Dusty takes the tickets from Emily and tells her not to shut him out. She can't forgive him so quickly and wonders what he really wants. "I'm asking for your heart," he says, telling her that they should go to Bermuda together! He suggests they get separate rooms but Emily doesn't want him anywhere near her. Dusty tries to tell Emily exactly what happened but Em won't let him. She asks how he could sleep with Allie when he knew how messed up she was. "She needed me," he explains. That only makes things worse for Emily. He asks her for a second chance. Em begins to cry, asking how many chances he needs. Crying, Emily tells Dusty she can't be with him right now. "I'm sorry," she says, handing him the tickets and walking away.

Aaron goes to The Lakeview and turns down the job. The manager can't believe he is backing out so quickly and tries to make him change his mind. Holden is listening. Aaron apologizes but tells the man he isn't staying in town. The manager leaves and Holden asks Aaron what is going on. They head to Al's and talk over coffee. Aaron explains that he didn't come to Oakdale for a job - he came home for Allie but things aren't working out the way he had hoped. Holden asks for details but Aaron won't tell him the whole sordid story. Holden doesn't understand how Allie is linked to Aaron's job or his leaving town. Aaron can't explain it, but is determined to go back to Seattle. Holden tells Aaron to stay with his family and he agrees to think about staying. Aaron leaves. He goes back to The Lakeview and asks for the job, deciding to stay. After filling out the paperwork he runs into Dusty, who asks if they can talk! He tells Aaron not to blame Alison for what happened in Vegas. Aaron isn't interested in anything Dusty has to say and walks away.

At home, Alison is reliving memories of Aaron when Susan comes home. She has comfort food - doughnuts - and is chattering on and doesn't notice how out of sorts Allie is at first. She finally realizes that her daughter is crying. Susan takes her in her arms, asking her what is wrong. Alison tells Susan that she and Aaron are fighting but doesn't give all the details. Susan decides to talk to Aaron herself but Allie won't let her. Eventually Allie tells her the whole truth. Susan can't believe it. Emily comes home and Susan gives the girls some space. Crying, Allie tells Emily that she will leave town or do anything else to make things right between them. Emily asks why she slept with Dusty. Emily believes Alison slept with Dusty to get back at her! Alison tells her that sleeping with Dusty was a mistake but it didn't mean anything because they were just two lonely people. She tells Em to go after Dusty to make things right. Emily realizes she still wants Dusty but that she can't get past what happened in Vegas. Alison asks for her forgiveness. Emily walks away.

Jack and Katie are drying off after a dip in the pond. He kisses her and then remembers to call Carly. Before he can complete the call Katie tells Jack about her most recent Carly-encounter. She apologizes to him for fighting with Carly and not being able to ignore the other woman. He tells her not to worry about it; he is glad that she tells him everything. Jack kisses her again, calling Katie a class act. He begins wondering if Carly is really coming up with all these plans and thinks Brad is behind everything. Katie wonders why Brad would be behind anything and Jack reminds her that Brad has a little crush. He tells her not to worry, though, because he isn't going anywhere. Jack asks Katie for a date. She agrees but wonders what they should do about Brad. Jack tells her not to worry and walks her out the door.

Carly is surprised to see Brad on her doorstep. Before she can invite him in, he walks in with tickets to a ball game and a new plan. She is supposed to come to the television station to ask him to a game. She tells him it won't work because Jack will never buy her falling for Brad. Brad keeps talking, suggesting if their plan doesn't work Jack and Katie might just get married. That gives him an idea! Carly tries to ignore him as Brad suggests they focus on Katie. He lays out a plan to make Katie think Jack's getting cold feet. Carly reluctantly agrees. Brad answers a call from Katie, who asks him to go over some new segment ideas. He agrees, telling Carly to make sure Jack is free for the evening. He leaves to meet Katie.

Carly arrives at the farm, giving Jack a few suggestions for Sage. She starts to leave and Jack asks her about the encounter with Katie. Carly takes the blame for it and asks Jack how Katie is doing now. He assures her that Katie is fine and Carly tells him that anyone he dates will be hard for her to deal with. She goes on to tell him that being with Brad is a huge mistake for her! She tells him that Brad was using her to get to Katie but Jack has already figured that out. Carly surges forward with her plan and asks Jack if she can have Sage tonight. He doesn't like the idea because it will mess up their scheduling. Carly agrees with his decision but tells him that anytime he wants to switch things around, she'll take the kids. She even suggests he go out with Katie that night so she can have time with Sage. Jack realizes something is up. Carly tries to shrug that off but Jack keeps asking her why Carly is so eager to take Sage for the night. She tries to convince him that she just wants to spend time with Sage and this would be the perfect opportunity for him to have some alone time with Katie. Jack decides an evening with Katie is just what he needs.

Brad shoots down every one of Katie's segment ideas, annoying her. She wonders if he wouldn't rather give up the job for more Carly-time, forcing Brad to admit that they aren't "together" any longer. Before Katie can react Brad gets a call from a jeweler. He makes a big deal of not having ordered a ring from the man and with Katie eavesdropping suggests the jeweler call Jack. Katie gets interested but Brad tells her it isn't a big deal. He leaves his cell phone and walks away. Katie tries to ignore the phone but can't. She calls the number and finds out that it really is a jewelry store! Brad walks in, surprising her. She hangs up quickly but doesn't hide what she did. Instead, she asks if he is upset about what he heard and calls him out on his crush. Brad begins arguing with her, saying he doesn't have a crush. Jack calls, interrupting them. He asks Katie out for a special evening at The Lakeview. She hangs up and tells Brad they'll finish up later. He gets mad and tells her she can't just leave their work. She tells Brad not to get mad because Jack is going to propose!

Next on ATWT:

Meg asks Craig to leave her. Sage thinks Carly has an agenda. Brad tells Katie she can't marry Jack!