At Lakeview, Dusty continues to wonder if Emily has meet Eliot before, but she lets him know it's none of his business. He wonders how she can close a deal in eight minutes without discussing any terms. She's furious that he doesn't think that highly of her, but he articulates that he's just trying to figure things out. She finally admits to playing Eliot. Soon after, her phone rings. It's a client asking to meet with her tonight, but she tells him she can't. After she hangs up, she tells Dusty she has to go, and he volunteers to tag along. "You're not going with me," she declares. She goes on to say she's not going to see Eliot; she's going to an appointment she had and intends to keep. "Have fun with your source. I'll see you tomorrow, partner," he counters.

After Dusty leaves, Eliot stops her. Immediately she lets him know she has plans, but he tells her she needs to plan better next time. She lets him know that they'll discuss her schedule after he signs the contract, but until then she's a free agent. She starts to leave, but he stops her and tells her to talk to Cheri, because her previous engagement has been reassigned.

Later on, Eliot and Emily enter his room, and we see Dusty standing outside the door.

At Old Town, Henry questions Vienna about why she's leaving town. He believes she's running from Simon and threatens to call Jack, but Vienna stops him and blurts out that she's running from the government. Henry doesn't want any part of it and starts to leave, but Vienna begs him to stay and help her. He doesn't want to get into trouble with the feds, but she says he won't get into trouble, because he's just a limo driver. Before he agrees to help her, he demands to be paid $2000. "$2,000? That's absurd! Why would I ever pay you $2,000?" "Uh, I think you just got your answer. Come on," he replies at the sound of approaching sirens.

Later, out in the middle of nowhere, Henry assures her it's safe to get up, and then reminds her that they agreed upon $2000. She says that they didn't agreed on $2000. "Well, why don't we go back to Oakdale and we can renegotiate?" He asks. "No! We'll apparently I misjudged you. I thought you were a nice, sweet person," she retorts, and then hands him the money. She then orders him to start the car and head for the airport, but when he turns the key, the car doesn't start! He says he forgot to put gas in the car. She demands he give her money back. Reluctantly he hands over the money then she orders him to prove he's a real man by walking. He whines that it's cold out there and the nearest gas station is too far. She decides if he won't walk, then she will. "You can't let her go alone," he says to himself after she gets out of the limo. However, instead of joining her, he lays down in the seat. Minutes later, someone pounds on the window. "I'm unarmed and she left 10 minutes ago. "I was set up, Officer. I had no idea she was a fugitive," Henry confesses. "Open the door!" Vienna orders. After he opens the door, she complains that she's cold and asks him to hold her. He takes her into his arms as she whines about her shoes being broken.

At Al's, Gwen and Maddie are shocked to hear that Jade got a voicemail from Adam. When Gwen asks to hear the voicemail, Jade hesitates, but later dials the voicemail and hands the phone over to Gwen. Gwen hands the phone back and says there's no messages at all. "What?" Jade shouts in surprise. They accuse her of lying, but she swears he called. "You know what; you don't have to believe me that Adam called. Let's see what Margo thinks," Jade continues. "No, don't do that," Gwen replies quickly. Jade affirms she'll call whom she wants, but Gwen points out that Adam will call again, and it would be easier on Margo if she had something to listen to. After Gwen and Maddie leave, Jade begins dialing Margo. "I'm not listening to anything you say," she says to herself.

Moments later, Margo meets with Jade to discuss Adam's call, but she notifies her that when she gave the phone to Gwen the message was gone. Margo asks if she's accusing Gwen of deleting the message, but she states that she don't know what happened, and adds that Gwen freaked out when she threatened to tell her. Margo warns her that if she's trying to play her, or use the fact that Adam is missing to set Gwen up then she'll be sorry. Jade assures her she's not playing her. She goes on to say she believes Gwen's keeping a secret. Margo asks why she thinks that. She clarifies that Gwen and Maddie have become too close lately, and she believes that whatever Gwen is hiding Maddie knows about it. "And do you think that you know the secret?" Margo inquires. She guesses Adam and Gwen are closer than she wants anyone to know, but Margo lets her know that Gwen informed her that she and Adam's relationship is strictly business. Jade adds that Gwen won't tell her the truth because she's Adam's mom and she's a cop. Before Margo leaves, she asks if she objects to her answering the phone if it rings again. "No, I'm not keeping any secrets," Jade answers.

At Will and Gwen's, Will calls Gwen. When Gwen doesn't answer, Will picks up a folder that reads "Gwen's Demo." He flashes back to when Adam gave her the box of stuff and places the folder back in the drawer. Soon after, his phone rings. He answers, "Gwen where are you?" When no one responds he says, "Adam?" Still no response, so he hangs up.

Later, while sitting at the dining room table, Will goes through Gwen's folder. While reviewing the papers, he flashes back to the hug between Gwen and Adam that he witnessed.

Meanwhile, outside the house, Maddie wonders why Gwen is mad at her, but Gwen says she's not mad at her. She goes on to say they just have to keep Jade from getting angry or she'll get suspicious and start digging until she finds out what's really going on. Maddie doesn't think Jade's that smart. Gwen agrees, but expresses that Jade could go to Margo, and Margo is smart enough to uncover the truth. Maddie apologizes and promises she'll try to be more careful. Gwen says she can't just try she has to -- she has to start thinking. "I do," Maddie replies. "Yeah, like you were thinking when you killed Adam in the first place," Gwen reminds. "You think that I don't know this is all my fault," Maddie cries. Gwen apologizes and says she's just scared and panicked. She goes on to say Jade getting a message from Adam freaked her out. "Did you send that message?" Gwen inquires. She replies that she didn't send the message. Gwen states she doesn't think Jade's lying, but Maddie reminds her Adam's dead and can't send messages. "Then who was it?" Gwen wonders. Maddie recalls that Jade said it was a bad connection, so she thinks that maybe someone else called, and because Jade didn't understand them her fantasy life kicked in and she assumed it was Adam. "That has to be it, because there is no other explanation," Gwen comments. "Which means that we don't have to worry about Jade," Maddie adds.

Later, Maddie leaves and Gwen enters the house to find Will sitting on the couch. She explains that Maddie called needing someone to talk to, so she met with her to lend an ear. He says he imagines she is having a hard time since Casey lied to her and that she probably wanted to talk to her since she knows she's been there too. "I don't really talk to her about you or that time," she corrects. When he suggests they talk about it, she blows him off saying it's late. "I believe the worst thing wasnt me sleeping with Jade It was me lying to you day after day after day," he presses on, ignoring her request not to discuss the matter. "Okay I get it. It's over. Alright, it's over. I, I don't want to talk about it anymore," she snaps back. "Okay, I just wanted you to know how I really felt." She apologizes, says she's just exhausted, and wants to go to bed. Soon after, she gives him a goodnight kiss and says she loves him. When she asks if he's coming, he says he'll be there later. She heads off to bed, but before she goes, she tells him not to stay up too late.

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