Jack, Carly and Parker arrive at the farm. Jack sends Parker upstairs to change and stays behind with Carly. She begins talking about Barbara and how she must feel, wondering how she would handle a similar situation. He tries to reach out to her but Carly pushes him away. Jack leaves to change. When he returns Carly is still working on the card for Barbara. Together they figure out what to write. Jack starts to tell Carly about Katie but Parker interrupts them before he can get the words out. Carly leaves to help him and returns a few minutes later. Seeing how emotional she is, Jack hugs Carly. JJ walks in and gets the wrong idea - he thinks they're getting back together! Jack and Carly try to set him straight but JJ doesn't believe them. They tell him about Paul. Parker returns and JJ offers his condolences. Ready to go, the set out for the memorial.

Barbara orders Meg and Craig to get out but they won't leave. Gwen starts feeling sick and runs from the room. Will follows. Lily steps in, breaking up the argument between Craig and Barbara, telling Meg she should have told them she was coming. Barbara strikes out at Meg but Craig stops her, grabbing her and telling her to stay away from Meg! Will steps in, telling Craig to get away from his mom! Craig lets go of Barbara, who orders him out of her home. Will asks Barbara to let Meg stay. Not wanting to fight anymore, she agrees. Craig decides to stay, too, but Will kicks him out! Realizing that he is only making things worse, Craig tells Meg he'll wait for her downstairs. Gwen offers to get Meg a drink but she declines. Lily takes Meg aside, asking why she brought Craig. Meg tries to make Lily understand how she feels but Lily can't get past her own hatred of the man. She leaves the memorial. Gwen and Will go through an old family photo album, sharing the pictures with Meg. Gwen gets sick again and Meg suggests Will get her to a doctor. Will leaves to check on his wife. Still angry, Barbara asks Meg why she is really there. She believes Meg is trying to make Craig jealous! Meg can't believe the other woman. Faith arrives. She offers a bouquet of flowers to Barbara. Faith begins talking about Parker and Paul and even Meg. Parker, Jack and Carly arrive. Parker and Faith begin talking about Paul and his visions. Unable to stand talking any more, Meg leaves. Gwen and Carly begin talking about their men. Seeing that Gwen is holding a lot in, Carly tells her not to hold back from Will. Gwen tells Carly she should go after Jack and Carly updates her on all the sneakiness surrounding Jack and Katie. Gwen tells Carly a little bit about the problems she has had with Will and tells her to keep things honest and open with Jack. Will returns, realizing how ill Gwen is. He tries to get her to go home but she won't. She does agree to drink some water but refuses when Will suggests a trip to the ER.

Downstairs Lily meets with Craig, asking him what his plans really are. "You still love her," Lily says and Craig admits that he does. Lily wonders what he'll do since Meg is obviously still in love with Paul and doesn't believe him when Craig says he'll let her walk. He tells Lily that he's setting Meg free and allowing her to keep Worldwide, shocking Lily. "I hope she just walks away from you and the company," Lily says. Craig can't believe Lily would want him to keep the company. Lily tries to make him see that having the company or not having the company is not going to make Meg feel better about losing Paul. Angry, Craig tells Lily that Paul killed any feelings Meg may have had for him when he allowed himself to fall off the cliff. "You need to let Meg go," Lily says and walks away.

Lily returns to the memorial service and Carly corners her, asking what is going on between Faith and Parker. Lily lets Carly know that Faith has a little crush and doesn't want Parker to know. Carly suggests Lily take Parker and Faith back to the farm. Lily thinks it is another ploy for time with Jack but agrees to take them when Carly tells her that she needs to set a few things right with Jack. Lily offers to take the kids back. Parker likes the idea but Faith only reluctantly agrees. They say their goodbyes and Lily takes the kids home. When they have a second alone, Jack suggests they have a grown up chat. He and Carly leave, too.

Will finally gets a few moments with Gwen, who convinces him that she'll go to the doctor if she isn't feeling better by the next day. They say their goodbyes to Barbara, inviting her to their house for a weekend dinner. Will hugs her, telling her that he'll always be there for her.

Meg runs into Lucinda in the hall. Lucinda follows her downstairs, wanting to know what is going on with the company but refusing to ask. Meg realizes she just wants the company. With the gloves off, Lucinda tells her to sign over Worldwide! Angry, Meg tells Lucinda about the annulment, angering Lucinda who is afraid that will negate the deal with Worldwide. "Getting my company back would make Paul's death count," Lucinda says. Meg tries to walk away but Lucinda follows. Emma arrives, siding with Meg. Lucinda tells Meg she is making a huge mistake and walks away. When they are alone, Emma asks Meg is she is okay. Meg wants to know why Emma is there at all. Uncertain about everything, Meg tells Emma about Lucinda. She begins to cry. Emma offers her a tissue, telling her that she started the whole mess to make things right for her friends. Now that things have gone badly, Emma believes Meg should find a way to make Worldwide count for the greater good. "It's yours. Think of all the good you can do," Emma suggests. From across the room, Craig listens in, smiling. Meg likes the idea but isn't sure how it would work. She agrees to think about it. Craig steps out from behind the wall, calling a halt to their conversation. Emma invites Meg back home whenever she is ready and then leaves. Craig admits that he overheard their conversation. He tells Meg that the company is hers even with the annulment. She realizes he wants her to take the company but wonders why. "Because you thought about changing the world," he says.

At the farm, Parker confronts Faith, asking her why she has been so distant lately. Faith is quiet until Parker starts to walk away. She finally tells him that she's been upset because he turned down her boyfriend/girlfriend proposal. Shocked, Parker reminds her that she said it was a joke. Faith admits she was serious. They talk about Paul a little. Parker hugs Faith. Outside the door, JJ watches them.

Jack and Carly arrive back home. Before he can tell her anything Carly comes clean with her slight involvement in Brad's schemes. Jack can't believe she knew about it and didn't do anything to stop his brother. "I thought I could be there to pick up the pieces," she says, apologizing and swearing she won't do anything like that again. Jack isn't sure if he should believe her or not. She thanks him for going with them to the memorial. He admits that he still feels connected to her! Jack tells Carly that Brad's tricks did cause some problems but mostly the stunts made things clear for him. Jack tells Carly that he is going to propose to Katie - for real this time!

Next on ATWT:

Dusty asks Aaron for help with Alison. JJ reacts badly to Jack's proposal. Carly doesn't like the proposal idea, either.

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