Dusty shows up at Susan's, angering her. "You have to leave us alone," she says. He asks if she's seen the paper and tells her about Paul's death. Afraid she'll find out about Paul from an outside source, Dusty asks Susan to tell him where Em went so he can give her the news himself. "Are you out of your mind?" Susan asks, refusing to tell him anything.

Allie runs into Aaron at The Lakeview. She congratulates him on the job and asks how he's been. Aaron isn't comfortable around her but doesn't shoo her away. After circling around the subject for a bit, Allie apologizes to him for the way she acted and the secrets she kept. Unable to listen any longer, Aaron walks away. Aaron returns after a while, surprised to see Allie still sitting at the bar. He pours her a glass of water and tells her about his decision to stay in Oakdale for a while. They talk amiably for a while until Aaron brings up the DVD. Allie gets angry, telling him that she is more than a porn star! She walks away.

Dusty runs into Allie at the bar and worries because she has three empty bottles of beer in front of her. Calling herself a disappointment, Alison tells Dusty about her run-in with Aaron and then orders another longneck. She asks what he's doing there and he tells her about Susan. Reaching out to touch his hands, Allie suggests they leave the bar - together! Dusty pulls away, telling Alison that sleeping together again would be a huge mistake. He thinks she is substituting sex for Meth; she doesn't correct him. Dusty tells her to stop trying to mess things up on purpose. He manages to calm her down and convinces her to leave the bar. She suggests he go with her to a knew place in Chicago; instead, Dusty tells her to go home and sleep things off. Allie keeps coming on to him and Dusty keeps pushing her away. He pours her into a cab.

Dusty returns to The Lakeview. Annoyed to see him, Aaron hands of bar duties to another bartender and tries to leave. Dusty stops him, telling him that Alison is in a bad way and asking Aaron to help save Allie from herself. Aaron leaves. Dusty follows him to the diner, still trying to convince Aaron to go after Alison. Angry, Aaron tells Dusty to help Allie out, the way he "helped" her in Vegas. Just as angry, Dusty tells him that Alison needs him - not Dusty.

Alison convinces the cab driver to return her to the bar. She goes inside, orders another drink and makes herself comfortable! The bartender won't serve her, which makes her angry. He tells Alison to go home and walks away. She sees Jesse at a table and cozies up to him. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a vial of meth. Alison smiles.

Carly can't believe Jack is ready to marry Katie and tells him so. "You're proposing because it is less scary than admitting you still have feelings for me," she says! Jack can't believe her and tells her he is ready to move on. When he reminds her he's with Katie Carly reminds him of the past - and how he has always returned to her. Jack turns away for a moment. He turns back, telling her that he is tired of the lies. He wants more than turmoil in his life and he believes Katie is the goodness that he deserves. "I'd like peace. The fighting gets old," he tells her. Carly won't stop and keeps reminding him of the differences between her and Katie. Jack reminds her she wasn't happy with him and tells her to let it go. Realizing she is pushing too hard, Carly asks Jack to leave.

Vienna, Henry and Katie are celebrating her impending engagement with champagne. Vienna suggests his-and-hers massages as their engagement gift. Katie isn't sure Jack will go for it; Henry suggests she test the method on him. Seeing how serious Vienna is about her new business Katie suggests she rent a space and really get things going. Afraid to turn clients away because she is real estate shopping, Vienna turns them down. Henry suggests that he and Katie so the shop shopping for her. Vienna begins making plans again. Jack calls and asks for her help with a jewelry problem. She agrees to meet him - after telling Katie where she's headed - and leaves the hotel room. Katie and Henry stay behind, talking about Jack. She thanks him for listening and being her friend. She asks him to be part of her wedding; sarcastically, he turns down the part of maid of honor. Katie surprises him, asking him to walk her down the aisle instead. He agrees. Before things get too weepy, Henry asks Katie if she's considered all the problems that Carly brings to the mix. Confident, Katie tells him Carly isn't an issue. They leave the hotel and begin window shopping for the right proposal dress.

JJ is eavesdropping on Jack's phone call and as soon as he hangs up the phone, confronts him angrily. JJ can't believe Jack is considering proposing to Katie and hopes she'll say no. JJ tells Jack he has to go home to finish his chores and leaves. Jack calls Katie, asking her to join him for dinner at The Lakeview. Vienna meets him and begins showing him the different types of rings. Jack is surprised that she is so knowledgeable. Vienna asks him to tell her about his feelings so she'll know exactly the type of ring to pick out. He talks about her, believing that he and Katie found one another because it was fated to be. Believing she has a handle on him, Vienna leads him into the jewelers. They pick out the ring and go to The Lakeview.

JJ returns home, upset, and tells Carly that Jack is ring shopping for Katie. He tells her about the proposal and tells Carly she has to stop the engagement! She can't believe he is proposing that night and as JJ goes on about Katie wonders if she could stop it. JJ tells her that he wants his family back, but Carly tells him that she can't stop his proposal. She admits that she still loves Jack, confusing JJ. He doesn't understand how she can let Jack marry someone else. "You'll understand when you're older," she says, promising that things will work out. JJ leaves the house. Carly goes to her desk and sees her own wedding pictures. She tries to talk herself out of a plan but can't! She leaves the house on a mission!

JJ returns to Old Town on his bike. He sits down on a park bench and a strange woman approaches him. "Aren't you Julia Larrabee's boy?" she asks.

Next on ATWT:

Jack tells Brad to back off. Katie worries about Jack's proposal - thanks to Carly. The strange woman keeps following JJ.

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