Emily, Alison, Susan, Aaron and Dusty are just finishing their first family lunch at The Lakeview when Lance walks in the door! The girls leave the table; Aaron thanks Dusty for helping Allie is Vegas. He is ready to start things up again with Alison. Susan, Em and Allie walk in and watch them for a few minutes. Susan tells the girls how proud she is of them and then leaves to check on a patient. Alone, Allie thanks Emily for pulling her out of Vegas when she did. Emily tells Allie to leave the past in the past and move on with her life. Aaron comes over to them and asks Allie if she is ready to leave. They go to find Susan and Emily goes back to Dusty. Emily asks Dusty how bad the lunch really was. He loved it, though, and calls their lunch a date. "Are we dating?" she asks. Dusty says yes, as far as he is concerned. He wants to get to know her better! Emily is afraid of her past, though, and worries that she'll wreck their relationship before it gets started. They leave the restaurant and begin walking in Old Town. Dusty tells Emily he isn't really good at emotions but swears to try to be better for her. Emily wants desperately to believe him. As they talk Emily makes her decision and tells Dusty she is ready to move forward! They sit close on the bench and Dusty kisses her.

Susan walks in on Alison and Aaron kissing in her living room. She is happy to see her daughter back with Aaron and leaves for the hospital. Aaron asks Allie for a conventional date - rented movies and popcorn on the couch! Allie likes the idea. Aaron leaves to get the movies. Allie realizes Aaron left his phone and tries to follow him. Lance is at the door and barges right in! He tries to convince Allie that she is making a mistake but Allie is strong. He shows her the ugly scar on his cheek, blaming her. Alison apologizes and Lance says he'll forgive her if she'll come back to Vegas. Allie refuses. Lance lets her know that he saw them all at lunch. Allie tells him to leave and lets him know that her family knows all of her secrets now. Lance wonders if they know it all. Allie tries to leave since he won't. Lance grabs her and pushes her up against a wall! "We are far from finished," he says!

Aaron runs into Holden in Old Town, he is surprised to find out that Aaron and Allie are getting back together and cautions him to take things slow. Aaron isn't interested in the slow road, though, and swears that Allie is different this time around. Holden cautions that Allie has always held things back or lied to him. "Don't worry about this," Aaron says. He leaves to return to Allie. As he walks in the house he hears Allie and Lance arguing. Lance grabs the phone from her, threatening her. Aaron pulls the other man off Allie and punches him!

Noah goes with his father for lunch. Mr. Mayer asks Noah why he didn't let the family know he would be so close to them. Noah tries to explain that it is only a business trip and he wasn't sure he would have time for a family visit. His father doesn't believe him and doesn't like his new "job". He drops a bomb - he won't pay for Noah to attend Northwestern in the fall! Noah can't believe his father, especially when he tells Noah that he has the money but he wants a different life for his son! "It's time for you to grow up and get serious," he says, telling Noah that working in television is a waste of time. He wants Noah to join the military! Noah is stunned and tries to make his father understand that he doesn't want to be a military man. His father says he can attend college - maybe! - after he has enlisted and served his country.

Cleo and Will run into an engaged couple considering the Wilderness Church for their wedding. The couple leaves. Cleo asks Will if he would like to be married at the same church; he doesn't understand where she is going with it and tells her that he already had the perfect wedding with Gwen. Gwen calls and asks Will to meet her before the show. He agrees. Will leaves the park, in a hurry. Cleo reluctantly follows. In her hotel room, Gwen finds out she is expected to attend a reception and won't have time for Will! She is upset but goes to change. Will walks in, hearing the reporter tell Gwen what a huge star she is going to be. Will agrees, telling Gwen that she will be a huge star. She tells him about the Titanic gig and asks him to come with. He declines. Cleo likes the idea, though. Still, Will doesn't want to go. Cleo volunteers to stay with him. Gwen notices Cleo's garden gnome and Cleo tells her it is for luck. The reporter interrupts them, taking Gwen away to the meet and greet. Before he can leave, too, Cleo asks him to come with her for a surprise! She takes him into a wooded area and asks him to look at the beauty in front of him - her! Will doesn't get it and tries to go back to the hotel. Cleo cons him into staying with her. They sit down and Cleo moves closer. She asks him to help her name the gnome and comes up with Bashful. Will begins to get nervous when Cleo gets even closer to him. She tries to kiss him and Will holds her back. "It's okay because I love you," she says, still trying to kiss him! Will is stunned and tries to set Cleo straight. Cleo is too far gone to listen to him, though. She suggests that he leave Gwen for her because she is the better woman. Will gets mad and tells her that he is completely in love with Gwen and she can't change that. Cleo gets nervous because Will is so adamant. As she talks, Will recognizes some of the things she says as what Jade read in the diary. He realizes that Cleo was behind the accident and calls her a lunatic! He says he is going to the cops to turn her in! Cleo swears that she stayed with him to make sure he was okay after the accident but Will doesn't care. She reminds him of all the things he has done for her - buying her sodas and the gnome - and is crushed when Will says those things didn't mean anything to him! Cleo begins arguing with Will, explaining that she is a better partner than Gwen. Will walks away, angering Cleo. She runs after him and clonks him on the head with the gnome. "Now look what you made Bashful do," she says.

Luke and Jade arrive in Branson and begin walking the strip to find Gwen or Will. They're nervous that they won't be in time. As they walk they find a poster with Gwen's show time. Luke takes off and Jade follows. They arrive in Gwen's dressing room but she isn't there. Jade asks Luke to check on Gwen at the hotel and stays behind in the dressing room alone. Gwen returns but before Jade can say anything she tries to call security. Jade blocks her from the phone and tells her that Cleo was behind the accident. Gwen doesn't believe her. Jade asks where Will is and Gwen reluctantly tells her. Jade tells her to call Will to make sure he is okay. "If you don't you're going to lose your husband," she says.

Upstairs, Maddie is trying to get through to Casey. She is stunned to find out that Casey has had her calls blocked and refuses to speak with her. The operator tells her there is no mistake and hangs up. Noah walks in as Maddie is crying. She doesn't want to talk but he won't let the subject drop. Finally she tells him that Casey won't speak to her anymore. She is completely stunned. Noah understands, having had his father shut him down the way Casey is shutting out Maddie. She realizes he is just as upset as she. Noah doesn't want to talk about his dad and asks Maddie to go out with him to have some fun. They go to a water park and begin running around like little kids, having fun and laughing. They return to their room to get cleaned up before Gwen's show. They talk and Noah tells her about his father's visit. Maddie can't believe how closed-minded his father is being and is stunned when Noah tells her that his dad took Northwestern off the table. Maddie asks what he is planning but Noah doesn't have any definite ideas. She sits beside him on the bed and dries his shoulders. Maddie hugs him and quickly the hug turns into a kiss. They make love! Luke walks in on them!

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Katie thinks Jack is going to propose. Craig makes Meg an offer. Cleo leaves Will, unconscious, in the woods and then goes after Gwen and Jade!