Before Alison can take the drugs, Jesse pulls them back. He's still mad because of what happened with Dusty. Instead of letting her buy the drugs, he offers to take her payment "in trade"! Allie tells him its cash or nothing and he finally agrees. She buys the drugs and leaves, thinking about Aaron. She goes home and is relieved to find that Susan isn't home. Allie pulls the drugs out of her purse but before she can take them, Aaron knocks on the door! Allie wonders if he is there because Dusty made him come by. Aaron surprises her by saying he is there because he wants to be there. He kills her hope by saying he doesn't want her to start back down the drugs and porn path. Allie pushes him away, telling him to leave and promising to take care of herself - without drugs! When she is alone she pulls the meth out of her purse. Before she can take it, Allie shoves it back in her purse. Just then Susan walks in. They begin arguing, with Allie believing that her entire family has given up hope for her. She tells Susan she is going to a meeting and leaves the house.

Aaron runs into Holden in Old Town. He tells Holden that he is going to stick around the city for a while, because of Allie! He doesn't think things are over with Allie but he realizes rebuilding their relationship will take time and effort. The news thrills Holden. He hugs Aaron. Holden leaves and Aaron continues walking. Alison runs into Jesse and two other guys in an alley. They come on to her, not giving her a chance to get away and she begins playing up to them, not realizing Aaron is right around the corner!

At the Lakeview, Will is still worried about Gwen's health, especially since she isn't feeling any better. She assures him she is fine and tells him to go upstairs to spend some time with his mother. Will reluctantly agrees.

JJ isn't sure what to think of Ava. Seeing his skepticism, Ava tells him what she knows about his real mom. JJ tells her about his new mom and worries that she won't be around much longer! Ava begins questioning him and JJ tell her about Jack's interest in Katie. He thinks if Jack and Katie get married Carly will leave. He pulls away from her, remembering that he really doesn't know the woman. She pulls out a letter that his mom wrote a long time ago. The letter is about a music box that Ava gave Julia; she asks him if she can have the music box. JJ tells her he'll have to run the idea by Jack and Ava tells him not to! She convinces him to go home to get the music box without telling Jack about it.

Carly watches Jack and Vienna from across the room. They are admiring the ring, and Jack is excited to see Katie. Vienna reassures him that everything will be perfect. They leave and Carly dives behind a curtain so she won't be seen. Gwen runs through the restaurant, looking horrible, and distracts Carly. She follows Gwen, telling her to call Will and go to a doctor. Gwen declines, telling Carly that Will needs to be with Barbara. Carly volunteers to drive Gwen home herself. Gwen doesn't want to interrupt time between Carly and Jack and is surprised to hear that he is actually meeting - and proposing to - Katie. Carly tells her not to worry, that she'll get Jack back yet! She takes Gwen home and they talk about her plans for Jack. Gwen can't believe her sister and tries to make her see that Jack may not be simply trying to forget about Carly. "Jack and I are forever. Just like you and Will," Carly says. Still Gwen isn't convinced. She thinks Jack really might be over Carly! Gwen tells Carly to think start focusing on her children instead of trying to get Jack back. Carly tells Gwen she doesn't know what she's talking about. Seeing how upset Carly is, Gwen apologizes for being so blunt. Carly asks her about Branson but Gwen doesn't want to talk about that yet. Carly leaves. Alone, Gwen gives in to the stomach pains she has been having. After a moment, she grabs her purse and heads back into town.

Katie hurries into Al's, needing a quick cup of coffee before her evening with Jack. Brad walks in. He tells Katie he is there to apologize about the fake ring story. She tells him it doesn't matter because Jack is now going to propose for real. Annoyed, Brad wonders why Jack is diving in head first and tells Katie that he can't really want to marry her. He says Jack just wants to make her feel better because she got so upset. "You're just trying to get to me," she says and orders Brad out. He calls her insecure and then leaves but not before telling Katie that saying yes to Jack will be a huge mistake! Brad runs into Jack in Old Town and despite Brad's attempts to sidetrack him and convince him not to propose, Jack says he is going to marry Katie. He shows Brad the ring and walks away. Brad isn't through and follows him. At the farm he tells Jack that he'll be making a huge mistake. Jack rounds on him, telling Brad to stop being a brat and just be a happy brother.

Jack arrives home and finds JJ with Julia's music box. He asks if something is bothering JJ. Angry, JJ tells Jack that Carly is going to leave because he is marrying Katie. He tries to reassure JJ that they will be a family whether Jack marries Katie or not; he goes on to tell him that Carly isn't going anywhere. "If I marry Katie, you'll just have one more person who loves you," Jack says. JJ hadn't thought of things that way but he likes the idea. Jack prepares to leave. JJ asks if he can ride his bike back into town. Jack approves the plan as long as JJ wears his helmet and is back before dark. Jack leaves and J goes inside. A moment later, Ava shows up wondering where he has been! JJ gets a little freaked out and tells Ava to leave but she won't. She calls JJ a liar and demands that he give her the box!

Katie arrives at Vienna's to begin getting ready for the big night. She tells Vienna about the run-in with Brad; Vienna tells her Brad is an idiot. Katie is worried, though, because of Brad and because of Carly. Both of them are beginning to make her doubt Jack's feelings. Katie sees the similarities between her and Jack and Vienna and Henry. Vienna reassures her that the relationship with Jack is very different from Vienna's relationship with Henry. Finally feeling better, Katie thanks Vienna for helping her get ready. They finish getting ready. Jack arrives, taken aback at how beautiful Katie is.

Carly returns home, looking for JJ but can't find him.

Gwen returns home and Will is close behind. He asks what is wrong. She tells him she isn't sick - she's pregnant!

Next on ATWT:

Will questions Gwen's pregnancy. Allie gets mad at Dusty. Barbara learns Paul is alive. Ava kidnaps JJ!

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