Dusty and Emily share another kiss. She pulls back, telling him that before they go any further she needs to set a few things straight with her mother. Emily meets Susan at the diner for their sit-down. Before she can say anything, Susan takes the bull by the horns and apologizes first. Emily tells her that the drinking is in the past and she isn't angry with Susan any longer. She asks if Susan can forgive the things Em has done and Susan says she can. Emily tells Susan that she is ready to move forward. Susan asks about Dusty. Emily tells her that things are moving forward but she doesn’t know where it will wind up. Susan gets excited and starts to make plans for the future. Emily stops her, saying she can plan a breakfast but not the rest of Em's life! Susan agrees to back off a little. Emily leaves, running in to Dusty in Old Town. He asks about Susan and Emily isn't sure how to react. "She's your biggest fan," she says and tells Dusty that Susan has moved on from the past. She is ready to move on, too, and tells him she believes anything is possible for them. She tells him about the brunch date, which throws Dusty a little. He accepts.

Aaron follows Allie home and bangs on her door when she won't let him in. He isn't leaving until she opens up to him! Allie tries to make him go away but Aaron won't leave. She tells him that the Alison he knew doesn't exist any longer but Aaron doesn't believe her. Finally, she opens the door. As they talk, Alison realizes that Aaron wasn't judging what she did he was just reacting to the news. He tells her he won't write her off but she doesn't know how that can be because she has written herself off! She explains that doing the drugs helped her push off the heaviness that his leaving left her with. "It made all the bad stuff go away," she says, insisting that she is clean now and she wants to stay clean. Aaron is understanding, which only makes Alison feel worse, especially when he tells her that the drugs and the porn are his fault! He reminds her of all the things he has done wrong in his life, including shutting her out, and explains that he understands how she could have fallen in with the wrong guy. Allie gets quiet, realizing that their lives are now in completely different places. She believes he is headed back to Seattle and she doesn't want to let him go. Aaron tells her he is staying in Oakdale and he still loves her! "Do you think you can still love me, too?" he asks. Alison is stunned into silence, unsure of what to say and how to say it. He offers to go. She pulls her hand from his, unable to speak. She stops him before he can get to the door. She tells him she still wants him to be with her! Aaron hugs her, thanking her for telling him everything. Allie flashes back to her night with Dusty and realizes she needs to tell him about that. She begins to but Aaron stops her, saying he'll never know all of her secrets and that is okay! "Let's just go on from here without any secrets," he says. He asks if there is anything else she wants to tell him and Allie clams up. "I've said everything that needs to be said," she says and tells him that she loves him. Aaron kisses her passionately; Allie draws back, asking if they can take things really slowly. He agrees.

At The Lakeview, Henry is getting his first massage from Vienna. She is happily showing him her new techniques while he is simply trying to survive it! Vienna realizes Henry isn't so much relaxed as incapacitated. "I no longer know my own strength," she says, throwing up her hands and putting their business idea on hold. She believes she needs more practice. Henry tells her not to give up, that she may just need another body to work on. He leaves to take a steam bath. Vienna heads downstairs, finds a bellboy and drags him upstairs with her! She begins to practice her massage techniques on the bellhop, who loves every minute of it. Henry approaches and hears their voices outside. He gets the wrong idea and bursts inside, ordering the bellhop out. Vienna gets annoyed with him and he realizes he overreacted. "It was totally innocent," she assures him. She suggests she only allow women into her business but Henry tells her to include men, too. After all it will double their clientele. Vienna shows Henry a new technique, saved for him only! They make love.

Jack and Katie are still circling around the Carly issue. He tries to convince her that Carly is in his past only; Katie believes him but doesn't believe that Carly looks at Jack as part of her past. She thinks Carly is trying to win Jack back. "I'm with you now," Jack says, telling her that he doesn't want Carly ever again. Katie brings up Carly's past and all those lies she has told to get what she wants. Jack swears she won't get him because he knows all of Carly's tricks.

Brad escorts Carly back to The Lakeview. She tries to get him to leave her alone but he won't leave. Once more she thanks him for breakfast but tells him she has to work now. He brings up their plan, wondering if she thinks it worked. Carly walks by him and Brad pulls her into a kiss! Lily walks in, surprised to see them kissing. She immediately knows what's up - that Carly is using Brad to get to Jack - and tells them it won't work! Carly pretends not to know what Lily is talking about, but Lily knows what she knows. Brad pipes up that the plan is already working, annoying Carly. Lily leaves to check on their lunch date. Carly tells Brad to back off and be subtle or their plan will never work. Brad doesn't think subtle will work, he wants to be in their faces! "Just follow my lead from now on," Carly insists. Brad finally agrees. She leaves to go to lunch. In the dining room Carly and Katie run in to one another. Katie brings up Carly's whirlwind year - marrying three different guys in 12 months! Carly is quiet. Katie asks about Brad and is stunned when Carly tells her how deep Brad is and how much he has changed. Katie doesn't believe her for a second but Carly keeps the story going. When she keeps it going, Katie suggests that Carly stay away from the station so that Brad can keep his focus on the show and not on her. Carly asks if Jack is going to stop dropping by and Katie explains that she and Jack can keep their focus - unlike Carly and Brad. When Carly continues with her sweet attitude Katie gets annoyed and tells her it won't work: Katie and Jack aren't going to get pulled along on one of Carly's schemes! Katie warns Carly that she won't get Jack back and she doesn't appreciate Carly using Brad to get what she wants. Carly tells Katie the only person she is using is Jack - as a role model! Lily approaches and listens as Katie tells Carly she is wasting her time. She interrupts them and Katie leaves. Annoyed, Carly tells Lily she was right - the scheme isn't going to work! Lily tries to be a friend but tells Carly that she should just move on from Jack. "When you were gone, Jack was alone and then Katie came along," Lily says, telling Carly just how close the two have gotten in the past few months. Carly refuses to believe that Jack has moved on from her. She vows to outsmart and outfight Katie!

Brad heads to the farm where he meets Jack. Jack asks about Carly and Brad tells him nothing is going on between them, they're just friends. Jack wonders why and Brad thinks his plan is beginning to work. Until, that is, Jack turns the tables and tells Brad that Jack isn't jealous but Brad is obviously jealous of him! Brad admits that he had feelings for Katie a long time ago but those feelings are completely in the past - because he doesn't want to mess up their working relationship! Jack doesn't buy his explanation. He leaves. Katie arrives, looking for Jack. He comes downstairs as Brad invites Katie in. She has tickets for them and the kids for the fireworks show! Brad interrupts them, reminding Katie about their workload. She reminds him it's a holiday. Jack pulls Katie outside and suggests a wet and wild trip for them - swimsuit optional!

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Cleo's true colors are shown in Branson. Noah's father shows up.