Craig surprises Meg with their contract. Since they are still married, she still owns Worldwide. Meg wonders what he really wants and is surprised when Craig tells her that he wants her to have the company! Meg doesn't believe him. "If you're handing me the company there has to be a catch," she says, not believing him when he says there is no ulterior motive. He is trying to turn over a new leaf, but Meg doesn't believe him. Meg gets mad, telling him that she doesn't care at all about the company - she thinks the contract is just another way to keep her married to him! Barbara walks in, angry and blaming Craig for Paul's death. Meg comes in, thinking that she must have news about Paul and is heartbroken to learn that Barbara has called off the search! Barbara wonders what is going on and why Meg is staying at Craig's. "This is the last place you should be," Barbara exclaims, reminding Meg that Craig never works without an agenda. Barbara tells Meg that it is her fault that Paul is dead! Barbara storms out and Meg breaks down in tears. Craig lets Meg talk about Paul, telling her that it is sometimes easier to be numb. He reminds her that she still has her family and that if she wants him she can have him, too. Meg gets angry, believing that he is still trying to work her over. Craig surprises her by telling her that when he looks at her he sees himself. His plans have failed. Her plans have failed. He tries to make her understand that he has been where she is now. He tells her to stay at his home as long as she wants. He offers her an annulment and she thinks it is another ploy. "You can have the company and you can have the annulment," he says and walks away.

Dusty tries to call Emily but she isn't taking his calls. He runs into Susan who tells him to stay away from both of her daughters! Dusty tries to set Susan straight but his explanations only make things worse between them.

Meanwhile Emily is busy packing her things when Alison walks in. She wonders where Em is going. Emily says she is going on a vacation - as far away from Allie and Dusty as she can get! Alison is stunned and tries to talk Emily out of leaving for Europe. Emily won't back down; she tells Allie that she is going to take Daniel and wander around Europe for as along as she wants. Allie apologizes but it doesn't make a difference. "I need to take care of myself for once," Emily says. Alison asks her to let the past go but Emily can't. Alison plays the sympathy card, telling Emily that she can't make it without her sister but Emily doesn't bite. She walks away. Susan arrives home and Allie begs her to make Emily stay. Susan sides with Emily, telling her to spend time with Daniel. Emily tells Alison goodbye and she leaves. Outside, Allie calls Dusty to fill him in. Susan hugs Emily, telling her that she is doing the right thing. She tries to help Emily finish gathering the bags but Em won't let her. They hug. Emily asks Susan not to go soft on Allie. Susan leaves. Emily picks up her bag and goes to the door. Dusty is waiting on the other side! He asks her to stay and when she refuses he asks when she will be back. All Emily will say is that she'll come home when she is ready; Dusty says he'll be waiting for her. Emily walks away, telling him not to wait.

Susan meets Allie at Al's, deciding they need to talk. She tells Alison that she understands why she kept the secret which is the last thing Allie wants to hear. She blames herself because she didn't control her actions. Susan blames Dusty and Alison tells her not to. She wants to take the blame equally. Susan reminds Alison that if she can continue being honest with herself and those around her that she can stay sober. She promises to stand by Allie not matter what. Allie leans on her mom.

Jack comes back to Carly's to pick up Sage. She tells him what a great job he did with Sage the night before and goes to gather up Sage's things. Jack calls Katie but she blows him off, saying she is too busy to talk. Carly returns with Sage; he and the girl leave for camp as Lily arrives. Carly tells Lily about their plan, believing that she and Brad are closer than ever to breaking up Katie and Jack! Lily tells Carly that the scheme will backfire but Carly is certain that she is in the clear - because it will all come back to Brad. Lily isn't so sure. She changes the subject, telling Carly that they need to tell Parker about Paul's death. Carly is stunned. Lily tells Carly that she has to stop the schemes because she and Jack are going to have to be a united front for Parker's sake. Carly doesn't think she has anything to worry about which just frustrates Lily all the more. She tells Carly to make Jack come to her this time but Carly is too impatient. Lily leaves, reminding Carly to broach the Paul subject with Jack by her side. "If you love Jack, just tell him," Lily says and shuts the door. Carly thinks the idea has some merit.

In Old Town Katie literally runs into Vienna, causing her to drop a large container. Vienna asks Katie if everything is okay and Katie breaks down. She thinks that Jack has changed his mind about their relationship because he didn't propose. She tells Vienna the whole ring story. Vienna sympathizes and tells Katie that he might have simply been interrupted. When Katie tells her about the Sage interruption, Vienna tells her not to give up. She suggests they go to the jeweler's because she knows him so that they can find out exactly who bought the ring. Katie doesn't like the idea.

At WOAK, Brad asks Katie to share a coffee with him and asks how she is doing. Katie puts on a happy face, telling him that things are fine; she turns the subject to work. Brad leaves to pick up a few things. Just then Vienna comes in. She talked to the jeweler and found out that Jack didn't buy any ring from the Old Town jeweler! Vienna tells her there is no way that Jack went into the store to buy the ring, confusing Katie. Vienna asks her what phone was used to make the call, picks up Brad's phone and begins to do a little research. Before they get far Brad walks in. Vienna covers by telling Brad that she wants to buy advertising. Katie comes up with a great idea - that Vienna let Brad have a massage so they can do a show on it. Brad agrees and Vienna walks him out of the room. Alone, Katie goes back to Brad's phone and tries to find out who called him - she gets an answering machine from a random guy and realizes that Brad set her up. Katie sneaks into Brad's massage with a bucket of ice. She dumps it over him, angry. She tells him she knows all about his plans to break up her relationship with Jack.

Jack goes to the police station and tries to reach Katie again. He leaves a message, asking her to call him. Carly calls him and asks him to come over, telling him it can't wait. When he gets to Carly's she tells him about Paul; he suggests they talk to Parker together. He wonders if that is all she needed and Carly invites him inside for lunch. He goes inside to find a romantic meal planned. Carly is quiet for a second and tells Jack she is ready to be honest with him. Frustrated, Jack tells her to get on with it. She tells him that she regrets what she did with Simon and apologizes for hurting him and the kids. "I wish I had stayed right where I belong - here with you," she says. Jack gets uncomfortable the more she talks. He tries to make everything she says be about the kids but Carly won't let him. She takes his hand and tells him she is still in love with him!

Next on ATWT:

Aaron tells Allie he still cares about her; Meg decides she wants an annulment. Gwen's feeling sick. Jack tells Carly he is over her but she doesn't believe him!