While having coffee at Java, Katie and Jack discuss Brad. Katie is surprised when she notices Vienna walk through the doors. "Okay, this is something I never thought I'd see Everybody's princess at a diner," Katie tells Jack. "Well, everybody likes pancakes," Jack replies.

Vienna takes a seat with her lawyer and demands he take care of the prince. "I want the prince to stop harassing me," she adds. He lets her know it's not that easy and pulls some papers from his briefcase. She asks him to make it quick because she's not comfortable there. He tell her maybe she should get comfortable, because once the prince is done with her; the diner may be the only place she can afford. "I won't have you speak to me like that. I can have you disbarred," she snaps back. He advises she not try it, because she's in deep trouble and can't afford to make enemies. He goes on to explain that the prince has the power to cease all her assets. "I did nothing wrong," she replies. "Oh, no. If what you did wasn't legally wrong, it was criminally stupid! You were wearing the crown jewels and you allowed your ex-lover to steal them. And oh, forgot to tell anybody," he comments. "You are dismissed! Clearly you don't have the qualifications to handle a delicate matter like this," she retorts.

After her lawyer leaves, Vienna runs to Jack for comfort making Katie sick at her stomach. While Jack studies Vienna's legal papers, Vienna lays her head on his shoulder and whines like a baby. Soon after, Jack explains the papers to her and says the prince is serious. She wonders if he can help her, but he claims there's nothing he can do. She reveals that she'll run, but Jack advises her not to. He says it wouldn't be wise. When he asks her to reconsider getting a lawyer, she assures him she'll be fine and leaves.

Outside Java, Vienna makes a phone call requesting that a limo packs up her bags and meets her at Old Town. She gives her name as Alexandra Delago. A while later the limo arrives, and Vienna is surprised when she discovers the driver is Henry!

At Lakeview, Dusty questions Emily about where she got the information for her news story, but she doesn't leak the name of her source. Soon after, Dusty introduces that source (Eliot) to her. After the introduction, Dusty explains to Eliot that Emily is a reporter. Dusty's phone rings and he excuses himself to take the call. While he's gone, Eliot questions Emily about her true profession. When he figures out she's both a writer and a prostitute, she laughs and says she likes to multitask. He asks if he can contact her directly, but she says she'll have to think about it. He wants to see her again and asks if she'll meet with him later. "I'm sorry, Eliot, tonight doesn't work for me," she replies, removing his hand from her shoulder.

Dusty rejoins them and apologizes for the delay. Eliot reports to Dusty that he's ready to sign. Emily says they're thrilled, but asks him if he can give them an idea of what he's looking for, before they go any farther. "I know exactly what I want," he answers quickly. Continuing he says, "This campaign should be cool -- elegant -- in total control. Something behind the facade that could actually blow your mind." "That sounds easy enough," Dusty replies. Eliot says they'll talk more about it in the morning, and then leaves.

After Eliot leaves Emily says she has to go too, but before she can go Dusty asks, "Go where, Emily, to hook-up with Eliot?" She wonders why he's questioning her! "Because I saw what I saw," he answers. "What you saw was me having a glass of wine with a client," she retorts. He's not buying it. In fact, he believes this isn't the first time she's met Eliot. "I'm late," she says getting up from the table. Dusty stops her and demands to know what's going on between she and Eliot!

Casey gets an unwelcome visit from his classmates. They've come to collect the money he owes them! When he tells them he doesn't have the money, one of the guys holds him, while the other one punches him in the stomach! Will arrives just in time to save his brother's butt. The guys leave, but not before warning Casey this is far from over. Casey kindly asks Will not to stick up for him again. He says he doesn't want to cause any more problems for he and Gwen. Will expresses how concerned he is about Gwen's strange actions. They take a seat on the bench and Will continues to express his concern about Gwen. He explains that when he tries talking to her, she seems like she's a million miles away, but then she'll snap out of it and apologize to him about what happened to Adam. Will thinks there's more than what she's telling him. Casey listens as Will expresses his concern, and he's shocked when Will says he thinks Gwen misses Adam.

In the morgue, Maddie slowly pulls the sheet down to reveal the identity of the body. After taking a quick glance, she sighs and immediately grabs her cell phone to call Gwen!

At Will and Gwen's place, Iris suspects Gwen's up to something and demands to know what's going on, but Gwen refuses to give her any information and orders her to leave. Iris doesn't budge! The two of them end up in a shouting match, and Gwen lets Iris know she's a terrible mother! Their argument is disrupted when Maddie rushes through the door and pronounces, "I tried calling. I need to tell" "You need to tell her who's in the morgue, don't you?" Iris cuts her short. Gwen blurts out, "Maddie, don't say a word!" Iris says she doesn't have to tell her anything because she knows she was at the morgue. Maddie reveals that the body they found was a homeless person. Iris is shocked, and then says they must be relieved. "Excuse me?" Maddie replies. Before Iris can clarify, Gwen grabs her by the arm. "I'm so sorry. We are done here," Gwen says escorting her out the door.

Once outside, Gwen confronts Iris about using the information to try to blackmail her so she could get money, and she warns Iris that if she doesn't keep her mouth shut she'll make her pay. "You wouldn't," Iris replies. "After tonight, I think I'd enjoy it very much," Gwen muses. "We're going to talk about this," Iris snaps. "No, were never talking about it again. Now, get the hell off my property," Gwen orders.

Back inside, Gwen asks Maddie if she's telling the truth about the body. She confirms and says she wants to fill her in about it, but Gwen says first, they have to get out before Will comes back.

In the Lakeview lobby, Henry overhears Brad talking on the phone about the show. After Brad hangs up, Henry joins him to discuss what he overheard. Moments later, Henry's phone rings and he has to go.

Later on at WOAK, Jack tells Katie he's worried about Parker. "I'm failing all three of them," he adds. "Oh Jack, I don't know how to say this. You're full of it," she replies. She goes on to say she thinks Parker is taking his anger and frustration out on him because he knows he can trust him and that he'll be there for him.

At Al's, Maddie lets Gwen know if they end up finding Adam's body, she's going to take responsibility. She goes on to say while at the morgue, she heard the guys who brought the body in say they found it no where near where Adam's body is. She continues to say the body at the morgue was on the missing persons list, so they won't follow up. However, Gwen knows Margo will keep searching. "Yeah, in LA or places like that. She doesn't know that he's dead," Maddie whispers. Maddie continues by letting Gwen know that they have to stop acting suspicious, but Gwen says it's too late because Iris already knows she's hiding something. Maddie reminds her that her mom's isn't the most creditable source and no one will believe her. "I don't know," Gwen replies. "Gwen, Look at me. You and Will are finally together. Don't let what I did screw that up," Maddie says.

Moments later, Gwen and Maddie hug goodbye. While the two hug, Jade drops in with some unexpected news! "I can't believe it. The most incredible things just happened you'll never guess! I just got a voicemail from Adam," she announces.

Will arrives home and is surprised to learn Gwen's not there. "Where the hell did you go?" he says to himself.

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Gwen tells Jade she wants to hear the voicemail from Adam.

"Two-thousand dollars? That's absurd! Why would I ever pay you two-thousand dollars?" Vienna asks Henry.

Emily tells Dusty she's working on a story and he demands to go with her.