Gwen, Will, Noah, Maddie and Cleo arrive in Branson. Noah is taping the whole thing. Cleo gets a little giddy in front of the camera, but turns serious and says Branson will change all of their lives! Maddie talks a little bit but quickly grows tired of the camera; Cleo doesn't. One taste of the camera and she wants more! She begins hogging the spotlight. A few fans come by and ask for Gwens autograph. Cleo asks Will if he'll go upstairs with her to unpack but he turns her down. Gwen's fans leave and she and Will head inside to have some alone town. Cleo watches them. She goes upstairs and begins unpacking. She pulls a sexy nightie from the bag, remembering Gwen asking her to do anything she can to keep Will busy. In her imagination, Will comes out of the bathroom wearing only a towel. He carries her to the bed and kisses her. Cleo snaps out of the daydream when Will and Gwen walk in, surprised to see her in their room. "I thought it would save money to bunk up with you guys," Cleo says! Will and Gwen are a little stunned and tell her it won't work. They suggest Cleo bunk with Maddie and Noah. Cleo is crushed. When Will and Gwen turn to leave Cleo shows her the fruit basket left by the hotel. Gwen doesn't really care. She and Will leave quickly. Alone, Cleo begins packing Gwen's things. She takes a bite of fruit and then throws it against the wall. Noah and Maddie walk in, concerned that Cleo doesn't want them there. She covers but Maddie is catching on that Cleo wants more than they know. Noah tells them they're wanted at the theater, which will cut Gwen and Will's alone time, making Cleo happy. Cleo brings a few different changes of clothes for Gwen to try. She asks Will to help her track down Gwen's favorite lozenges but he turns her down. Cleo leaves. A few minutes later, Andy Williams arrives to welcome Gwen to the show! Gwen and a stage hand begin scoping out the stage. Noah and Maddie are in the background waving at her. Cleo and Will are sitting together in the audience. One of the reporters asks Andy when he can have a one-on-one with Gwen. On stage, the music begins and Gwen begins to sing. In the audience, Cleo clasps Will's hand! After the song, Andy tells Gwen what a great job she did and tells her she'll be great that evening. Will and Cleo talk about Gwen's star power. The reporter approaches Gwen for an interview but before they can really talk, Gwen is pulled away. A few minutes later, Gwen has time to meet with the reporter and they begin the interview. He compliments her on her singing and asks about the future. Cleo and Will walk in and Cleo tries to put some distance between Will and Gwen. It doesn't work. Will joins Gwen and asks her to lunch but the reporter puts the kibash on that - he needs to finish the interview. Cleo offers to help her with wardrobe options. Will asks Cleo to leave. Alone, Will tells Gwen to take things slowly and offers to get lost so she can have a bit more breathing room. Outside, Cleo is writing in a new journal. Will calls her and she throws the pages in the trash. He invites her on a sightseeing tour of Branson - just the two of them! They leave. The interview continues and the reporter asks Gwen why he's never heard of her before. When Gwen's cell rings again, he keeps her from answering it!

Luke goes straight to Dallas, telling him that he saw Cleo throwing something away and he believes it is the diary. Dallas tells Luke they can't get a search warrant for someone taking out the trash; he says the best way Luke can help Jade is by getting Lily involved. Luke goes to the farm, upset. He tells Lily about Jade's problems. Lily can't believe Jade is suspected in Will's accident. Lily calls to cancel her appointments and Luke fills her in on Cleo. Lily can't believe how far Jade went, and doesn't know if she should believe in Jade or not. The more Luke explains the more Lily wonders if Jade was involved in Will's accident. "This is really bizarre," she says. Luke reminds Lily that they would give him a second and third chance and asks her to do the same for Jade. Lily finally agrees to go with Luke to the jail. Dallas brings Jade in to talk with Lily. She swears she is innocent but Lily still isn't sure what to believe. When Jade tells her to get someone to help Will and Gwen and forget about her, Lily begins to believe in her a little bit. Lily decides to pay Jade's bail!

Luke takes Jade straight to Will and Gwen's but the garbage cans are empty! Jade flags down the trash man and bribes him to let her look through the bags of trash they picked up at the Munson's! They get the bags and begin digging through, both worried because the pages are in so many small pieces. Luke encourages her, suggesting they treat the pages like a jigsaw puzzle. Jade picks the Munson's lock and they go inside! They begin piecing the pages together and realize that Cleo is more off her rocker than they originally thought. The find a page that reveals Cleo stole Jade's necklace. Luke suggests they take what they know to Dallas but Jade fears he won't believe them. She thinks they should go to Branson themselves! Luke says he can't go but Jade convinces him to go along. Luke tries to call Gwen but can't get through on her cell phone; he tries Will but can't get through to him either. They head to Branson!

Lily meets Lucinda at The Lakeview, still upset over Jade. Lucinda immediately determines that Jade is the root of Lily's worry but Lily refuses to talk about her.

Noah and Maddie get some alone time, too, and begin talking about their college plans. Maddie tells him she doesn't know if she'll come back to Oakdale next summer if Casey isn't there. They begin going over the footage and making notes. Noah leaves to meet Gabe at the theater; Maddie declines to go along. Alone in her room she tries to contact Casey in prison.

Noah runs in to his father outside the hotel!

Alone, Will and Cleo begin touring Silver Dollar City. Cleo tries to make Will feel jealous of the reporter with Gwen but he doesn't. One of the workers calls Will Cleo's boyfriend and she follows her inside one of the cabins. Will calls Gwen to see how things are going and tells her not to worry about him. He and Cleo continue their tour and head for a few park rides. Cleo hesitates but Will convinces her to go. Once on the ride, Cleo makes the most of her time near Will by holding on to him every chance she gets. After the ride, she feigns dizziness and falls all over him! They continue around the park and Will buys Cleo a garden gnome. Cleo leads will to The Wilderness Church; his phone rings but he doesn't answer it. Will goes inside the church and Cleo follows. "If he turns around it means he loves me," Cleo whispers when they are inside. Will turns around and Cleo makes her move!

Next on ATWT:

Noah and Maddie kiss! Lance returns! Will tells Cleo how things really are between them.