Noah runs into Luke at WOAK. Uncomfortable, Luke gives him a to-do list and starts to leave. Maddie walks in as he is leaving and tries to find out what is going on. Luke leaves without saying much. Alone, Noah wonders why Luke seeing them in bed together is such a big deal. He doesn't think it should both the other guy at all. Maddie surprises him, saying it bothers her too because it was a mistake. She is worried that their friendship won't survive because they slept together. Noah assures her things don't have to change, but Maddie isn't so sure. She tells him they need to forget what happened in Branson and leaves for a meeting.

Glad to be home without Cleo, Gwen asks Will if they can just stay in their house - alone! - forever. He would like to but tells her he has to go because Barbara's been leaving messages for him for days. Gwen hugs him tightly. He kisses her. They are interrupted by Jade. She asks to come in and Gwen invites her inside. Jade surprises them both by apologizing and thanking them for telling the police about Cleo so she wouldn't get in even more trouble. She tells them how great they have it and apologizes for all the trouble she has caused. Gwen and Will are stunned. Jade leaves.

Jade meets Luke at the farm. As she is telling him goodbye, Lily walks in. Jade explains that she needs to be on her own for a while so she can figure out who she is. She is going back to her adoptive family to figure some things out. She hugs Luke and he leaves. Alone with Lily, Jade promises to stay in touch. She gives Lily letters to give to the girls and then hands her the J pendant, asking Lily not to forget her. Jade's cab arrives and she leaves. With tears in her eyes, Lily promises Rose that Jade will be okay.

Later Noah tracks Maddie down in Old Town. They begin talking about Branson. He wonders if their making love could be the start of something good for them but Maddie backs away. She was hurt over Casey's treatment of her but she knows her heart hasn't healed from the break up, and she wants Noah to have his own freedom while she is figuring things out. "What if I don't want a way out?" he asks, telling Maddie that he doesn't feel trapped at all and he wants to see where things go between them. Maddie is leery of jumping in to a new romance but she wants to see how things go, too. They kiss. Just then, Luke comes around the corner and sees them together.

Will and Gwen arrive at Barbara's but hesitate before going in. Barbara comes to the door and wraps Will in a hug. She tells him about Paul's accident, stunning Will. Barbara tells him about the accident, reliving it moment by moment. Will holds her hand as they talk and Barbara asks them if they will stay with her for a while. Gwen promises they will stay. Will gets Barbara to go and rest. When they are alone Will breaks down a little, wondering what has happened to his family. Gwen comforts him, promising to stand by him and his family through the ordeal.

Katie confronts Brad, angrily asking him why he tried to convince her that Jack was going to propose. Brad tries to convince her that he didn't do anything and that Vienna is lying but Katie doesn't back down. "Pull one more stunt and I will make your life a living hell," she says! Vienna leaves them alone. Brad finally admits what he did and tries to apologize but Katie doesn't want the same old same old. She wants to know why he has been acting this way. Brad tells her he has been trying to break up her relationship with Jack because of his own feelings for her. She demands to know exactly how Carly was involved in his plans! Brad swears Carly had nothing to do with his plan but Katie doesn't believe him. She tells him to give Carly a message - stop messing with Jack! She walks away, telling him that his sorries won't make things better this time.

Jack is stunned by Carly's "I love you" revelation and doesn't know what to say. He brings up friendship, annoying Carly because she doesn't want to be just friends. She tells him again that she loves him and then kisses him! Jack puts some space between them, deciding it is time to talk. He brings up their past and their connections, but tells her that he is finished with the way things were! He doesn't want her back, he wants his new life! Carly insists that they can be happy again but Jack doesn't want the same old roller coaster ride they have always been on. She tells him that she has changed and that she isn't the same person she was before. "I'm over you, Carly," he says. Carly doesn't believe him, even after he tells her that he's in love with Katie. "What Katie and I have is good. It's healthy," he says. Still Carly won't listen to him. Jack turns to leave but Carly stops him. "You look me in the eye and tell him you love her the way you loved me," Carly says. He admits that his feelings aren't exactly the same. Things are better because with Katie he doesn't have to deal with the extremes that he has to deal with when he is with Carly. Angry, Carly lashes out. Jack walks away.

Jack goes to the stationhouse. Vienna walks in, offering him a deal - help her and help Katie. Vienna lets Jack know exactly what Brad has been up to.

Katie is finishing up a few things at WOAK when Jack walks in. He offers to give her a ride home but she declines. Jack tells her that he knows everything, saddening Katie. She begins to cry and Jack comforts her, realizing something is still bothering her. She feels bad because she fell from Brad's tricks. They talk about the things they haven't said and Jack intimates that he has deep feelings for her. Katie pulls back a little, telling him that he doesn't have to say anything because of what happened with Brad and Carly.

Brad heads to Carly's, both are annoyed but Carly quickly moves from annoyed to angry. Brad stops her in her tracks when he tells Carly that Katie is on to their plans! She gets even more angry, this time at Brad because he is the one with all the backfiring, bright ideas. Brad assures her that he kept her name out of things but Carly doesn't believe things will be okay. Brad surprises Carly when he tells her that Katie has real feelings for Jack and tells Carly to back off! She tells him to leave but Brad keeps talking. She interrupts, telling Brad that she told Jack she still loves him. "This may be a set back but the war is far from over," Carly says. She makes Brad promise not to do anything more to Jack or Katie and swears that since she and Jack are meant to be together that Brad will soon get Katie, too. Brad leaves. Carly thinks about kisses Jack, certain that things are far from over.

Next on ATWT:

Meg asks for an annulment; Jack proposes to Katie! Lucinda sends flowers to Barbara!