part of the girl Luke wrote in the script. She feels a lot better after she gets the words out. Noah kisses her as Luke walks in. They show him the tape. Luke can't believe how good it is. Maddie suggests a pizza outing for the three of them but Luke begs off. Maddie insists but Luke still won't go. He tells them he has too much work. Maddie leaves. Noah suggests another scene to Luke and then leaves, too. Luke likes the idea and immediately begins to work on it.

Carly leaves a message for JJ, teasing him because he's late. She hangs up, worried about JJ but more distracted by Jack's impending proposal to Katie. The pizza delivery guy arrives but still no JJ. Carly tries to call him again but doesn't get an answer. Luke walks into the farm house and answers the phone. Carly asks him about JJ and Luke tells her that no one is home. Carly gets even more worried when Luke tells her that JJ isn't riding his bike because the bike is still at the farm! Worried, Carly tries to convince herself she can handle the problem herself. "Don't call Jack," she says.

Ava confronts JJ, telling him that she wants the music box - now! JJ won't tell her where it is, even when she starts to get angry. Carly calls and he tries to answer the phone but a hard-looking guys walks in and takes the phone before he can talk to Carly. He introduces himself as Silas and both team up on JJ, wanting the music box. Silas tells JJ he knows where the box is and JJ hands it over! He opens the box and realizes it is empty! Silas and Ava demand to know where "the key" is but JJ doesn't know. He tries to convince them he doesn't know anything about the key but Silas doesn't believe him. He grabs JJ. Silas pulls JJ from the house. In the car on the way into Oakdale, Silas tries Jack's phone but he doesn't answer. They try Carly's house, asking for Jack. Carly tells them to call the station house, but he refuses. He hands the phone to JJ, who tells Carly they are looking for a key. "When I call back in 20 minutes, I better be talking to the detective," Silas says and hangs up! Carly tries to call Jack's cell but he doesn't answer. She rushes from the house!

Jack and Katie arrive at The Lakeview. Jack's talking fast and kind of rambling because he's nervous. Katie kisses him, trying to calm him down. He sees a sign that has closed the patio and gets annoyed because he wanted to start the evening there. Jack takes her hand and marches right into the lounge. Inside is a romantic table set up for two! They sit down and Jack promises to make this the best night of Katie's life! They drink champagne and Jack reaches into his coat pocket. He pulls out his cell, promising no interruptions all night long! Jack and Katie begin to dance to soft music. When the song ends they return to the table and Jack talks about their first few dates. He tells her that he isn't the same guy, just living day to day. "I look forward now," he says, reaching into his pocket and pulling out the ring. He asks her to marry him! Katie doesn't answer him immediately. She tells him she loves him but that she is scared of saying yes! She talks about the interruptions in their lives, reminding him that Carly, Brad and the kids will never go away. She is afraid she'll wind up hurting him! "You're turning me down?" Jack asks. Katie tells him she isn't turning him down and Jack bangs his head against the table. He reassures her that he wants her - and all of the baggage that comes along with her, as long as she wants the baggage that comes along with him. Katie asks him to rewind to the proposal. Jack gets down on one knee and asks her - again! - to marry him. Just then Carly bursts into the room, hysterical. She tells him JJ's been kidnapped and Jack doesn't want to believe her. He realizes she isn't pulling a fast one; they all head for Carly's.

Jack, Carly and Katie rush inside as the phone begins ringing. It's Silas! He tells Jack to stay calm; Jack demands to talk to JJ but Silas won't let him. He tells Jack to bring the key from the music box to him - or lose JJ! Silas hangs up before Jack can answer that he doesn't know what the key is or where it might be.

Next on ATWT:

Carly lashes out at Katie. Vienna and Henry begin looking at business properties, not knowing that JJ is being held inside one of the buildings!