Emily asks Dusty what he really wants. He tells her he wants her and she wonders why. Dusty doesn't answer, which makes Emily even more nervous. She tells him she isn't going to sleep with him, probably for a very long time. She walks away. Dusty follows, asking Emily what is really going on. She tells him she wants to take things slowly and he agrees. He kisses her jaw, then her ear as Emily reminds him how slow they are promising to go. He turns her around, kissing her lips. She asks him again why he wants her and he answers that he can't stop thinking about her and that he wants her. "My heart's been dead a long time," he says, "I just want you." The kiss deepens and Emily pulls back, telling him they need a room and a bed! He agrees, but wonders if that is special enough. She assures him that is all she needs, as long as he is right there with her. Dusty kisses her softly, telling her that he has the perfect place. He asks her to stay right there while he goes to get things ready. He leaves and Emily wonders where he is going. Dusty returns with red roses and an invitation - to Bermuda!

Aaron goes after Lance, punching him over and over and telling him to stay away from Alison. She manages to separate the men but when Lance continues to bait Aaron, he goes after him again. Aaron gets Lance out of the house and slams the door. Alison is freaked out because Lance keeps coming after her. She doesn't understand why he won't let her go. Aaron wonders what the "something else" that Lance alluded to could be. Allie tells him there is nothing else to know. He accepts her answer and to calm her down tells her about the movies he rented for them. Aaron leaves the room but watches from the hall as Allie does a happy dance. They both go to the kitchen to make popcorn. Lance sneaks in a side door and replaces one of Aaron's DVDs with a DVD of his own! Aaron returns to set up the movie but Lance's is already playing. He can't believe what he is seeing! Allie walks in, shocked at what she is seeing. She tries to turn it off but Aaron won't allow it. He realizes this movie stars Alison and Dusty! She manages to turn off the television but Aaron has already seen too much. He thinks the DVD belongs to her! Allie tells him it only happened once and that someone must have taped it. He doesn't believe her, especially after all of her you-know-everything professions. "I believed you," he says! Alison tries to make him understand that she didn't tell him because their night together didn't mean anything to either of them and they promised to forget it. Aaron asks if Emily knows. She tells him Emily is in the dark and begs him not to tell her sister. "What happened between Dusty and me wasn’t important," she says but Aaron disagrees. She tells him that she loves him, begging him to keep the secret. Aaron doesn't answer and turns to leave. Alison asks if he can ever forgive her. Emily and Dusty walk in; Em is chirping about her and Dusty's upcoming trip, excited to leave. Aaron keeps quiet about the DVD, telling them he has to leave. Dusty realizes something is wrong and asks what is going on. Emily realizes Allie is upset at the same time.

In Branson, Luke is freaked out over seeing Maddie and Noah in bed together. He tries to cover but they both know how freaked out he is. He asks about Will and fills them in on what they learned from Cleo's diary. Maddie isn't sure whether to believe him or not but when he keeps explaining, she and Noah get on board with his plan to find Will or Gwen. Luke goes to Will and Gwen's room. Maddie calls Gwen, who is freaked out. Luke returns and Maddie tells her they can't find Cleo or Will. She tells Gwen to sit tight and she will be right there. Noah offers to go with Luke to get the police involved. He waits in the hall while Noah and Maddie get dressed. Outside, Luke calls Gwen to reassure her. Noah catches up with him, telling Luke that a friend of his father's is going to help them track down Cleo. Luke walks away and Noah follows, trying to explain what he saw between Noah and Maddie. Noah is completely in the dark about why Luke is so upset and wonders if Luke has a thing for Maddie. Luke gets mad and tells Noah that he has no interest at all in Maddie - because he is gay! Noah is shocked; both guys become uncomfortable.

In her dressing room, Jade keeps trying to convince Gwen that Cleo is the liar. Gwen doesn't want to listen. "I'm really tired of you taking advantage of me," Gwen says, telling Jade that she'll have her thrown out. Jade walks to the door. Gwen stops her, asking about the proof and Jade shows her the torn up pages from Cleo's diary. Gwen has second thoughts about the diary when she learns Jade went through her garbage to get it, but she reads anyway. As she reads Gwen gets really freaked out. She tries to call Will but can't get through, which worries her even more. She tries to leave but Jade holds her back and tells her to call the police. She tries Will again but doesn't get an answer.

Jade and Gwen split up with Jade going to find Noah, Luke and Maddie to help with the search for Will and Gwen going to find the stage manager. Jade warns Gwen not to turn her back on Cleo and leaves. Outside the room, Cleo sees Jade leave and follows her. Maddie arrives and she and Gwen begins brainstorming. Gwen remembers Cleo talking about several local tourist destinations. They split up to try to cover more ground. A stage hand comes in to tell Gwen that showtime is only 30 minutes away. He leaves and Cleo walks in. Gwen demands answers and tells Cleo to take her to Will. Cleo plays dumb but it doesn't work. Gwen grabs Cleo, scaring her. She agrees to take Gwen to Will! She and Gwen leave. Cleo takes Will to the railroad tracks. She sees a body across the tracks and goes to check it out. She realizes too late that the body is Jade! Before Gwen can react, Cleo clonks her on the head with the gnome! Cleo ties both of them to the tracks. Jade tries to bait her, telling her that Will won't ever love her. Cleo has her own plans and tells Gwen that she is going to forge a note that tells Will she is leaving him behind for fame and fortune. "Nobody is going to believe that," Gwen says but Cleo is sure she can convince everyone. She leaves them tied to the tracks. They tried to untie each other, arguing every second. The ropes begin to loosen. They keep arguing, both sure they are right. Gwen stops working on the ropes because her hands are sweating too badly. Jade tells her it isn't sweat - her hands are bleeding! They both start working the ropes. All of a sudden the track begin vibrating! Both women realize a train is headed their direction but when the tracks stop vibrating they are relieved. A train whistle blows in the distance and Gwen can see the approaching train! The girls begin working even harded to free their hands.

Along the nature trail, Cleo ties an unconscious Will to a downed tree, apologizing to him for how far she is going but sure that he will understand once they are together permanently. She tells him she'll take care of Gwen so they won't be bothered ever again. "I'll come back to you, my sweet," she says, kissing his cheek. She takes the gnome and leaves Will tied up. His cell phone starts ringing, waking him up, but he can't get to it in time. He fights against the ropes to get the phone open. He can't get the ropes undone and begins yelling for help. Maddie comes running from the trail and helps him get free. She asks where Cleo was headed but Will doesn't know. He is dizzy but insists on leaving right then. He heads back to the trail and Maddie follows.

Cleo returns to Gwen's dressing room, sets up the gnome and begins to get dressed. She is going to impersonate Gwen on stage! She dresses in Gwen's outfit and puts on a blonde wig. She puts the gnome down as the stage hand comes in. Cleo tries out her Gwen voice - which is a perfect match - on him and he doesn't catch on! She goes to gargle and get ready for her performance. Outside the dressing room, Noah and Luke meet up with the stage hand. He assures them that Gwen is getting ready and will be on-stage in minutes. Both are relieved. Andy Williams takes the stage to introduce Gwen.

Next on ATWT:

The train races toward Gwen and Jade, who plans to leave Gwen tied to the tracks! Will catches up to Cleo. Emily sees the video.