Carly is trying to figure out how to win Jack back when Parker arrives home. He brings in the paper and she looks it over, realizing that the story about Paul is on the front page. She tells Parker what happened but he doesn't understand how they can know Paul is dead when they haven't found a body. He reminds her that Jack was missing for a long time before anyone found him, but Carly tells him this is different. "Everyone I have, I can't hold on to them," Parker says. Carly tells him that she understands but Parker just walks away.

Jack keeps rambling about moving forward and doing things right this time. Katie has no idea what he is talking about - and then Jack proposes! He wants to marry her! Katie isn't sure what to say. She tells Jack she loves him but says she isn't sure about marriage! Katie feels Jack is proposing only because of Brad's stupid scheme and she doesn't want that. Jack tells her that he loves her. "I want to marry you because we could build a life together," he says. Katie wants the same thing but tells him they need some time. With Carly and Brad in the background, she isn't sure what the future will hold. Jack gets quiet and then tells Katie about his earlier meeting with Carly. Katie tells him to give her all the details and he complies - complete with the kiss. Katie gets nervous until Jack admits that he is in love with her now. They kiss. They talk a little more and are interrupted by a phone call from Carly. She tells him about Parker, worried, and asks Jack to come by. He tells Katie about it, asking her to understand that he can't leave Parker alone right now. Before he leaves, he asks her again to marry him. He tells her it is a package deal - the kids and dealing with Carly won't get any easier. Before Katie can answer, Jack tells her not to say anything until he can do things right! She kisses him.

Vienna tells Henry about Jack and Katie's marriage over drinks at The Lakeview. She tells him about her part in the deal and how Carly and Brad tried to trick Katie. Henry is a bit blown away at the news, and at Vienna's involvement. She says she did what she did for him! Henry is uncomfortable, not sure what she means. Vienna tells Henry that she wanted to help Katie because Katie is his best friend. She goes on to say that she wants girl friends, and wonders if maybe Katie can be her friend now, too. Henry kisses her. Katie runs in to then at the bar and tells them about Jack's real proposal. Henry hugs her and leaves to get champagne for them. Vienna picks up on a few strange vibes from Henry but Katie assures the other woman that Henry is fine. Vienna asks about Carly's involvement in the plan and tells Katie that this could be her chance to crush the other woman! Katie doesn't want to go after Carly, though, she just wants a quiet life with Jack. Vienna tries to convince her that taking Carly out of the picture is the only way to have that life with Jack.

Jack arrives at Carly's. She apologizes for telling Parker without him and then tells him about the memorial service. Jack goes upstairs to talk to Parker. When she is alone, Carly vows to never give up on their love! Jack goes in to talk with Parker. He asks if the boy wants to go with to the memorial. Carly volunteers to go with him and Parker asks if Jack will come, too! "Just for today it would feel good if we could pretend to be a family," Parker says and leaves to get in the car. Jack asks Carly to join them. She beats around the bush, trying to get him to admit that he wants her there, too. Jack doesn't take the bait. Instead, he tells her that they'll have to do a lot of things together but that doesn't mean they will be "together". Carly finally agrees to go with them to the memorial.

Meg wakes up, startled when Craig covers her with a light blanket. She tells him it's time to set things right and she wants an annulment. Meg takes off his ring, thanking him for allowing her to stay. She is shocked when Craig professes his love, telling her that he would do anything to help her out. He walks away, not wanting to discuss the marriage or hear how Meg "cares" for him.

Will tries to take over for Barbara. He takes phone calls and messages for her. She finally wakes up. Lily and Kim arrive with a lovely bouquet of flowers. They are from Lucinda! In a rage, Barbara knocks them to the floor! Lily apologizes for the flowers as Will and Gwen begin cleaning up the mess. Kim consoles Barbara, telling her that they need to have a memorial service to honor Paul and allow them all to move on. Gwen and Will agree but Barbara isn't sure. The couple leaves to get other clothes but Kim stays with Barbara. Outside, Lily apologizes to Will and Gwen again for Lucinda's flowers. She tells them that Jade has left town, surprising them. Gwen and Will leave. Lily goes inside. Kim is trying to nail down a list for the service but Barbara isn't sure who to invite. She can't concentrate on much of anything except Paul. Lily leaves.

Lily arrives at Craig's to tell Meg about the memorial service for Paul. Meg isn't sure she should go but Lily tells her she should. Craig returns. He tells Lily that Meg has been living there, stunning Lily. She wonders why Meg chose Craig over her family and she tries to explain. Lily doesn't understand. Craig tells her they are working out the annulment. She reminds Meg about the memorial and leaves. When they are alone Meg tells him about the memorial service. He tells her to go but she tells him she can't because Barbara won't want her there. "I don't want to make things worse," she says. Craig tells her not to worry about what everyone will think; he thinks she should go because she loved Paul. Meg doesn't want to listen to him but he makes her. "It's about saying goodbye," he says, insisting that she go to be with her friends and Paul's family whether it will be easy or not.

At home, Will and Gwen talk about their friends, both quietly mourning the loss of Paul. Gwen begins to feel sick, worrying Will. She tells him it's just stress or a bug but he worries anyway. Will calls Barbara to decline going to the memorial. Gwen takes the phone, telling Will that they need to be with his family now. He doesn't like the idea but goes along with her. They take a recent picture of Paul to Barbara's. She loves it. Kim and Lily come out, asking about food and coffee. Guests begin to arrive. Meg is first to arrive, with Craig. Barbara can't belive it!

Next on ATWT:

Will confronts Craig; Lily tells Craig to let Meg go. Will realizes Gwen is really sick. Lucinda tells Meg that regaining Worldwide would make Paul's death count for something!