Brad tells Katie that she is jumping to conclusions but Katie is certain Jack is about to propose. Brad plays along, telling Katie she has to think about her answer - and then turn Jack down! Brad gets Katie to admit that Jack has never told her he loves her and warns her that because of that Jack isn't over Carly! They argue and Katie tells Brad she is done with his games. "Just be happy for us," she says. Brad tells her to go ahead and get her hopes up then, and tells her he'll be around to pick up the pieces when she falls. This only makes Katie more angry. She storms off to get ready for dinner with Jack.

Jack gets Sage ready to spend the night with Carly. Before they leave, Carly reaches out to him to fix his shirt collar. Things get a little tense for Jack and he pulls back. He leaves and Lily arrives. Lily asks Carly what is really going on and doesn't buy Carly's story that she is being the bigger person. Before Lily can get the full story Holden calls and asks her to meet him at the farm. She tells Carly to think about Meg and what happened to Paul before following through with whatever she and Brad are planning. Lily leaves. Brad calls and tells Carly that the plan is in motion. Worried, Carly wonders what will happen if the plan backfires - and Jack actually proposes to Katie. Brad hangs up, telling Carly not to worry. Carly calls Sage. The girl falls on her way to the living room but is only bruised. Carly suggests an evening out for the two of them. Sage wants to go to Al's but Carly insists they go to The Lakeview for flaming desserts. Sage gets a little suspicious when she realizes Jack will be there! "You're doing this all wrong," she says.

At The Lakeview Katie checks her appearance and imagines a ring on her finger. Jack arrives and asks what she is doing. He wonders if she's changed her nail polish. She plays along. Jack builds up to a big question and Katie thinks a proposal is just around the corner, especially when he talks commitment. He reaches in to his pocket. She is shocked when Jack grabs a flyer and asks her to donate time to a baseball fundraiser. She covers by saying she'll do it and then asks if anything else is on his mind. He says he'll think of something over dinner and leaves to check on their table. Katie is convinced he'll propose over dinner. A waiter delivers champagne and Katie begins tossing the strawberries, certain her ring is in the glass. Jack sees her and wonders what is going on. She covers by saying there was something in the glass. Sage calls, tells him about hurting her knee and asks him to come over. Jack asks to talk to Carly and before he can say anything, she apologizes. He says he'll be right over and asks Katie for a rain check on dinner. He offers to let her come along but she turns him down. When she is alone Katie looks at her left hand, wondering what is going on. She goes back to WOAK and tries to concentrate on work. She can't. Brad arrives and asks about the ring and Katie starts to cry. Brad holds her. She tells him nothing is happening and tells him about the baseball auction. Brad comforts her, not saying "I told you so" like Katie expects. He tells her it might just take some time and asks why she isn't still at dinner. She tells him about Sage's accident and before he can say anything, gets ideas of her own about Jack and Carly and leaves.

Jack arrives at Carly's and sings the magic song to Sage so her boo-boo will feel better. He's concerned because Sage hasn't needed a "boo-boo fix" for a long time and sends her upstairs. He and Carly talk about the kids and he tells her not to feel bad about calling him in the future. He goes upstairs to read Sage a bedtime story. He returns and Carly offers him dinner. He agrees to stay for a bite to eat; Carly thinks she is making progress. Brad calls Carly to warn her that Katie is coming over. Since Jack is in the room, she pretends Brad is a client.

Meg and Craig meet outside the farm. She asks him to leave her alone but he isn't ready to leave her yet. They argue and he leaves. Emma walks outside and Meg breaks down, still blaming herself for Paul's accident. "He's dead," she whispers, finally trying to accept it as fact. Emma gathers Meg close and holds her while she cries. They go inside with Emma mothering Meg every step of the way. Meg pulls into herself, turning down food and tea. She wonders why Emma is being so nice to her and gets angry, believing she doesn't deserve any kindness from anyone!

Margo goes to Craig's office to find out what how he is. He puts on a strong front, telling her that he is fine. He asks if she is really concerned about him or about what happened in Canada. "You knew that she didn't love you," Margo reminds him. Craig agrees but assures her that he didn't push Paul over the edge of the cliff. She continues questioning him and Craig clams up. Finally Craig admits that he was only trying to bait Paul but swears he didn't push him over the ledge. Emotional because he doesn't understand why he couldn't just let go of Paul's hand, Craig tells Margo the whole story. He tells her that he couldn't kill Paul because that would hurt Meg! Margo wants to believe Craig but is leery because of his past. Finally she realizes that he is telling the truth and does love Meg. She worries, though, because she knows - and so does Craig - that Meg doesn't return his feelings. Margo talks about Tom and asks Craig to join them for the evening. He tells her to take advantage of time alone with her husband and sends her on her way. Craig turns out the lights and leaves the office.

Holden and Lily track down Meg at Al's. They are shocked at how badly Meg is reacting to everything, especially after she vents about Emma trying to take care of her. They ask her to come home with them and she reluctantly agrees to stay with them for a while. Telling them she will meet them there, she asks them to leave. Meg watches until they are gone and then leaves herself. Holden and Lily arrive home and learn Meg hasn't shown up. Along with Emma, they wonder what is going on with her. Faith walks in and sees Meg's scarf. She is excited to see her aunt and Paul. Holden decides it is time to tell her about Paul. Faith is heartbroken at the news and worries what the news will do to Parker, who was really attached to Paul.

Meg surprises Craig at his home. She tells him that she wants to be left alone - by everyone, including her family. He tries to get her to open up; Meg tells him she can't deal with her family right now. "I just wish I could go someplace quiet," she says. Craig tells her about the quietness at his home, sad because it isn't the life he wants any more. Meg tells him that is why she is there! Craig tells her she can stay as long as she needs and promises not to pressure her for anything or even talk to her if she doesn't want. Meg agrees to stay.

Next on ATWT:

Lily encourages Carly to come clean with her feelings; Carly calls Jack. Emily decides to leave town. Barbara confronts Meg about her decision to stay with Craig.