Craig finds Meg on the cliff looking at the river. He asks how long she wants to stay. She says she will stay there until Paul returns to her. Craig tells her it is time to go, making Meg angry. He tells her that the search will continue but she needs to go home to her family. When she still won't go Craig reaches out to her and she draws back. Still angry but realizing she needs to keep her strength up, Meg leaves. Craig follows. He tells her that everything he did, he did because he cares for her. This only makes Meg more angry. They walk inside and find Barbara! Meg gets mad at Craig, believing that he called Barbara, who is made because no one has bothered to contact her about Paul. "Why didn't you let me know?!" she demands. Craig tries to take the blame for Meg but Barbara is intent on blaming her for the accident. She tells Meg to leave and take Craig with her! Reluctantly, Meg agrees. In the hall, Meg tells Craig that she is ready to go home. "Take me home and then get out of my life forever," she says and storms away. Meg heads back out to the cliff. She kisses the locket and then tosses it into the water! Without saying a word to Craig, she runs back to the main buildings. Craig stands alone on the cliff for a moment and then slowly walks away.

On the terrace at the hotel, Barbara begs Paul to come back.

Emily and Dusty are uncomfortable with each other because of the kiss but neither will admit it. She hands him some papers and quickly walks away, but then turns back and tells him they need to talk about the kiss! She tells him that kissing him was a mistake because they are friends and business partners and she doesn't want to mess that up. Dusty tells her the being friends is a great place to start. "I'm the black hold of relationships," she says, telling him that they can't get involved. Dusty isn't so sure. Emily walks quickly away. Dusty follows her into the lobby and asks her to rejoin him in the dining room for coffee. She reluctantly agrees. Once inside, Dusty reminds her that he knows all of her secrets and he still kissed her. "You take my breath away," he says, blowing her mind. She can't believe what he is saying but she desperately wants to. Telling her that she pushes people away, Dusty says he isn't going anywhere. Thinking of Vegas and Allie, Dusty tells her that he has made many mistakes and isn't perfect. She tells him to come clean with his worst mistake and she'll prove he's a knight in shining armor! Rather than answering her questions Dusty kisses her again!

Aaron surprises Alison with a bouquet of flowers at the diner. They flowers kick up her allergies and she pushes them away. Before he can leave, Allie asks him to stick around for some coffee. He agrees! They talk over coffee. Allie hands Aaron a gift - his favorite sandwich. Aaron thanks her and leaves to wash up. While he is gone, she digs in to the food. Elwood turns from the bar, recognizing her from a porn flick! She orders him to leave the diner but Elwood won't go. He asks for an autograph, making Allie more jumpy. She tells him she's not in the business any longer and to leave. Before he can Aaron walks in wondering what's up. Allie manages to get Elwood outside and tells him never to bother her again. She goes back inside to Aaron who asks for the truth. Allie doesn't want to talk about the past but realizes she can't keep the truth from Aaron. She tells him about the meth and the porn. Aaron is speechless. Allie asks if they can still be friends. He doesn't know what to say and is having trouble relating what she became with the girl he knew. Hurt, Allie gives him back the flowers and storms away.

JJ sees a picture of Katie and Jack in the morning paper and gets upset. When Jack comes in he senses JJ's annoyance but doesn't understand why. JJ tells him that he isn't upset - but Carly will be! Jack wonders what he means and JJ explains to him that Carly hasn't moved on and wants him back! Jack thinks JJ is the one who wants them back together but drops the subject. JJ shows him the picture of Carly and Brad and says maybe Carly is moving on - with Brad! This revelation upsets Jack just a little bit.

Carly surprises Brad on the set, telling him they should have breakfast. Brad pretends not to want to share breakfast but Carly convinces him to go with her anyway. Katie arrives at work, a little annoyed. Before she can say anything Carly asks for a favor - to keep her breakfast date with Brad a secret. Katie wonders why and tells Carly that Jack wouldn't care about the breakfast thing. Brad separates them before they can come to blows and takes Carly to breakfast. Katie walks to the table and sees the morning paper - complete with horns and sickles drawn over her face and Jack's! Jack arrives and Katie shows him the paper which Jack finds amusing. She brings up Carly and Jack gets annoyed. He tells her the picture is his worst nightmare! Brad and Carly being together is scary for him because of the kids. "You team him with Carly? Nitro, meet Glycerine," he says. Katie tells him about their breakfast date, telling him that Carly asked her not to tell Jack about it. She sees just how worried Jack is, which causes her to worry, too. Jack backs down and they begin making their own plans for the morning - like blacking out Brad's face in all the papers!

Brad and Carly share bagels in Old Town. He tells her she is acting too desperate and she won't get Jack's attention. She agrees - but switches it around, telling Brad that he is the one who is desperate, for Katie! She asks about his past with Katie and Brad clams up. Carly realizes that he probably didn't even notice Katie until Jack showed an interest. Brad defends Katie, telling Carly that she is a great catch. He wonders why Carly is being so hard on the other woman. Carly fills Brad in on their past, telling him that she wants to pay Katie back and get Jack back at the same time. Brad and Carly return to the studio and find Jack and Katie, kissing! Jack tells Carly about his morning conversation with JJ - that they are both moving on and should be happy for one another. Brad makes up a story about Carly's missing keys. She begins looking for them and finds a new photo of Jack and Katie instead. "Gotta get to work. Work, work, work," she says, kissing Brad. They leave the studio. Neither Jack nor Katie knows what to think about Brad and Carly.

Next on ATWT:

Henry gets jealous! Aaron tries to talk things over with Allie. Lily finds Carly and Brad kissing. Jack assures Katie and Carly's tricks won't work on him.