Brad shows up on Carly's doorstep, ready for the party. He is blown away by her. Carly puts on a few finishing touches, telling Brad that she is dressed to the nines for her own benefit - not his appreciation or Jack's! She reminds him that she needs to impress any potential new clients, especially after the meeting with Bill. They leave for the party.

In Old Town, Jack reassures Katie about the evening. He kisses her. A street vendor walks by with Brazilian trinkets. Jack buys Katie a wishing bracelet. Jack hurries Katie to the party, reminding her that the sooner they get there the sooner they can leave. Katie is reluctant, though, mostly because she doesn't want to deal with Brad.

Katie and Jack are the first to reach the cocktail party. The reporters covering the event asks them a lot of questions. Jack tells them that they are an item. Just then Brad and Carly arrive, surprising them both. Katie heads over to Brad, both answering the reporters questions. Brad compares himself to Jack while Katie sings Jack's praises. She calls the interview to a halt and questions Brad's motives for bringing Carly. They watch as Jack and Carly talk. Across the room, Jack asks Carly why she is there and she gives him the schpiel about wanting a bit of publicity for her new company. Jack warns her about Brad's romantic past. Carly plays it up, asking Jack why he has such a big problem with her seeing Brad. "You brought Carly here to stick it to Jack," Katie says. Brad tells Katie that Jack doesn't look caught at all. Katie heads over to them, interrupting their cozy conversation and taking Jack's arm. Jack leaves to get Katie a drink. The girls compliment one another's clothing, Carly makes a comment about Katie's necklace. Katie tells Carly that it means a lot because Jack bought it for her! Jack interrupts them, sending Katie back to the photographers. Alone, Jack tells Carly that she can date whoever she wants - he doesn't care! Brad returns to Carly's side and offers to take her home. Carly agrees to go but not before telling Brad they need to do this again - very soon!

At the police station, Jade confronts Cleo, telling everyone that Cleo is setting her up! She suggests that Cleo stole her car and ran down Will. Cleo defends herself, asking what her motivation for hurting Will and Gwen would be. As they talk, Noah gets curious about Cleo's past and Jade fills him in on what brought Cleo to town. She admits that she is the one who brought Cleo to town - at Jade's request! The more Jade talks the more curious Gwen and Will get. Jade tells them about her website and wanting to take Gwen down a peg. The admission doesn't make anyone believe Jade's story, though. Cleo tells them Jade is lying, but when Jade keeps talking Will and Gwen realize that they've all given money to Cleo to leave town but she keeps staying behind. Jade tells them that the whole plot, and Cleo's obsession with Will is spelled out in the journal! Dallas asks about the journal and Cleo tells him the journal is in her locker. Another investigator comes over, telling Dallas they can't find anything at the web address Jade mentioned. Dallas pulls Jade in to an interrogation room. Cleo stays with Will and Gwen, crying and telling them that she came to Oakdale because of Gwen's music and not because of Jade's plan. Maddie and Noah leave to finish the Branson preps. Gwen hugs Cleo, telling her not to worry and swearing that they don't believe Jade - they believe Cleo!

In the interrogation room Jade calls Luke. She begs Luke to tell Dallas about her missing necklace and tells Luke that Cleo is trying to set her up for something bad. She tells Luke everything - from the website and Cleo to the accident. Luke can't believe how far Jade went. "If you don't believe me I don't know what I'm going to do," she says. Jade begs Luke to find Cleo's journal. Luke leaves. Dallas returns, telling Jade that finding the journal doesn't change the fact that her necklace was at the crime scene and she broke in to Gwen's house. He reads Jade her rights!

Noah and Maddie wind up at the diner where Maddie fills Noah in on Jade's sordid plan. Noah wonders if Jade may have brought Cleo to town but that Cleo had a different plan than Jade. Maddie brushes off the suggestion. The conversation turns to Luke and Maddie wonders if he will finally see Jade's bad side. Maddie hopes Gwen and Will press charges and that the absence of Jade will bring Luke back to normal. They begin talking about college and he invites Maddie to come visit him at Northwestern. She turns him down, saying she can't go to Chicago. Noah doesn't press the subject.

Will and Gwen take Cleo home, with Cleo continuing her act. She feigns a headache. Will and Gwen head back to town to get some medication for her. Cleo goes in alone. Taking out the journal, she flashes back to Will's accident! Cleo left Jade's necklace at the scene! She begins to write everything down. Cleo tears a page out of the journal and begins ripping it into shreds! She puts the torn up pieces of paper into a trash bag, apologizing to the journal the whole time. "I'll never forget you," she tells it and kisses the pages! She continues tearing out the pages until the book is destroyed.

After picking up the meds for Cleo, Gwen asks Will how he is really feeling. He assures her that he is fine but Gwen is still really worried. Gwen has more questions, though, especially about Cleo. She wonders if Jade might have told the truth about Cleo. They head back to the house. Just as Cleo is about to take the bags to the trash, she sees them, locks the door and runs to the other side of the house! Quickly she hides the bags and then unlocks the door. Gwen offers her some dinner and Cleo breaks down a little. Telling them how nice they are and apologizing for any trouble she has caused, Cleo leaves to go for a walk. Alone, Gwen and Will sit down to eat. Gwen tells Will that she was wrong about Cleo - she couldn't have done any of the things Jade suggested.

Outside, Cleo puts the trash bags inside the bins. Luke watches her!

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